Need opinions on window treatments for new windows

last month

In November, we had new windows installed and still have nothing on these new windows in the living room. I am considering using some type of woven shade, but am concerned about the projection and amount of stacking we might have, depending on the kind of shade. There is about 2 1/4" of depth for an inside mount and the inside measurement for the height is 69". The windows on the far right and far left are casements. The other two are fixed. If we used some kind of woven shade, would you use 1) 2 equal sized shades, 2) a larger shade for the two middle windows and a smaller shade on the right and left or 3) 4 equal sized shades? The total inside width for the 4 windows is 121". Thanks for your help.

One other note - we will probably not be keeping the sofa in front of the window.

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