Rest in peace, Neil Peart

January 11, 2020

One of rock's greatest drummers is gone. I've been a fan for more than 40 years and it was always a great privilege to see him perform live. Here is a lovely tribute to this most gifted man.

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  • terezosa / terriks

    I'm not a big Rush fan, and normally not a fan of drum solos, but a few years ago I surprised my husband (he's Canadian and a huge Rush fan) with Rush concert tickets. I was blown away by Neil Peart's drum solo!

    RIP indeed.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv5GMCxQS88 ?

  • IdaClaire

    Yes, even those who aren't particularly enamored of the band's music recognized Peart's massive talent. Once behind that legendary drum kit, he was truly larger than life.

  • Jinx

    Ida, I posted that exact picture of Neil on my FB yesterday. I just love his expression.

    But, yeah. This has hit hard. In typical Neil fashion, he kept his illness very private — I had no idea he was sick. When I got on Twitter yesterday, the very first post I saw was Peter Frampton’s ‘RIP, Neil’ post ... it felt like a gut punch. It choked me up and I immediately texted my husband.

    I have been a Rush fan since 6th grade. And I’m so sad I never saw them live. We were planning to go to their last Dallas concert, but weren’t able to.

    Have you seen that great documentary about Neil’s motorcycle ride across the country, after losing his wife and daughter in such a short timeframe? It’s heart wrenching, but so good. He was just an all-around amazing person, besides being (IMO) the best drummer in rock and roll history. His parents were interviewed in the documentary, too, and were so cute. :)

    Sorry, I’m rambling. But man, I’m trying to wrap my mind around not only Neil being gone, but there will be no more Rush. It’s all over.

    ETA: Smiling thinking of how I used to watch the Von Erich brothers wrestle when I was young ... had a crush on Kerry, and his theme song was Tom Sawyer. :)

  • gsciencechick

    Oh yeah, this hit us hard. He was the best. Last saw them in 2011 on the Moving Pictures anniversary and 2012 Clockwork Angels tour. LOL, one of the funny things about Rush concerts is they are about 75% men, so no lines for the ladies room. Although one time someone asked if I was fan or just there with my husband, GRR.

    Unfortunately, we just could not catch any dates on the R40 tour. They didn't play here, and the closest dates were during DH's most busy week of the year, so we could not go.

    His solos were amazing.He just played at another level. No bathroom breaks during his solo!

    I remember seeing in the documentary "Beyond the Lighted Stage" (available on Netflix, Amazon video, etc) Neil Peart at 18, and you can just see how amazing he was even at a very young age. Really, all of them. If you watch some of those early videos, how incredibly talented they were while they were teenagers. They also touch on Neil's motorcycle trip, and DH and I were saying wow how risky was that because he is obviously incredibly wealthy but doing this solo trip in very remote areas in Mexico. But pretty much no one recognized him on the whole trip. He rarely did interviews and did not do fan meet and greets. But he was such a private person he was even able to keep his death a secret for several days. In the past week there were rumors drummer Mike Portnoy would be working with Geddy and Alex because they were seen together, but it was perhaps to get together with Neil's family because Mike and Neil were close.

    There is the "Time Stand Still" documentary of the final tour which did play in theatres on a special engagement, and maybe they will bring it back. That would be great.

  • IdaClaire

    I knew there would be others here who deeply feel this loss. The guys just kept touring and kept on putting out brilliant music, and to know that's truly forever gone makes me want to weep.

    One of the things I've admired most about Rush is their appeal across several generations. They maintained a relevance and continued evolving right up to the end. Rush was the first concert my young nephew attended and at 15 he's very much a fan.

    Neil must've suffered so much from the loss of those he loved. He always seemed so stoic and, well, just authentic. I want to go back and read Ghost Rider again.

    I'll probably take this down, but just have to share this pic of my baby brother meeting Geddy in Denver a couple of months ago. Talk about an authentic celebrity... Geddy is the real deal. They all are. And were. It's just so sad.

  • Jinx

    Oh, wow, your brother is so lucky (and a hunk, too). Awesome picture. :)

    Yes, I’ve always been impressed with all three of them, separately and together. I’ve never heard a single bad thing. They created magic together, but also clearly genuinely love(d) each other. There could’ve been some major ego issues with this kind of talent and fame, but nope ... just humble and supportive towards each other, fans, other bands they toured with, everyone. One scene I saw (can’t remember which docu it was), the waitress in some small town cafe didn’t recognize them. They were hilarious about it, laughing at themselves. :D

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Sad news. Wonderful musician.

    I wonder why Rush is more popular with men?

  • gsciencechick

    Zalco, prog-rock in general, a little bit of sci-fi, and a lot of women just not into the technical aspects that people into Rush really geek out on.

    Same thing with Iron Maiden, probably 75% men. Motorhead was probably 90% men, LOL.

    The Geddy Lee book tour hasn't made it here, unfortunately. WTG for your brother, IdaClaire!

  • blfenton

    What I didn't realize is that he was also a lyricist and wrote most of the lyrics for Rush.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Thank you gsciencechick. (I still can't 'like' posts.)

  • gsciencechick

    I saw on the other thread that if you log in through GW vs. Houzz, you can like posts. Which is funny because I had been using the Houzz all along and then all of a sudden it seemed to stop.

  • lakeaffect

    I loved Rush’s lyrics, their music is song by song for me, I’m not a fan of the headbanger genre of rock, and many of their tunes were, In my highly subjective opinion, headbanging. I saw them in Montreal decades ago, and my ears rang for several days afterward, I think April Wine opened for them, but I just can’t remember exactly. Brilliant lyricist and all around good guy taken too soon.

  • nini804

    My brother was a HUGE fan in the early eighties!! I was a tween, and while not a big fan...so many of those songs were like the soundtrack of my late elementary/middle school years. I literally think he wore that cassette OUT playing Tom Sawyer over and over, lol! So sad to lose an amazing talent.

  • Jinx

    My husband is working on model cars in another room and playing Rush songs. It’s making me sad.

    It’s tough to pick a fav Rush song, but if I just had to, it’d be Freewill.

  • IdaClaire

    Freewill is my favorite too. It's so profound in its simplicity, if that makes any sense. I am old school and also love Trees and Temples of Syrinx.

  • IdaClaire

    My brother texted me a photo of a receipt for a meal he had at Denny's. He said he was so upset by the news of Neil's passing that he could manage to do little on Saturday, but finally realized he needed to eat so went there. When he paid for the meal, their card reader prompted him to add a tip and he chose 20%, not even realizing until he was handed his receipt that the total came to $21.12. That's a good omen right there. ;-)

  • Annette Holbrook(z7a)

    I was so upset when I heard this. I’m a huge Rush fan and especially of Neil Peart. However his skill as a drummer wasn’t what drew me to him, his gift as a lyricist just blows most modern writers out of the water.

    When I was in high school there was a group that I hung out with and music was a major link for all of us. Rush was one of those bands that we loved. Plus it was a band that the popular cliques had no clue about, so that made them even more of a draw, lol.

    I loved that they were all kind of nerds, compared to other big stadium rock bands. On the our all the other people would be drinking, partying, etc, and they’d all retreat to their rooms to read and have tea lol.

    I have a hard time picking a favorite song but right now it’s either YYZ or Entre Nous.

  • Faron79

    "For the Spirit ever lingers...."

    I can't stand it that He's dead!!!! LOVED RUSH from day 1!!

    Saw them early on.....mid-70's in East Grand Forks, MN. Uriah-Heep opened for them. I could never get to see them again.... ;-(

    Cygnus X-1 is my FAVE RUSH tune!

    "Six stars of the Northern Cross....in mourning for their Sister's loss....in a final flash of Glory...nevermore to grace the night...."

    I'll miss Neil.....


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