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DH's Retirement Party: I Need Advice (& Hand-holding)

December 9, 2019
last modified: December 9, 2019

I usually am a very confident person. I've been married to DH now for 36 years, and so a physician's wife for that long, as well. I've worked in medicine myself for many years, and so I know how to talk to patients. What to say and what to avoid. So, why is my heart in my throat, and forcing me to do deep breathing every time I start to think about this Thursday evening's big retirement party that all of his patients are invited to?!? All we have to do is show up for it! Everything, from the food and drinks, the set up, the decorations, the invitations, the staffing, the program's flow, the photographer, etc., is taken care of by a professional who does this for a living and will be with us throughout. Two of our staff will be meeting patients at the door and giving them stick-on name tags: first names only. How many patients (and their families)? A couple hundred, from what I'm told! This is at a beautiful hotel in town, BTW.

* Oh, and the doctor who is taking over his practice, and his wife, will be there, too. And, of course, will be formally introduced to all.

Am I happy DH is retiring? Yes. But, it's also very unnerving and a bit scary, too. For us both. Your previous advice here, though, has helped me SO, SO MUCH getting through these past couple of weeks. Fairly stress-free. Thank you All again for that!!!

But I just have to get through this Thursday evening's big reception now! This is what I'm thinking so far:

- Wear something huggable, since I know that I'm going to get hugged a lot! Not too dressy, but attractive and a bit dressy. And not too expensive looking, not that I have many clothes like that. I'm 5'6" and seem to get hugged a lot, so I'm preparing for that.

- Not too expensive looking jewelry, and nothing that will tangle me up with people's clothing.

- I want to look approachable. I'm told that I'm very easy to talk to, and come across as friendly and down-to-earth. But . . . ok, I'm already starting to hyperventilate just thinking about this.

- Wear waterproof mascara . . . for obvious reasons.

- Wear nice, dressy, but comfortable shoes. Flats, because I seriously can't walk in heels (LOL).

- Should my own name tag say "Doc's wife, Lynn" or just my first and last name in bold lettering? Many patient's do call him "Doc". And refer to him as our city's own beloved Dr. Marcus Welby (LOL)!

- And "beloved" is truly what DH is to his many patients and his staff. So, I'm a bit worried about them, and me, getting teary. I don't want to spend half the evening teary-eyed and choked up.

- I'm wondering whether or not I should have a short, kind-of unrehearsed, not read, speech prepared as well. To my sweet husband and to his wonderful patients. What do you think?

- I'm going to need to take some Advil right before this starts, as my right hand has had two significant surgeries a few years ago, and still gets sore somewhat easily. Especially when shaking hands repeatedly.

- A purse!?! I'm thinking a smallish, lightweight, dressy one with a strap that I can keep slung over my left arm/shoulder. I'd like to keep just a few things in it: my cell phone for personal photos here and there, kleenex, a comb, and my lipstick.

- I'd like to tell you that I'll be spending Thursday aftenoon relaxing at home, but I'm not (LOL)! I've offered to pick up our reception's coordinator at the airport that late morning. I plan on taking her for a quick (drive-through only) tour of the beautiful and historic Albuquerque's Old Town because she's never been to New Mexico before and has to fly out again on Friday. Then I'll drive her across the Rio Grande, then back towards the scenic Sandia Mountains, someplace quick and scenic for lunch (she insists) and then on to her hotel, which is where the party/reception will conveniently be later that evening. And, me then home to change and relax until DH gets home. We're closing the clinic at 3:30 (if it were up to me, I would have closed it at noon!) so that our staff and DH can all go home and change before the party starts at 6PM.

Soooo, that's it. I would very much appreciate any suggestions or anything I should remember . . . or have forgotten. Again, thanks!


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