Princess Alexandra of Kent - 2019 - Zone 8B

Hoang Ton
last month

Love the big and dense blooms of this rose but it only cranked out a few blooms this season. It's probably due to a bad stock and bad location. Might try it again if I see it at a local nursery.

Rose - Princess Alexandra of Kent · More Info

Rose - Princess Alexandra of Kent · More Info

Rose - Princess Alexandra of Kent · More Info

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  • The Right Roses

    This is a fabulous rose in our garden. So floriferous with very large blooms. She gets black spot quite bad though. We would not live without this rose.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Its a great bloomer here as well. Gets about 6 ft or more.

  • Dave6aMO

    Nice pics, Hoang! PaoK blooms well for me as well. If she’s fairly new, she may need more time to get well established. Her big fragrant blooms are wonderful but her growth habit and poor disease resistance has made me consider replacing her.

    Hoang Ton thanked Dave6aMO
  • Lilyfinch z9a Murrieta Ca

    Does anyone have this in California? I’m interested in it , I think

  • Nick 10bSW17

    PAok has done well for me Lilyfinch, but SF is significantly cooler than Murrieta. My plants (3) have only gone through a single season, but repeat well, and the blooms are consistently large with good fragrance. My plants didn’t get huge 3-4’x2’, I blame that on lack of water 3/8gal a week, I’m planning on adding more water this year. Pictures are from end of July and early June.

  • Lisa Adams

    My word, what a beauty! I love those blooms. Is it this one that Diane removed due to few blooms and growing enormous? I could be wrong about the rose she had such a hard time digging out. Yours are both gorgeous! Lisa

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I remember Diane telling a funny story about PAOK and massively long roots like coach whips or some crazy thing. It was hysterical.

  • mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

    Yes, Diane did not like the Princess.

    Lily, I have had the Princess since she was first available on own root from DA in Texas. She does get big here. Do not believe that she will do well in a pot and stay small (according to the DA website). Mine ate people that came up my walkway in her first year as an own root. She was over 6 feet tall and had to be constrained with ties. I moved her to the back yard the following year. Boy does she ever resent being moved. She stayed small and puny and put out few blooms. So, of course, I moved her again. I promised her that this would be the last move and she was to act like the regal princess she is and suck it up and produce, otherwise, she would be out of here. I had Jubilee Celebration ready to take her place. BTW, Jubilee does well here also.

    Well, she showed off her true princess beauty and she is doing wonderfully. She is trying to grow her canes towards Vick's Caprice (that Cad!) as I think she has a thing for him and wants to try to steal him away from Mary Magdalene. Can you tell all the roses in my yard have quite the personalities? She really does love her new spot and is doing quite well. She does get morning sun and partial afternoon shade. Her flowers are huge and quite lovely. No diseases in my yard, just lots of beautiful flowers.

    Princess Alexandra of Kent

    She has big blooms about 4--5 inches across or so. Since I get hotter than you in the summer, she should do fine there.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Lol @ naughty Miss Princess trying to steal Mary's beau, Vick's Caprice! She does have those big yummy bodacious cupcake blossoms though.

  • Rose Lai

    I am in California, zone 9b SS zone 14. It is not hot or dry here but my PAOK grew to over 6 feet this summer, during their 2nd season. I have 5 of them and boy, they all got so big! Very think, long canes that spread out. The style of this rose is informal. Definitely not compact. You need a lot of space in warm region for it. I have a dedicated area in the garden for the 5 of them - probably about 6 feet by 25 feet planting bed in full sun.

    Here are some pictures below.

  • Rose Lai

    Here were PAOK in the spring of this year.

  • Rose Lai

    Here are pictures from the fall.

    The blooms are big - biggest almost at 6 inches across and very fragrant. They are absolutely beautiful.

  • Nick 10bSW17

    Wow Rose Lai, I bet your garden smells amazing with that citrus and rose combination!

  • noseometer...(7A, SZ10, Albuquerque)

    Can anybody comment on how PAoK compares to The Ancient Mariner?

  • Lota Mota

    This my my favorite rose among 50 other roses in my garden in long island NY. I cannot imagine a day without this rose in my garden. I have had it for 1 year and the blooms were beautiful. All the roses in my garden have fungus pressure and i am dealing with it with bayer advanced and neem oil.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Or how is compares to Princess Anne? Thanks!

  • Rose Lai

    I have Princess Anne for 1 season. It is quite different from PAOK. The color tends towards purple when the blooms mature. So far the fragrance is not as strong for Princess Anne, but it can be early for me. Disease resistance is also excellent. The bush is more compact, but I have heard that it can get to 5 feet from others that have it for a few years. After 1 season it is a keeper. I will post a picture next.

  • Rose Lai

    Here is my Princess Anne during this summer.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    I love the color of that Princess Anne, so excited for spring and SO JEALOUS of all the people who can still like things :)

  • Kenneth zone 7A - Southern Middle TN

    I hope with age she gets better she black spots terrible but I put up with her shenanigans becuase her blooms are everything .

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