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What's left on my wants list swap...any interest again this year?

ishareflowers {Lisa}
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Posting to see if there is enough interest to run the swap this year. I'm willing to host if we can get enough swappers together :}

If your new to the GW, this swap is just as it says, a wants list swap. Players post their lists of wants and if you have it you would sent it in labeled for them. The other players would do the same for you. If you send in 10 packs, you get 10 packs back.

I'll post a whole set of rules if there is enough interest!

Comments (205)

  • lgtung

    Lisa, I could use some patterson or copra onion seeds if you can't find other stuff on my list.

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    Hibiscusfan - So sorry about your husband's health issues. I will keep both of you in my prayers. I can't imagine what you both must be going through. I do hope the surgery helps with his condition and that he can be pain free.

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  • primrose1x3

    Sue, am also sending hopes that your husband will be pain free and recover soon.

    Lisa - I just emailed you my list of seeds sent on 1/24/20.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Good Morning,

    It's been a little busy around here!

    I came home yesterday to spend a couple days here at my house, Mom isn't happy about it {I mad her come too}. I told her about the swap and that I knew envelopes were coming. She doesn't get it but we have seeds to swap. lol

    Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes. The "old man" was taken from the ICU and moved to a regular room yesterday. This man must be a cat because he has 9 lives!

    Suzanne, sorry to hear about your husbands health issues. I wish him well.

    LGTUNG, I understand what you're going through. I do the same with my parents. My father is wheelchair bound, has dementia with emotional disturbances, bad kidneys and a bad heart. My Mom is legally blind, can barely walk, she too has a bad heart.

    I received envelopes from the following players yesterday









    I had seeds here already from




    I'm waiting on seeds from



    If you can believe it, I have two envelopes completed with nothing but wished for seeds. I love when that happens!

    Of course, I'll have a hard time filling wishes for the same players I do every year!

    PATROB and CGHPND, if you see this please send me the number of packets sent. I DO NOT need to know what, just a number.

    I can tell you that I'll be having a "sale" on hales best cantaloupe and cleome white queen seeds. I bet I have 10 packets of each!

    When this happens I usually keep 7 or 8 of these and go to my personal stash to replace them with something different. This makes it so a player doesn't get 10 packs of the same seed. I don't think I'll have time to be searching and pulling from my stash this year. I won't send 10 packs of these to the players that requested them{maybe 2} but I may have to send them back to you if you sent them in. I apologize! I thought I was ready packing over 150 but I guess

    I'm going to pull out the printed wish lists and lunch bags and spend some time opening packages and marking off wishes before Mom gets up.

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    So glad you dad is doing better Lisa. Your parents are blessed to have you to look after them.

  • patrob
    • Lisa, I sent 60 packets. I'll see if I can find the tracking number and see where the package is. It should have arrived on Monday, Tuesday at the latest.
  • patrob

    Lisa, I just sent you an e-mail with the tracking number.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Good morning,

    Pat, I got your tracking number and I see it says delivered on Monday. I got several packages Monday but not yours. I was home and opened all the envelopes received at my kitchen table.

    I was supposed to go to the P.O. yesterday to ask about it but Mom had a bad day, I couldn't leave her alone. My son will be home this morning so I'll run down and talk to someone.

    I haven't heard from nor received seeds from Cghpnd which is not normal for her. I'm going to email her now.

    I'll post later today about what I find out about the missing envelope.

  • yotetrapper

    You can throw me in a pack of the White Cleome if you need to use some up.

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    Hi Lisa, I would love a pack of the white cleome also if you have extra.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    I emailed Cghpnd, her seeds were mailed on the 31st, they should be here tomorrow. Let's wish her well, she has been ill for the last few weeks!

    Thank you Yote and Susan for taking some cleome off my hands! I may have wanted to keep them and put in something for them BUT I ordered a bulk pack this year for myself. Of course, digging deep in my seed boxes, I discovered I already had them!

    ****IMPORTANT**** I have a bag of seeds here for hibiscusfan. Poisondart and Primrose have already posted to use them as extras or whatever. Please post here or message me what you would like me to do with the seeds that you may have sent in for her. I can send them back to you or they can be used to fill in or as extras. It makes no difference to me!

    Pat, I didn't make it to my P.O. yesterday again. I'm so sorry.

    My mother hasn't been feeling well BUT she insists upon getting dressed and going up to see my father daily. This means doing her make up, ironing and getting her clean and driving her there. She was giving me such a hard time about being at my home that I brought her home yesterday. She spent the night alone and I spent most of the night awake worrying.

    I did run into the P.O. in my mothers town on the way to the hospital and inquire. I explained the issue and he said I have to go to my own P.O. and they will gps where the package was scanned. This just reminds me of a large seed order a few years back that I ended up having to pay for and not receive. It said delivered but it wasn't. The seed company told me to report it to the police. My P.O. told me NOT to report it to the police as stolen because they would investigate. The seed company wouldn't replace it in the end because I didn't report it to the police. This is still a sore spot for me!

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    Hi Lisa, I hope things calm down a bit for you soon and that your dad has a speedy recovery. It is wonderful that you take care of your parents and I know they are grateful for your loving care.

    As far as any seeds I sent for HibiscusFan you can use as extras or whatever you choose.

    I do hope the post office has the seeds waiting there for you. I have faith in humanity and still believe folks will do the right thing if they receive something that doesn't belong to them, and will return the package to the local PO.

  • ruthz

    Lisa, sure sounds like you have your hands full. I'm surprised and amazed that that you took on this swap.

    Sorry for all the health issues some of you are having. We've taken my MIL out a few times as she can still walk a little at a time with her walker. She's enjoying getting out of the house.

    I believe I sent in a few packs of seeds for hibiscusfan. Just do what's easiest for you concerning seeds I sent and seeds your sending me. I'm just happy that your doing the swap.

  • luvsgrtdanes

    Lisa give away any seeds I sent for hibiscusfan also, I don't need anything back. On a side note NO white cleome for me! LOL

  • janinilulu

    Please feel free to use what I sent for her as extras or whatever, too. AND (as you know) I don't need them, but am willing to give a pack or 2 of white Cleome seeds a home...any Cleome for that matter...

  • midwestfarmwife

    I don't need white Cleome either or seeds back I sent to hibiscusfan.

  • lgtung

    Lisa, I don't know if I sent anything for Hibiscusfan, but do whatever you feel is best. I don't think my wife or I even own an iron!

  • heavenlyfarm

    Cghpnd , I hope you feel better!! I'm sure your new seeds coming will make you feel even better soon :)

    Lisa, I hope your birthday was at least good for you! Hoping you didn't have too many things to do! I love days I have off and can take it slow with my cup of coffee in hand! Also, please redistribute the seeds I sent in if I did for hibiscusfan.

    Everyone stay warm and safe! Today it is actually snowing and sleeting....I think this is the worst Winter day so far for us!


  • lovesblooms

    You can redistribute the seeds for hibiscusfan or send back.

  • patrob

    I am sorry, Lisa, that my missing package has added to your concerns. I had to have the PO trace a package recently that was scanned as delivered to my mailbox in the middle of the afternoon. Our mail comes around 10 in the morning. The boss called our mail carrier and found out she had nearly hung my package on a ranch gate. She brought it to me as soon as she finished her route and got back to town.

    I have a cold, first one since my transplant. i’m in bed as though I had the flu. Had to warm my own chicken soup.

    if my package is found, use the seeds I sent for Sue however works best.

  • yotetrapper

    You can do whatever you want with any seeds I sent for Hibiscusfan. I don't even remember if I had any for her or not, lol.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    The last envelope arrived yesterday afternoon.

    I finally was able to talk to the p.o. about the missing envelope. I was told just like tracking said that it was delivered to my mailbox. When I explained to him that I had gotten several envelopes that day. He said he would look further because 1 search was telling him that I had 5 packages that day scanned at my mailbox{I was feeling hopeful}. He asked if he could look further and call me. He called back and said that the envelope was showing as delivered. I asked why he had said that only 5 were delivered that day and he said some crap about 2 different screens/ways of searching. He told me he had me on speaker and my carrier was there. He knew exactly who I was because he delivers here all the time and we chat a bit. This guy catches me filthy in the garden on the regular in the nice weather. He,Chris said that he remembers lots of bubble envelopes one day but of course, not how many. It appears the envelope is lost.

    Pat, I'll try and cover the 60 packets that you said you mailed in. I know you usually send lots of vegetables and they would just be wasted here with me so, IF by chance they show up eventually, I'll post and players can send for them.

    I will be working on packages a bit this morning. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do my fathers physical therapy myself daily. I'm hoping to mail them out by Thursday. I apologize!

    My father was moved to a rehab and once again is refusing to work with the physical therapist. He pulled this bologna 6 years ago when he broke his tibia. He ended up wheelchair bound because he lost all muscle tone in his legs. They just let him say no. I explained to them that mentally he needs to be reasoned with like a 5 year old. They just said if he says no, we cant force him. I took my Mom yesterday to see him and told her she best sit back quietly while I tried to reason with him{she's an enabler}. I walked in with a big package of fried chicken wings and he was grinning ear to ear. He said "oh, let me have those"...I said NO! I told him if you want the chix wings, you have to get up and sit in your wheelchair to eat them{he's been horizontal for 2 weeks}. It took me about 20 minutes but he finally got it that he wasn't having them if he didn't The nurses and/or aids were scurrying around telling me not to get him up alone. They had sent for the therapists. He was up eating his wings by the time the therapists got to his room. The therapist said that he needs two people to lift him to get him in his chair, I scoffed at him. I barely helped steady him from the bed to the chair. He just doesn't want to do it.

  • lgtung

    My father was the same way. He would not excercise or eat healthy. Now my mother is the same also. Complains she always tired, but won't walk 50 feet to the mailbox.

  • patrob

    Lisa, my dad was kicked out of rehab after a stroke because he would not do what the therapist told him to do. He said he could not walk all the way down the hall and back and would stop to rest or refuse to walk at all. None of us knew he had developed heart failure and really could not exercise much without fatigue. He feared falling.

    Please don’t worry about covering the entire 60 packets! I actually sent more than 2/3 flower seeds this time. If they do show up, you will, however, have two more packets of Cleome White Queen. I will send more postage as this is in no way your fault. Thank you for your generosity.

    Delivery Confirmation is only as reliable as the mail carrier. Ours is a friendly woman who chats on her phone as she drives. She always puts boxes of plants on the porch out of the sun and apologizes for her mistakes. I was on her case the day the formula for a newborn kitten was almost delivered to someone in the country. I had it overnighted because I feared the skinny little feral mother would not live. The kitty finally started eating when I offered liver, and she and her kitten are fat and sassy now.

    I hope your your dad does well and cooperates with you as his therapist. My mother would not listen to me, and my 86-year-old husband does not follow my advice either much of the time. He salts his food more every time he thinks I'm not looking, and he's sneaky fast about it.

  • midwestfarmwife

    Hang in there ladies. Don't think I've recovered from dealing with my father who was in the nursing home and passed away in 2015. What a nightmare! Growing flowers and veggies is good therapy.

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    Wow, I can't believe how many of us in this little group have cared for elderly parents. It's nice to hear that I'm not alone in this struggle.

    My father has been doing as he's told and getting up to use the bathroom and transferring from bed to wheelchair. He has to do this or he cant go home again. My mother, she's a stubborn old ox and is still home alone.

    SEEDS. I got up yesterday at 3am. I was pretty determined to pack more seeds to cover pats seeds and get packages ready to be mailed. I already had a few ready to go with nothing but wish listed seeds {some doubles} but the others needed some tweaking to make the numbers.

    I let my dogs out and I was standing outside under the overhead because the damn rabbits chewed the electric fence again and they can get out of the yard now. I was thinking about Pat's envelope and how they said it was scanned at the mailbox. My new suv{I hate this thing so much that I drove my old car for 6 months after buying it} It was sitting there calling me. lol. I walked down the stairs and decided to give another look inside. I started at the drivers side and stuck my hand under the seat, nothing. I opened the back door and looked under the seat, nothing. I opened the back hatch thing, looked in a couple bags I had in there, again, nothing! I went around to the other side and stuck my hand under the seat and again, nothing. I don't know what made me do it but I sat in the passengers seat and looked between the cup holder and the seat and THERE WAS A LITTLE WHITE SPECK. It was the corner of Pat' 6x9 envelope! It had fallen down between the cup holder and the apssengers seat. When I was feeling under the seat, I couldn't reach that far in so I missed it the first two times. I HAVE PAT'S ENVELOPE!

    There were things in there off wish lists that hadn't come in already. I would just toss them in as extras but there are a few players who have tough wish lists and I need to have some nice seeds to send to them as well to make their numbers.

    It's snowing/sleeting here this morning so I wont be heading out for a while. I just printed the 59 pages of wish lists again{the others were a mess}. These lists make it easier for me to see what and how many packets of the same I might have in for a player.

    I'm hoping to mail later this afternoon if the weather clears. If not, I will mail all envelopes tomorrow.

  • luvsgrtdanes

    So glad you found the envelope Lisa!!

    I lost my mom when I was only 24, she was 58 and we had my dad until he was eighty...I miss them every single day but DO NOT envy what you do in the caretaking department. My husband does a lot for his mom and dad but they are still pretty good at 90 and 85. I told my husband from the get go he had to speak up and delegate to his brother and sister that they had to do their share....they don't of course. Because we are the closest he does most of it.

    I've told my kids straight up I am not living long enough to be a burden on them! I had my kids when I was just a teeneager so when I'm old they will be too!

  • poisondartfrog

    Shew! That's great Lisa, about finding Patricia's envelope. That is something that would happen to me, the old hiding envelope trick.

    You are wrapped much tighter than I am, lol. I don't juggle very well at all, and since I've had mom I am so distracted that I can't focus enough to hold a swap, or much else for that matter. I'm not sure I even qualify as an apt participant, but I'm not giving that up, lol.

    Ronnie, I feel the same way and my children know my wishes. Hopefully that will relieve them of any guilt they might be inclined to feel.

    Looking forward to the return. Thanks Lisa!

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    I am glad to hear your dad is cooperating Lisa. My parents have both passed years ago and I miss them every day. It is a blessing although sometimes it may not seem that way, that you are there for them.

    Glad you found Pat's envelope too. I would do something like that too. In a hurry toss stuff in my car only to find it a month later lol.

    I look forward to receiving the return seeds.

    Take care,


  • heavenlyfarm

    Honestly, I've always been hesitant and afraid when it comes to matters about getting older and you really don't fully understand it I don't think till it happens. My Nana was very feisty and she was not a good candidate for the nursing home because of it LOL. She was turned down for better nursing homes because she'd be nasty or refuse therapy. She always took care of us when we were little and a big influence in my life and I even think that part of her life and her passing, gave me new wisdom and strength. I think the best we can do is love them and show them we care but you can't take it to heart too much when they are cranky. We all get cranky and we all don't wanna do things sometimes LOL. I will keep you guys in my prayers tonight!

    Lisa, That is awesome!! I'm glad it all worked out in the end!


  • patrob

    Lisa,, we've talked through e-mail, but I want to say here that I fully understand. I don't know how you do all that you do.

  • midwestfarmwife

    I pack my seed swaps when I sit on the couch and always have to go 'couch mining' to find packs of seeds that slip under the cushions. Don't know how that happens when I think I'm being so careful. My husband said that his grandmother had called the police when she thought someone had stolen her sterling silverware. Later she found where she had placed it - LOL!

  • poisondartfrog

    P.O. says my seeds will arrive tomorrow. I've been trapped by flood waters for the last few days. If the mail can't be delivered again tomorrow, I guess I'll have to borrow a boat, lol.

  • lovesblooms

    Stay safe, Alana!

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    Alana, I admire your tenacity lol, but seriously, I hope all is ok and that the waters are receding. Be careful and stay safe.

  • poisondartfrog

    I have a way out today, and more importantly the mailman has a way in. I'm in no personal danger. I'm on a mountainside so I can see everywhere I can't go, lol.

    I have to get out to the grocery today. It's raining again and it won't take a lot to get water rising again. They say this is the worst flooding in this area since 1977. When I went to check the roads yesterday I saw the cabin my lowland neighbor had on his property for camping floating down the river, and a horse farmer further down the road had lost a tack shed that was lodged against the floodwall. We have had a very mild, almost frost free winter. Two decades ago this might have been record breaking snowfall. Eek!

    Hope everyone else is dry and comfy!

  • lgtung

    Received my package today. Love it! Got all but one of what I was looking for. I will definitely be interested in participating again next year. And now I know to save some of my flower seeds instead of just vegetable seeds. You did a great job Lisa! You could have kept the money just for your time!

  • janinilulu

    My package arrived, too. I'm so happy with it and excited to plant! Thank you everyone and a special thanks to Lisa!!

  • Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener

    I received my package of seeds today too. Thank you to everyone that shared all these wonderful seeds with me! Lisa thank you so much for coordinating all of this.

  • ruthz

    I received my package of seeds today. Thank you to everyone that shared their seeds, and a BIG thank you to Lisa for taking on all of this.

  • yotetrapper

    Just stopping in to say I got my package today and love everything! So many answered wishes.... thanks to all of you. And a huge thank you to Lisa for managing all of this. I would never have the time to host a swap, and am grateful to those of you that do host them.

  • luvsgrtdanes

    My seeds came too! Thanks to Lisa for being a great host and thank you to all that shared and filled my wishes!

  • lovesblooms

    Got my seeds today, too! Love the surprise of this swap, everything is so appreciated, thanks everyone, and thank you, Lisa!

  • heavenlyfarm

    My seeds came too! Last night I opened them up, it was a nice end to working a double shift (16 hours ugh) on sunday and then working again yesterday all day! Today I am getting a chance to dive in more and see all the wonderful seeds!

    Everyone, Thank you for sharing your seed stash with me! I am so excited to plant some new things that I've been itching to try and have been on my wish list for awhile! It really does help me find things I've really wanted....I'm already day dreaming about flowers and where everything is gonna go in spring lol

    Lisa, Thank you for hosting this again! Even with everything going on in your life, you helped to even brighten my day for sure and I'm sure everyone else here too! I appreciate it :)

    Pat, Thank you for doing the composite list and being active with this swap! It means alot that you still help keep these kind of swaps going!


  • ruthz

    Wish I could sow some of my new seeds today, but it's cold and raining outside. So I'm cooking and doing laundry instead. Maybe later this week.

  • poisondartfrog

    I forgot to get my seeds out of the mailbox yesterday, lol. I got them out this morning. I can't wait to sow! Thanks Lisa, Patrob and everyone!

  • primrose1x3

    My seeds came yesterday too - of all places to come looking for surprises, this swap wins paws down. I can't wait to sow mine either, and cannot thank Lisa and Patrob and all of you for making this swap so wonderful.

  • patrob

    My package is in the mailbox out front, but it is cold and pouring rain. I will wait until tomorrow. :(

  • midwestfarmwife

    My seeds arrived too - yeah! Thank you to everyone who sent seeds for me, and thank you to Lisa for hosting again.

  • patrob

    What a wonderful assortment of seeds! So many of my wishes filled! Thank you all so much, and a special thanks to Lisa for hosting.

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