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Clothing and fashion: your favorite go-to items?

4 days ago

What’s your favorite outfit, or favorite top, sweater, etc...?

Does this happen to you? I would like to toss almost everything in my closet and start over. Somehow I’ve ended up with a sea of mostly blacks and grays. Recently I wore a new red sweater out, and (this never happens) several people commented that I looked good in red. Huh, why don’t I have any other red tops? No one has ever told me I look good in, say, black. I get comments when I wear orange or rusty colors, and sometimes green. I have almost nothing in those colors, though — especially in my winter wardrobe. So I need an overhaul. Especially as I get older, too, I am noticing a difference in my face when I wear flattering vs not so flattering colors.

My style is casual and mostly simple but I like a fun or funky details. If I wear a plain shirt, I usually wear a funky necklace and earrings to jazz it up. Pretty much always wear jewelry anyway, every day. My uniform is jeans and sweater, or jeans and some variation of t-shirt. Even when I’m working, I’m wearing (nicer) jeans. I would love to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt every day...I’m all about comfort. I often get stuck on weekend nights when we go out to dinner or a concert or whatever — definitely lacking in what I refer to as “date night clothes.” Still want mostly casual but I need some slightly jazzier tops for my standard jeans for those nights.

I usually gravitate to Lucky Brand tops, though lately I’m not loving much there, but I like the slightly boho look. I like tops that don’t need to be tucked in, and I’m only 5’2”, so that can be a challenge. A lot of Lucky tops run short. I have two of these cashmere sweaters from GH that I wear a lot. Wish they came in brighter colors. The length is perfect for me. I wore one last night with a colorful prana scarf...I have a bunch of scarves and hardly ever wear them but I should, because the scarf really pulled together my standard jeans and sweater uniform.

I’m browsing around stores and web sites and I’m not seeing a whole lot of things that I love. And I know many of us tend to wear the same few things over and over...right? What are your go-to favorites?

Comments (104)

  • Springroz

    I saw this on FB this morning!! Cracked me up...

  • jill302

    Sue - Can totally relate on a full closet with “nothing to wear”. Was thinking the same thing the other day. Will try your idea of putting together shirts and sweaters to see if that helps. I am in such a rut.

    Funky - Love your style, want all the clothes you shared. Have the Talbot’s robin’s egg blue jacket and the Nic and Zoe Giraffe top in my shopping bags.

    Ruby - Thank’s for the no gap shirt recommendation, like others here I am busty. Want to give the brand a try.

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  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Hmm, I'm really liking that Nic and Zoe Giraffe top too!

    Springroz, LOL! Interesting "office" I'd guess!

  • Sueb20

    So, here’s what else I‘ve ordered in the past few days...thank you all for your support and commiseration!

    terracotta tee from Gap to wear with various cardigans I own

    black sweater blazer from Banana Republic (ok, it‘s black, but to be worn with brighter tops and/or scarves)

    two button-down jersey shirts from Boden, both cute floral prints

    a navy cardigan from Boden

    a red cotton “yoga” cardigan ... have received, like it, will not be wearing with matching red leggings tho ;-). It’s longer on me.

    The Toad & Co coral colored blouse I posted way above is being returned. Didn’t fit properly.

    I also tossed about 10 items from my closet.

    I had recently bought another silly sweater that is mostly cream color but has a penguin on the front...almost ditched it because it’s kind of shapeless and not a great color for me BUT during this morning’s purge I found a pink scarf that picks up the same color in the penguin’s scarf, so now I kinda can’t wait to wear it!

  • Bonnie

    Sue, your closet purge promoted me to make a pass through my closet this morning, resulting in a bag of discards that I just dropped off at Goodwill, along with some items from an ongoing basement clean out. So thank you!

  • pamghatten

    I don't remember seeing anyone talk about Coldwater Creek, I love their styles, quality and fit. But not their prices so much ... Usually it's a splurge or sale for me when I buy something from them.

  • OutsidePlaying

    Sue, i can totally relate to having a closet full of clothes and then standing there and choosing the same things to wear over and over. And it’s usually the black or gray pants with something gray and black on top. Well, I am trying to break out of that and wear colors on top, but then I end up wearing the same tops over and over. I have purged quite a bit and am determined to replace anything with colors. So far I am doing fairly well, but pale gray sneaks in still.

    i am tall so hard to fit and I hate to wear baggy tops as many seem to be cut these days. I like Anthro, AT Loft (more of their tops seem more shapeless these days), NM and Nordstrom sales. Used to wear a lot of Eileen Fisher but it also seems huge now. Love the pants I have though. For work it was all fine. Funky, I agree with you about Nick and Zoe. I used to find things in that line but not so much anymore. Those are some cute things you posted.

    Talbots never seems to fit me just right and I am always hating what I bought a few weeks later.

    i did find a cute maroon sweater blazer at J Crew Factory in the fall. They still have some in brighter and lighter colors (and in black of course) and some longer sweater jackets. I am usually not inti blazers at all but can do a more casual unconstructed sweater blazer As a jacket.

  • maire_cate

    pamg - The original Coldwater Creek filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and closed all of their stores. The 'Coldwater Creek' brand name was bought by Sycamore, the same corporation that owns Talbots, and 9 West. They publish the CC catalog and according to my neighbor (a former CC executive) they now have a couple of brick and mortar stores.

  • Funkyart

    I used to like Coldwater Creek but not so much these days-- the company change explains it. We do have a CC here but I was in it once and haven't been back. I also used to like Jjill. I rarely find something I like there these days. I guess that's really the case with all the brands I've liked.. talbots, nic + zoe, Eileen fisher. I may find a few things I like in a season but I just don't have a "go-to" anymore. It's not just the styles.. it's also questionable quality.

    I really need to do a closet evaluation and purge also.. but that's not going to happen until late spring due to other pressing projects!

  • czarinalex

    This thread had me perusing Talbots for tops. I found this great coupon code along the way. $10 off any order $10 or greater + free shipping. N01112223. It expires at the end of January.

  • salonva

    I am late to the game but have been following this thread as I too can relate. I prefer sweaters in cotton. I wash them ( usually I don't even bother to put them in a lingerie bag) in the machine, and then usually dry flat or on a hanger, not using the dryer. I notice a few of you mentioning cashmere. I know it feels great, but what do you do about laundering? Is it dry clean only? I am not a fan of that and curious to know how you clean them?

    oops editing to add, nice code czarinalex!

  • rubyclaire

    I gently wash my cashmere and merino sweaters in the machine with either The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo or Eucalan Delicate Wash and then dry flat. Works great!

    Also, Talbots is having an extra 20% off sale today for anyone so inclined.

  • IdaClaire

    I like reading these comments and getting an idea of what other women (who are mostly close to my age) like to wear. It's also somewhat comforting to know that not all of us feel we "have it together" yet when it comes to our wardrobes, even at this stage of the game. I went from a casual work environment where we wore jeans to buttoned-up corporate, and had a weekend to amass a "business" wardrobe. That meant I ended up breaking the bank at Talbot's, and as I was starting out with absolutely nothing appropriate to wear to work, I felt like I was in a "beggars can't be choosers" position. Consequently, I ended up with a few things that I'm just not crazy about, but have grudgingly worn for the past couple of years. Talbot's quality tends to be pretty good, but I've found the fit to be somewhat inconsistent. And despite the one initial spending spree, I now won't shop there unless I have enough points to make a difference or a very good sale is on. Otherwise, their stuff is a bit overpriced IMO.

    I guess I still don't know what I really LIKE. Or, sometimes I'll see something that appeals to me, but the pattern or design will make me realize that I'm looking at something that will be wearing ME, rather than the other way around. I don't want to look like Mrs. Roper, but I also don't want to wear boring clothes, and it's often a struggle for me to know which way to lean. I usually err on the side of clothing conservatism, but I think I could manage to dress better or in a more interesting style if I worked a little harder at it.

  • Bunny

    I'm retired so I can wear pretty much what I feel like wearing: Jeans, hoodies, flannel shirts, turtlenecks. In warmer weather it's jeans and tshirts.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    I'm reading through this thread and enjoying it...will post when I finish, but I did want to get 1929spanish this hint re sewing blouses that don't gape...

    Just one of many that can help with the full bust adjustment to patterns.

  • l pinkmountain

    Since starting my sabbatical, I wish I had more "go to" exercise clothes that also functioned as street wear. I'm going to the senior center gym every weekday to work out but often hit a store or other place with people around before or after, to lessen my trips back and forth. Unfortunately, due to my NEEDING to go to the gym every day, most of my athletic clothing no longer fits. I tried to find some inexpensive things at Goodwill, but like most of my own all cotton clothing, the stuff there that fit had shrunk LENGTHWISE so was too short. I wear my floodpant sweats as pajamas now. Saw a women the other day with black stretch pants and black top who looked so chic, could have worn the outfit in a non-exercise venue and still look good. That's my goal now.

    Just bought a ton of pants in size 14. Most of my 12's are worn out anyway, and I may never make it back fully into a 12. I'm kind of on the cusp, so 14's with a little stretch look OK. I'd rather wear a slightly roomy 14 than a too tight 12.

    I'm still searching for clothes that look good working hard inside or out, are washable, but don't look frumpy. Also trying to eschew polyester, it's horrid for the environment. My usual "go to" is a cotton knit top or t-shirt, a shirt over, unbuttoned, and matching pants. In summer the shirts are light, and I can roll them up. Protects my arms from bugs and scratches though. I'll usually mix this look up with a skirt and/or jacket for nicer. I find that nice looking skirts are needles in haystacks these days. Have not found many I like and my old stash is now too small. They don't even make most of the styles I had before, I have searched the manufacturers (like Woolrich) and as many have commented, the style and quality have taken a nosedive since I bought those things 15-20 years ago.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Such a timely topic. I follow vivienne files and she had this scarf that she's using for a wardrobe collection that I fell in love with and had to have. I'm now thinking of doing something similar...building a wardrobe around the scarf.

    Here is the scarf and the article:

    I've brought it to the store just to see what it works with and the number of colors, and unusual colors it goes with are wonderful...even mint green! But navy, all shades of blue, aqua, all shades of brown to gold and tan, turquoise and teal all look wonderful with it. I think I'm going to head to Jo-anns and buy some coordinating beads to make a coordinating necklace too. I like the necklace/scarf thing that mai tai makes her simple outfits look so chic.

    But I definitely need to do a major closet purge to get rid of all the leftovers -- still! -- from pre-retirement days. It's 10 years this year since I retired so it's time to go...also so many of the pants I have are wide legged and look silly now. If I don't have it in me to toss them yet (very likely) I can put them upstairs in the attic until I do.

    I also have a ton of blazers ... too many ... that I too feel like I'm going to court rather than to dinner if I wear them. I have some that are a little more casual, and I do like the sweater type as from talbots.

    And I have over 30 cardigans of all kinds of colors, textures and patterns. They tend to be my go-to.

    Unlike others here, so much of talbots I can walk into and get a perfect fit...esp the pants. My style tends to run very classic, so they are good for me in a number of ways.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    As far as making outfits interesting, I always go by what stacy & clinton said: color, pattern, texture and shine...check your outfits for each of those elements for the most interest.

    They also talked about a "completer piece"...bottom, top and something else...cardigan or jacket...adds a lot more polish to the outfit.

    Re what you call a shirt, technically button down does refer to a collar that actually buttons down. But with usage, it seems it now refers to any shirt that has buttons up the front...or button up shirt. Which is like a man's dress shirt. Blouses which can also button up, tend to be softer fabrics with more feminine cuts and details.

    I too am short with short legs, and big busted. So for tops, if they cover my crotch, then I look even shorter. And with my girls' girth, I find I'm far more comfortable in shirts that stretch, so most often I wear knit tops. What I don't like is in the winter, I'm often cold and really like to have shirts with collars to keep the back of my neck warm, but they seem to be harder to find in knits that don't look dorky. I gave up turtle necks years ago though I loved them as I still get hot flashes, and those tight high collars are intolerable when I get one. I too will admit I'm a lazy bones and when I go to grab a shirt, I'll put it back if it needs pressing, esp if I'm in a hurry. Not an issue with knits, but the button up shirts always seem to need some pressing.

    Of course, I'm talking about "dressier" outfits... which seem to be basically nice casual like out to dinner or a show. But even at that I end up wearing jeans so often. I have dress jeans, casual jeans, work jeans, black jeans, dark navy jeans, jeans for flats, jeans for heels, etc. So then I tend to concentrate on tops which often tend to be basic t's in various colors...paired with a jacket or cardigan and a coordinating scarf...adds pattern and color and keeps my neck warm!

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    One comment on the vivienne files, she just lays out the clothes and mixes and matches them which is fine, but in real life, it may not work as it's all about the silhouette, and some of those pieces and parts simply will not create a good silhouette together.

    But I love the way she IDs all the articles of clothing and where to get them, so ordering the scarf I love was a snap.

  • whatsayyou18

    I have a good selection of scarves and jewelry and will often build an outfit around one or the other. Adore the photo above! I found some neck scarves I'd long forgotten while cleaning out my closet recently and have been wearing them more.

  • Sueb20

    One complaint about scarves is that a lot of them are too long or bulky for a petite person. I have 3 print scarves from Prana that I love because they’re not as bulky plus I really like the boho patterns.

    DH suggested dinner out tomorrow night and my first thought was oooh, which “new” ensemble should I wear? Ha! Very excited to have my clothes organized in a better way. I still need to attack the jeans/pants...always more painful than trying on tops. I need to purge some shoes too.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    This past year I lost some weight and I went from a size 12-14-16 to a size 6-4-2 and find clothes are significantly different now, and I'm still trying to figure out what looks best although buying clothes for small and extra small is so much easier! It's not a myth -it's true, tall skinny people look good in everything even cheap stuff. Although I still wear an 11-12 shoe and those are as hard as ever to find and camouflage.

  • tinam61

    Definitely get rid of 10 year old clothing. I'm sure there is somewhere you could donate. Sue, that is a pretty scarf. I used to love scarves, but find I am a bit tired of them. I don't see them worn as much anymore either. I happened to be out and about today after lunch with a friend and was looking for a few accessories. Tried to find a scarf to wear with a new sweater, and it was slim pickings!

    Bunny, I retired last year. I like to be comfy too, but I am out quite a bit and like to look stylish. Stylishly comfortable!

    I've said it before and it's worth repeating - remember a WELL FITTING BRA makes all the difference - even in how our clothing fits. No matter what size "the girls" are, get them a well made, flattering bra.

  • RNmomof2 zone 5

    Bumblebeez, Nordstrom is your friend. signed, your fellow size 12, RN

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Tina, totally agree about the bra. Nothing ages one more than a bustline at half mast.

    I have a ton of scarves. But, perhaps oddly, most of them are not wintry. They tend to be in summery palettes and lightweight materials. I can't see wearing them with a winter coat, even if it was the right color, if it's not a wintry fabric? WDYT? Does color matter most or is fabric weight an issue too this time of year?

    I got one of my DD a scarf for Christmas. She likes this look (below), which to me, is what my Mom did if it rained or if she had curlers in. I think it so funny that a teenager wanted a floral silk scarf (she actually wanted an Hermes one, prob because one of the heirs goes to her school). When i looked for her (on The RealReal) I also got one for me... but I didn't care for it so much and returned it. When I looked around further online, I didn't fall in love with anything for me.

  • DLM2000-GW

    mtn that is so retro and funny that your daughter likes that look! Very Grace Kelly - I can picture her in some movie driving in a convertible

  • grapefruit1_ar

    I love these clothing discussions! It is nice to know that many of us suffer from the same issues. I am almost 70 and retired. I like to be comfy but still look pulled together in case I have to go to a meeting in the evening or have lunch with friends. I try my best to wear one outfit per day, unless it is warm weather when I most likely work outside and will need to " cleanup" afterwards,

    I wear blue, black, or brown jeans most of the time paired with a turtleneck, sweater, and scarf. I am always cold, especially around my neck, so the turtleneck and scarf are mandatory. Blouses/shirts are not warm enough for me in the winter. I love jackets, too. Pants continue to be my biggest issue because I can rarely buy a pair in a store. I wear a size 6 with a 34 inch inseam. I also have no butt. Getting dressed up usually means wearing a skirt or dress because my pants selection is pathetic. I recently got a knit pair from JJill that fit nicely I can wear sweaters/jackets from Talbots but pants are too baggy. I am always looking for one brand/style that I can rely on.

    Continue on with your suggestions!

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    Rnmom, I haven't bought a pair of shoes in a brick and mortar store in many years.

    The idea of trying on many shoes and wiggling my toes is a foreign concept.

    Love Nordstrom shoes!

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Bumblebeez congrats on the weight loss! That's a huge change! It does affect how clothes look on you and it takes a long time for your eye to adjust to a new shape as so much of our body image is internalized.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    Thanks Annie and you are right, our minds eye isn't always accurate. I often look at my calves and think they're huge but later will catch a glimpse of me in a full length mirror out somewhere and not know who that person is.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Re lightweight scarves, they're not designed to wear with winter coats. But they can be fine with a winter outfit. Silk of course is good year round. In winter I tend to tie them in different ways that are closer to the neck...leave them longer and the neck more open for warmer weather.

    I've bought some pashmina scarves for cheap that are great with winter coats and they come in all kinds of see them sold on the streets of manhattan too. They're soft and warm and appropriate for a winter coat.

    For those who are looking for scarf tying ideas, this video is one of my favorite:

  • Sueb20

    Winter scarves are also an issue for me, not sure why so many of them need to be 2’ wide and 7’ long! I have been looking for a red plain winter scarf all winter, finally found one that isn’t voluminous at Talbots but their web site was wonky yesterday...need to try to place my order again today. (BTW 50% off sale today plus extra 20% off.)

  • hhireno

    My short-necked sister often cuts scarves in half length-wise, to reduce some of the bulk. I think she‘s crazy (for many reasons!), but it works for her. She also has more than one home so she keeps a half in each place.

    I’ve been a scarf wearer since the 80’s and will continue to be forever. I don’t care if they are in or out of current fashion. I wear them 9 months a year and even use them in summer months when in air conditioned places (restaurants, theaters, etc). I love all styles, widths, fabrics, colors, and patterns. I own a ridiculous amount and probably buy 1-2 more each year. I do try to retire one when I buy a new one, but that usually doesn’t happen.

    Once, during the hot flash years I had removed my scarf. My friend’s 15 yo daughter saw me and exclaimed “You’re not wearing a scarf! I’ve never seen you like that.”

  • Sueb20

    LOL a friend recently said the same thing to me re necklaces.

    I just ordered a wool blazer from Talbots, orig price $170, my price $50. Hope it fits!

    Also received a dark teal sweater and a red Henley from LLB yesterday that I’d forgotten about. Maybe I need to take a break from buying now! Some of these sales are just hard to ignore.

  • maire_cate

    Another scarf lover here - I have many - all colors, sizes, shapes & fabrics ranging from Talbot's to impulse purchases to vintage Hermes. Somehow their siren call draws me in and I find myself buying yet another. I should make an effort to wear them in a more fashionable way other then the ubiquitous hanging around the neck mode. I've watched videos and saved Mai Tai's photos but I fail when it comes to arranging them stylishly. I tend to wear them with coats rather than as a part of my outfit. Longer, thinner rectangular scarves seem to be easier to wear, it's the square (90 x90 cm) Hermes ones that are difficult. Mai Tai has suggestions utilizing scarf rings which is helpful.

    Like Annie I detest having a cold neck so I take one when we go to dinner or a show. For travel I bring a large wrap which can double as a lap warmer or shawl. But I definitely need to try harder to incorporate them into my outfits.

  • IdaClaire

    Those scarf rings seem very pricey to me, but I like how they enhance and "control" a scarf. This caused me to remember the gold-toned scarf ring with coral-colored stone insets that a kind young man working in a vintage clothing shop in a little English village gave me a few years ago during a visit. I need to dig that out and actually use it. The coral stones would be great with a scarf in shades of orange and navy. Hmmmmm.

    As a knitter, I have scads of handmade (mostly winter) scarves and will definitely check out that video. I thought just the other day that I need to determine some new ways to wear them.

    ETA: Just watched the scarf-styling video, and I love the scarves she uses, but especially the leopard print with the little pop of pink!

  • 1929Spanish-GW

    Annie-thanks for the link. I have a bunch for the FBA and have been too chicken to start one. In fact, I’ve been shy about getting back into seeing clothing, which is fu. Y because I used to see blazers! When I last sewed a lot for me, I was a pattern size 6 with a 24” waist and a c cup. I’m now a pattern size 12/14/16 with a ddd and afraid, very afraid.... at least now they do sell some patterns with busy adjustments so I just need to cut one out and see it!

    Funny thing about scarves... love them, always have. Probably not a surprise. I the late 80’s I worked in women’s tailored clothing at Nordstrom and one of the many things I used to do was scarf-tying and interview-dressing. I miss those days.

  • IdaClaire

    So if you were just thinking of starting a little silk scarf collection:

    • Where would you buy them?
    • What size(s) would you choose?
    • What color(s) would you choose?

    Just looking at options on eBay and Etsy for gently used/vintage items is overwhelming. I'd like to wear them more, though. The outfit I have on today (black, long-sleeved sweater with gray windowpane slacks and black pumps) just cries out for one, but my neck is "nekkid."

  • 1929Spanish-GW

    My preference is for large squares that I fold into oblongs. Often you can change the color way just by folding it.

    Look for silk, hand finished hems and quality screen printing.

    I was gifted a number of vintage Hermès last year and While they are truly luscious, you don’t need to buy expensive ones. Just good quality.

    I have some maxmara, vintage Ralph Lauren as well. I’ve found some beautiful designer scarves at Century21 in NYC - I think they are online as well.

  • l pinkmountain

    I have a whole collection of my Mom's vintage silk scarves. most of them are too small for me or not my colors. I wish I knew someone who loved scarves and would want them. Most are high end stuff and some date back to the 50's.

    My Mom and I were built totally different and had totally different "seasons" if you know about flattering color palettes. She was a pale petite busty redhead and was a classic "Autumn" person while I was either Winter or Spring. I'm 5' 6" and pretty average measurements although I'm getting very hippy in my old age, and I'm not talking about the groovy kind. I'm pretty much all winter now, because the spring colors tend to wash me out. I have to pair a pastel with a bolder color nowdays. I can wear a few of my mother's things, if I pair them with some of my bolder colors. But her scarves just don't work for me. They are so beautiful, I wish I could find a home for them where they would be loved. Instead, I just keep them in Mom's scarf drawer in the front hall and oggle them occasionally. I'm thinking I might end up framing one or two if I ever find the room in the house.

    Edited to add: What colors do you like Ida? My Mom's scarves feature rust, olive, beige, teal, peach, gold, periwinkle . . . the classic "Autumn" colors. Most are pretty tailored designs.

  • party_music50

    IdaClaire, I've been thinking for a very long time about ordering some silk scarves and appropriate dyes or paints from Dharma Trading Co. I'm just not sure which of the silks and sizes would be the best to buy. Any opinions, anyone? I've never ordered from them, but since they came highly recommended on a fiber forum I'd expect good quality. One of these days I will pull the trigger, because I think that hand-dyed silk scarves would make great gifts! :)

  • justerrilynn

    I would be so confused on what to wear if I lived in a cold weather state.

    My criteria is simple. Bottoms: Black skinny or slim pants, white skinny or slim pants (usually slim white jeans), black shorts, white shorts. Tops: must be sleeveless, v-neck, machine washable and normally a slip-on. Outer Layer: one black 3/4 sleeve cardigan, one white 3/4 sleeve cardigan. Shoes & sandals: varying nude heel heights and styles but nothing over 2 1/4” heel. Jewelry: hoop earrings in silver and gold, usually slip-on long pendant necklaces, easy on bracelets without hard to manage clasps. If very cold out I have a few exceptions to the above. Or, if traveling I might do a black or white skort and a neutral tone wrap.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    lpinkmtn, If your mom's scarves work with your rooms at all, you can always cover pillows with them.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Spanish, if you haven't seen Fit to Stitch by Peggy Sagers, you might look for it. It's a public TV show ... some are on you tube... where she teaches a lot about fit and pattern alteration. Look for where she discusses LCD...length, circumference and depth as ways to fit a pattern to the body. I wish she's write a book as she's so informative and I'd love to have a reference rather than try to remember a video.

  • IdaClaire

    Pink, I actually wear a lot of autumn colors. At one point in my life, just about everything in my closet was some hue of brown or tan, and I might've looked quite drab, but those colors do seem to suit me. I also love to wear various blue shades and seem to get complimented most when I have on that color. Your mom's scarves sound lovely, and you should absolutely frame a few just to keep them "with you" in that sense. When you say they're too small for you, are they just about the size you'd tie around your neck (sort of necklace style)? We wore scarves like that in the 70s, and I think that look is making a comeback.

    Party, I'l check out Dharma Trading Company. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • l pinkmountain

    I tend to decorate using "my" colors too, which is not olive. DH hates most green shades. And I don't like peach, bad memories from my youth, our whole home was one big peach, cornflower blue and jade nightmare in the 80's. My house is earth tones, black and white, woods, and maroon/burgundy as an accent. I do have one room with some of Mom's old stuff in it, a peach, teal and jade homage. But the walls in there are pretty much crammed with art, as is all the furniture in my house with throw pillows . . . I need a Victorian or maybe beginning Arts and Crafts mansion . . . They can be had for a song in my hometown, but the downside is you have to live in my hometown and be able to afford to keep them up. Almost no one fits that category any more.

  • texanjana

    Thanks for this timely clothing thread. I am in a real rut with my wardrobe. The problem is I haven't found anything lately that I really love. I mostly work from home these days (often in my pajamas in the mornings), and go into the office once or twice a week. I did order a few things from Garnet Hill and am going to take a look at the other suggestions. Keep them coming!

  • Sueb20

    I received 3 items from Boden today and was happy with all of them! That never happens.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    I like Boden a lot but haven't ordered in awhile. Lately I'm into American Eagle jeans, jeggings, skinny kicks, etc. and French Connection sweaters.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Re Maitai's expensive scarf rings, I went into Jo-Ann's and bought some pretty buckles for the same way. I really like how she slides the buckle on one side of the scarf and then slides the other end through where the scarf crosses the buckle...easy way to keep a scarf long and neat.

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