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Neurosis about how high to hang curtain tiers?

2 days ago

I have curtain tiers in our diningroom presently hanging midway between the top and bottom of a double window. People have just recently moved in next door (no one has been there for years) and due to the fact that the ground slopes up from our house to theirs I now realize they have a perfect shot into our house above the tiers. I was thinking of hanging tiers 2/3rds (36 inch tiers) of the way up the window but can't decide if it looks ODD since they would be hanging above the halfway point of the windows. During the daylight it does look odd to me to see the shadow of the middle sash through the curtains. The curtains presently are not lined and I was also debating on adding lined curtains to add to the privacy.

Despite having a somewhat patchy treeline of evergreens separating the two properties, and a hedgerow of leafless lilacs in the winter (but thick and view-blocking in the summer), I hope there are some women or men out there who can appreciate my neurosis about the potential for people to look into my house for half the year at night. :-/

The picture is an attempt to get a feel for the look.

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