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Evelyn on Fortuniana

This bush of Evelyn is on an obelisk. I purchased it a few year ago from K and M roses. I had two own root plants also, but they did not do as well here in the heat as the grafted ones did.

Comments (11)

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    WOW WOW WOW....that’s all I got...

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I love it! That's what I need in my climate (on Fortuniana). How tall is that thing? lol

  • Moses, Western PA., zone 5/6, USA

    HOLY MACKEREL! Now that's the most exquisite Evelyn I have ever laid my eyes upon!

    Evelyn is a bush I love, one of my favorite roses, but alas, it doesn't do well for me. Evelyn could not stop making 5' octopus arm canes that bent like a fishing rod with an 8lb. bass on the hook! Her abundant, frequent blooms always put their faces in the mud, like happy little piglets!


  • suebelle_neworleans

    Moses- This one is on an Obelisk, and I think that helps keep it upright to some extent, My husband keeps it pretty well pruned back in February and again in Sept. Remember, in New Orleans, we usually have blooms all the way into December or later depending when we get our first freeze. Even then, our freezes don't last long and don't usually get any lower than 28 degrees for only a few hours.

    Sultry - My husband keeps Evelyn at around 6 to 7 feet. Those pictures were taken in the beginning of the Spring bloom.

  • Dave6aMO

    Sooooo impressive, Suebelle!!!

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Just gorgeous, Suebelle!

  • jerijen


    On Multiflora, in uber-mild coastal SoCal, Evelyn grew 14-ft. tall, and produced perhaps 6 blooms a year.

  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)

    That's the Best looking Evelyn . She is gorgeous .

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Moses, I had to laugh at your descriptions of Evelyn lol!

  • Plumeria Girl (Florida ,9b)

    Jasmin, i was thinking that Moses is having too much fun but so glad he shared with us :)) Mosses actually described what i got so Spring comes it is definitely getting a prune.

  • kittymoonbeam

    Yea, that's impressive

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