questions planning drip system to upstairs patio/balcony

2 months ago


In planning stages now. I would like to introduce automatic watering for several container plants on an upstairs level balcony/patio which has no water access but good sun and doesn't get overly hot. Plants are to be combination of annuals, a couple blueberry bushes, and some veges and maybe berries.

The ground-level yard has a drip system installed which is plumbed directly into the irrigation line via three rainbird valves with anti siphon, which in turn are piped directly into mains. System is only a few months old, installed by a landscaper.

The balcony/patio is 10-15 ft above the yard, and has no water. Ideally, I would like to add one more valve (I can do up to four based on how everything is wired), and have this to a dedicated drip line run up to the balcony. It doesn't seem hard, just turn off water, cut pipe, add new valve, tie in wire, done. However, I'm not sure how/where I would add a back-flow and/or vacuum breaker? The valve would need to be down at ground level, and with the containers being up 10-15 ft???

Any better ideas?

Only other option I can think of, is to make my own SIP/self-watering containers and just forget about the drip system. Each method has the relevant benefits and drawbacks. Not sure what to do.

Thoughts? Thank you for your time!

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