Greetings from Puerto Rico ... Question about bees

My question has to do with BEES, so I am calling on the bee experts. I live on the 2nd floor of a condominium and have suddenly noticed bees hanging around my outdoor spaces (windows, balcony, atrium outside my door). During the day, there are always 3-4 hovering at each window and door screen. They appear to be trying to gain access inside. My neighbors are experiencing the same.

This is not usual. What is going on?

As many know, we've been experiencing a series of multiple minor to strong earthquakes / tremors since 28 December 2019, with 30 - 50 events daily. The southern part of the island is closest to the epicenter and has suffered some visible damage. I live in the northern part of the island, directly above and 40 miles away from the epicenter. Those of us in the north have experienced rattling furniture from the stronger magnitude 4.9+ tremors and feel the constant rattling of the earth underfoot. The island is only 110 miles east to west, 40 miles north to south.

Could the tremors be causing this behavior?

The good news is that we have an abundance of bees following the catastrophic hurricane Maria, so I cannot complain. I would like to hear your ideas, though.

Maria Elena

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