I HAVE Pink Princess Philodendrun Babies Now !!

2 months ago

If anyone has been following my posts about MY 'Pink Princess' Philo. and how to root it and get babies from it, I have 6 BIG babies on it, I rooted the tip and it is now a growing plant in a 8in pot. A big plant now.

The babies are all VERY colorful. And are back to the classic 'Pink Princess' colors. The babies are just terrific! I have to take pictures of them and post them here for all to see. I looked them over today, and they look great, one at the top of the vine is extra special!! But I forgot to see if they put out roots yet. Or are living off the mother.

IF they have a good root system, I would say they are good for 4in pots. They are about 8-10in across. 4-6 leaves each. VERY VERY colorful. And after looking at what is for sale on Etsy and EBay, I have 'diamonds'! Those others are 'coal' ! And they are asking astronomical prices for junk. I wont give them away, but I will be fair, unlike the ones I have seen those sites, I was shocked!!!

These are full formed plants, not cuttings, or seedlings. I will try to post the pictures tomorrow morning on here, and if anyone is interested in what you see, let me know, and make me an offer, for 1-6 of them. In private messages. Or I'll post a set price here, if this place lets me. Maybe after I take these off, it will produce even more. I think it has about 10 more joints where they are popping out from, and making hot pink babies!!

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