$2500 Kitchen Reno Plan—Do You Think I Can Do It?

9 months ago

We are on a very tight budget but want to update our dreary kitchen. I’m wondering what you all think of my plan.

One good use of our money, I think, would be to break down the arched wall between the dining room and kitchen. We rarely use our beautiful wood-topped dining table (legs are not the same wood), so I’m thinking of putting steel legs and a shelf on it and turning it into a bigger, new kitchen island we can also use with our colorful stools (which I love) as a dining table.

We live in South Africa, so labor and paint is significantly cheaper than in the US, though furnishings and rugs are not.

Questions: we have brass and charcoal powder-coated steel elsewhere in the house. should the drawer pulls be one of those tones?

- New hardware for cabinets—brushed nickel, brass or charcoal powder-coated steel (we have this elsewhere in the house) : $120

- Knock out kitchen island and screed over hole in floor: $150

- Replace dining-room table legs with powder-coated white or charcoal steel legs and shelf, turn into center island: $300

- Kitchen Rug under Island: $100

- new countertops: $850

- repaint kitchen cabinets, walls, and ceiling white: $300

- Knock down arch dividing kitchen and dining room to make it open-plan: $280

- Open shelving to the right of the rock window: $100

- DIY pot-hanging rack to the left of rock window: $50

- Two new stools, painted: $80

- four new recessed lights or plain white kitchen pendants: $180

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