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World's oldest gymnast ... never too old?

January 15, 2020
last modified: January 15, 2020

I was reading an article on strength training for women, and came across information on German gymnast Johanna Quaas, who is now 95. Here she is performing at age 91:

And a couple of photos of this beautiful woman, who says "my face is old, but my heart is young." Apparently, so is her body, which is much more toned and fit than my 57-year old one! Wow!

While I'm not, nor will ever be a gymnast (nor do I want to be), seeing this is still so inspirational, and makes me realize that we're never "too old" to do what we love -- or if physical limitations do occur, it's still not too late to do SOMETHING that will enable us to better ourselves. Love this!

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