I think it is a xGastworthia 'Royal Princess'

last year

My unknown plant is blooming! The flower definitely has some Gasteria in it. The flare on the end of the flower reminds me of an Haworthia, so I did some research and found this Gastwarthia that matches its appearance. They both get the same bulbil on the stem. I hate the name 'Royal Princess', because there is a Gasteraloe called 'Royal Highness' (possibly a 'Royal Princess' as well). It makes it confusing for people.

Sorry, my camera is not very good at up close pictures if the lighting is not perfect.

Bulbils on my plant

My plant

Pictures of Gasterworthia 'Royal Princes' See the bulbil on the plant on the left at the top of the picture.

Another Gasterworthia 'Royal Princess'

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