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Kitchen Exterior Door in Middle of Kitchen Layout

Brenda K.
3 years ago

We are planning to redo out kitchen layout. It's currently a very small U shaped kitchen with a large eat-in area next to it. I want to make the kitchen much longer by combining the eat-in area and add a big island with seating. The problem is, I want access from the kitchen to a back deck/patio that we still need to build. But there is a septic tank right outside where I was planning to put the door (I originally wanted it to the right of the last cabinet in the rendering) so no patio or deck would be able to be built there. The only place I can think to put the door is on the left in the middle of the kitchen which you can see in the renderings below.

So my questions is, would an exterior door (that will swing inward) be a horrible idea in anyone else's opinion in this location in the kitchen? *For some more info - we live in a cold climate so it would be shut and not really used 8 months of the year. In the summer I envision it could be left open and the things in the cabinets behind it would be less-used items.

This drawing below shows that our current kitchen is VERY small and the french doors to outside are where the window above the sink in the rendering would go.

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