Temporarily naked foundation bed. What to do in the interim?

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9 months ago
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We are planning to radically rejuvenate some hedge azalea bushes we have along our front foundation bed and which are at least 10 years old, probably a lot more. This or replace them altogether if rejuvenation doesn't work.

Either way, the bushes will soon be low to the ground - so nothing lush or blooming against the foundation for a couple of years, until they go back to their intended size.

In the interim, what should we do about this soon-to-be naked foundation?

I thought about planting some annuals on the border, in front of the low azalea stumps. Anything that will prettify this soon-to-be-lonely place.

I am providing some pictures below.

First two are to the right of the front entry stairs (4 azalea in hedge form, currently in bad shape, scraggly and sparse, waiting to be rejuvenated) .

The last pic is to the left of the stairs - from right to left, one camellia, holly in the back, one azalea bush of the same kind as those to the right, and osmanthus one tea olive shrub that was planted poorly there and will go. We intend to buy two more azaleas of the same color to make a hedge to the left too.

In the meantime, can I pant something colorful in front of these shrubs (some annuals?) to bring some life / visual interest to the bed when these azaleas will be cut to the ground?

I am in the north Atlanta area, house facing west, some afternoon sun but gets some shade from tree canopies in the area, azaleas did well in this spot for a few good years after we moved, then they started to get sparse.

Thank you so much for any advice!

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