Need doctor info on facial skin cancer..Part Two

4 days ago

It was in December I did the topic about DH's possible skin cancer on his scalp and who needed a biopsy. Guess whose turn it is now?

Readers, just in case this is skin cancer, take my advice. Look at your face with a magnified mirror, sans makeup. Last year I was putting my makeup on using the mirror when I saw the tiniest red spot on my cheek, about an inch away from my nose. Without the mirror I never would have seen it until it got bigger, which is did. It's still tiny but it now has a tiny bump and is obvious to my naked eye.

This morning was my yearly visit with the GP who thinks it's skin cancer and referred me to the same dermatologist my husband will go to.

Here's the thing. I looked up the Derm, and she has over 200 reviews of 4.5 out of a 5 star rating. Great! Until I read the reviews about how most of the patients were extremely irritated because she is so overbooked they sit in the waiting room full of people for an hour, then go to the exam room and have to wait again.

I'm sorry, I don't do waiting. I have been know to get up and leave doctor's appointments, kind of like The Runaway Bride. :)

Not only that, because of her overbooking and high ratings, it takes a few months to get in to see her even from a referral. DH made his appt. in early Dec and isn't scheduled to see the Derm until March. The doctor told him if the spot has made no change to keep the appt, but if it changes to contact him, the GP, to get DH (and maybe myself) in asap.

What would happen if I found another highly rated Derm and did this on my own without a referral? Years ago I never needed a referral with a Derm and it was easy making an appt. Because I have new insurance, do most insurance companies only cover specialists if there is a referral? I don't see why a Derm would have to be referred because they cover so many things, from dry skin to cancer.

Second question. Since this is on my face how do I know the Derm or any Derm won't butcher it? Are they qualified to do biopsies on faces without a plastic surgeon in attendance?

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