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3 awkward doors

December 8, 2019

Our front door opens toward the laundry room door, which opens into the garage entry door. The laundry room is TINY. how can we improve this awkward situation, even a little?

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  • Sammie J

    You might be able to install a pocket door going into the laundry room from the entryway...that would eliminate one swing door. Or - do you ever close the door between the front entry and the laundry? If not, you might want to just take out the door.

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  • Karen

    Both good ideas. Thank you! :-)

  • Kathleen Kirchoff

    Can you replace laundry room door with a bi fold door so it slides against the wall in the laundry? You could get a set of bi fold doors but hinge the doors separately like double doors. These would keep garage door from bumping the laundry door.

    Get a smaller stacking washer and dryer would give you some space for a storage unit/clothing rack. A simple shower curtain rod over what you have would let you hang clothes for drying or as a coat rack. There are all sorts of wire racks and hooks to add to the backs of garage and laundry doors to add more storage. Add some baskets or crates under that entry bench.

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  • decoenthusiaste

    Have you considered moving the W/D closer to the bedrooms where most laundry is generated? Then you can make a mudroom out of the current laundry.

    WEST 21ST AVE - 2014 · More Info

    Wimbledon · More Info

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  • tatts

    If you put a pocket door in there, I guarantee you it will be open 100% of the time because they are a pain to use under normal circumstances, but with armloads of groceries or a basket full of laundry, they are impossible. Stay away from them.

    That's an awfully tight space, but moving the washer and dryer to another location will be very costly. I'd measure for a stacking pair and see if you could turn them sideways (they are narrower sideways than front to back). I bet you could save enough room to install a sliding bypass door (like closet doors) just covering them. Then take the door to the laundry room completely off.

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  • Juli

    Can you move your front door to the other side of the entry wall light switch? If so, I'd then build up a full length wall parallel with the big wall pictured to make a hall way, the entrance being at far right where the current big wall ends. You could then eliminate your laundry room door and also it would gain you a front entrance wall for a foyer table.

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  • jimandanne_mi

    A floor plan with measurements of the first floor rooms would be very helpful, and whether the budget allows for major changes.


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  • skunst2017

    Need a floor plan ...please ..

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  • pennycollins

    This may be against code but if not could you open the door to the garage into the garage instead of swinging into laundry room?

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO without a floor plan all we are doing is guessing and for sure we need a bit more info.

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  • Karen

    Here is a floor plan of the first floor, as well as a zoom-in of the trouble area. Thanks everyone for your input ...hope this helps! Someone asked about budget...$500 or less.

  • partim

    Is there enough room to build a bump-in space into either the closet or the garage nook or both? Doesn't need to be full height, just the size of the appliance. Even doing one of these would give you more space.

    Whether you can do this or not, I'd remove the door to the laundry room and decorate the room a bit to so it doesn't look so utilitarian. Here's an inspiration thread on laundry room decor. Long thread, but scroll down to the beautiful "after" pictures near the end.

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  • territheresa

    I suggest a barn door that open left to right behind your bench. We did it in our laundry and closet. actually just bought the hardware and used the existing laundry door for thr bedroom closet (it needed to be bigger to cover the opening completely). Then I found the same 2 panel style in white at Habitat restore in the correct size for the laundry fir $40. The hardware per door was under $100.

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  • territheresa

    btw, the barn doors made both our closet and laundry feel bigger because the doors no longer take up valuable space in them.

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  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie

    Are you in the South? Back in the day, it was very common to have the laundry in the garage in the south, and walk out of the kitchen into the garage.
    Can you spare some room from that deep adjoining closet, and move the garage entry door?

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  • Sandybean

    Relocating your washer and dryer to garage is a great idea. My 89 yr old mother has hers there and she lives in a cold climate..doesn't bother her at all. Then remove door and make a nice little mud room. Is your dryer vented to outside? If not you could have it done easily in the garage.

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  • PRO

    Geez, no barn door, but a pocket door would help the situation.

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  • jimandanne_mi

    DON"T vent the dryer into the garage!!! Vent it to the outside through the roof or an outside wall.


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  • Kate E

    I would do a pocket door. If you can't because of something that's inside that wall (although I don't see any outlets on that wall), you could still do a sliding door like a barn door -but if the "barn" look isn't your think - just make a regular white door that matches the others but slides outside of the wall, instead of into it. I'm not sure if pocket door or sliding "barn" door would be cheaper.

    I know there are a lot pocket door haters out there - I don't get it - I love ours. We have a pocket door to our laundry room, which is just off the mudroom and entry from garage. The pocket door to laundry room often stays open - unless we have a load going and are watching TV, then we might slide it closed. I have never struggled with opening or closing a pocket door. (I also don't have arthritis - so bear that in mind - it could be tough if you have arthritis in your hands/fingers.)

    That seems to me like the easiest solution to stay on budget. While it might be nice to relocate W/D and build a mudroom instead... that may not work for $500 - so maybe that's a future enhancement! Good luck!!

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  • Karen

    THANK YOU everyone for your great ideas! I'll go over each and every one of them with my husband and we'll solve this, I'm sure! If other solutions come to mind, keep 'em coming! Thanks, again.

  • btydrvn

    A pocket door requires track inside the walls...thus opening the wall ...removing studs, replacing, repairing painting wall......stacking w/d will eliminate the only “countertop” space for laundry basket..folding, require purchasing new washer and dryer...i would just remove the door and live with it a little while..before removing hinges etc....this is never going to be a $500 the $ ‘til you can move the laundry room to a larger more convenient place...

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