Disappointed in my Millennial Kids

3 days ago

Could use some GW wisdom and guidance right now.

Despite my cavalier attitude in a recent conversation, or perhaps because karma's a bitch, I am going through a major skin cancer removal/healing process. Last Monday I had Mohs surgery for a basal skin cancer on my nose and as sometimes happens the cancer turned out to be much more extensive than expected. I was left with most of the skin and tissue on one nostril gone and will need a series of reconstructive surgeries; the first one took place Friday. I"m already facing several months of healing with at least one more surgery to go and if the initial process doesn't work the repair could get even more lengthy and complicated-.

I am glad the cancer is out and have great confidence in my doctors and their care. However I'm feeling very hurt that neither my son (30) nor my daughter (28) have checked in on me in any way. I sent a text with a picture of my heavily bandaged face just after the surgery and had one brief chat with each of them and one quick text message from my daughter before I had the reconstructive procedure. But since then...nothing. Not a call, not a text, complete radio silence.

In contrast everyone else in my little world has been so nice: neighbors, friends, the rest of my family have all reached out with cards, calls, even flowers. My husband who is rarely in tune with emotional intelligence ;) keeps asking me if I've heard from them yet. Answer so far: nope.

I'm certainly aware that you cannot demand that somebody care about you (well you can but it seldom ends well) but I"m also deeply bothered that neither of them seemingly could take 10 seconds to send a text ,much less pick up the phone and call.

Maybe I'm overreacting? Then again I"m not even sure what or if I should say something when they eventually do surface which I'm sure they will. What I'm afraid of is my temper when they ask me for something; right now I'm not feeling too inclined to go the extra mom mile for either one of them!

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