Disappointed in My Millennial Kids

3 days ago
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So, despite my cavalier treatment of skin cancer in a discussion a few months ago, or perhaps because karma's a bitch...last Monday I had a basal skin cancer removed via Mohs surgery. As sometimes happens it turned out to be much more extensive than expected and I was left with most of the tissue on one nostril gone. I need several reconstructive plastic surgeries, the first of which was done Friday. Fortunately I've got great doctors and hopefully the healing and repair will be uneventful.

What I could use some help and perspective with is how my 2 kids have reacted or should I say NOT reacted. They both knew it was coming up and that I was very worried; I also texted them (and my DIL) a picture just afterward of me with a massive bandage. I saw my son after that and before the first surgery and told him the details; the night before the repair surgery my daughter sent me a brief text asking how I was. Other than that I've heard not a thing from either one or from my DIL. Meanwhile everyone else in my little world-friends, neighbors, rest of family-has checked in with messages of concern, good wishes, even flowers.

But my own children are totally in the wind! I really feel as if I must have done something wrong to have raised two kids who don't even have the time or inclination to take, literally, 10 seconds to send a text much less a phone call.

I think I need some GW wisdom here. I'm not going to say anything to them; I certainly know how unhelpful it is to demand that somebody show you care and attention. Still, it really hurts-emotionally, not just the nose ;).

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