Can these roses do well again after a year of complete neglect?

Two years ago I got really excited about roses and I planted two bushes - Good as Gold and Dick Clark. I placed them in the best location I could find in my southern garden where they get at least 8 hours of sun.

I learned as much as I could, followed the very good advice I received on this forum - and the first year they did well. More like OK. Nowhere close to the abundance of flowers I was hoping for but bushes looked fine and there were two rounds of blooming or so.

The second year was one of those where we spent the entire summer overseas with my family. So my roses were completely neglected during their growing season. They had to fend for themselves 100%, which is not exactly what roses are god at, least of all in the Southern heat.

When I came back they obviously looked very bad - full of black spot and Lord knows what other diseases, almost all leaves gone, and a rare pitiful bud trying to survive. I did badly with the watering even after I returned because by that time they looked so bad, I had lost all interest. I even thought about taking them out and replacing them with azaleas.

This would be their third year and I want to give them another chance if I can get them going again.

I pruned them almost to the ground a few weeks ago and now, in December, they are coming back with quite a few green leaves on them.

I could take a picture tomorrow and post it here.

After a really bad year, is there any chance for me to make these roses do well again?

They are definitely not dead and seem to be growing quite nice green leaves, considering the neglect they experienced last year. I am just afraid that as soon as summer is here, the black spot will return.

I remember the blooms and buds on Good Old Gold when it came from the nursery. They were spectacular, but I was never able to get them at that size again.

If you have any particular advice for this year, I would greatly appreciate it.

Many thanks!

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