Stark Bros no longer selling dwarf peaches? Other sellers?

3 days ago

So I was finally going to pull the trigger this spring and order a dwarf peach for my yard. Ive always admired Stark Bros for some reason, and waited for the new catalog. So I wrote to them and asked when the DP's would be in stock. This was the response:

We appreciate you reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we have no dwarf peaches available this coming spring. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us, remember that we're here for you. Have a great day!

The response form says "resolved". That was it, no, can we help with another variety, etc. So, any other online retailers who sell a quality fruit tree?

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Raintree Nursery - has an extensive offering of peaches including semis, dwarfs and minis.

    Willis Orchards and Burnt Ridge Nursery are two other good fruit tree sources and both carry dwarfs and minis.

    btw, even full size peaches are not big trees, seldom even reaching 20' tall. And with proper pruning can be kept at a very manageable 10-12'

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  • jason long (Z8a/7b)

    If you buy a dwarf peach tree, you are buying a short lived peach tree. Much better to prune it to the height you want and buy a full size tree. In general peach trees only live for around 20 years or so. With any fruit, by growing a semi-dwarf or dwarf version, you lower the life expectancy (dwarf reduces it even more). So with a dwarf root stock, your peach tree likely won't make it 10 years (or will stop producing by year 10).

    With longer lived trees, like apples, dwarf and semi-dwarf are not as big an issue as you will still get 40+ years out of the tree.

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  • chaznsc94

    These are both great help. Any thoughts on the quality of Stark Bros?

    Thanks again!

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Peaches are not big trees to begin with. Even a full size peach will not get much more than about 15-20' after a good many years. And routine annual pruning can keep it smaller.

    Stark Brothers gets very good reviews from Garden Watchdog. As do the other vendors mentioned.

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