What’s for Dinner #375

2 months ago

So I get to start this thread with our roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Sunday dinner with broccolini, roastie potatoes, gravy and creamed horseradish.

Look forward to seeing and hearing about everyones’ yummy dinners.

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  • neely

    Sleevendog you are right 8.19... had to look it up. Stays light later as I am down south so we get more twilight. Anyway your produce looks bright and healthy regardless of the time.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Wild Mushroom Soup.

    One of the uglier soups I have made and it was a Valentines meal, lol. Should have used one of my clear stocks. And too much veg to start. Maybe. Delicious though. DH has been asking about the arancini in the freezer. Roasted those with a chili oil glaze, roasted cauliflower, artichoke hearts and chickpeas.

    Just a sliver pic of the final soup far right. (too gross to show full bowls)

    Good food does not need to be pretty but I was hoping for slightly pink like the recipe...

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  • Jasdip

    Wow, what a lovely assortment of veggies, Sleeve!

    I'm so glad you feel that "good food doesn't need to be pretty."

    Mine seldom look great, but they taste good, which is what counts, even though I know we eat first with our eyes.

    Neely, what a sweetheart you are! Making the date and cocoa hearts.

    Shirl, awesome biscuit! I have one that is my favourite as's smiling! (I guess it's more like grimacing!)

    Annie your vegetable soup is a meal in itself! I made cornbread once as per hubby's request, in cast iron. It was rather dry and crumbly so I haven't attempted it since. But growing up, our Nan (Grandmother) made it regularly, only we (a Canadian thing?) called it Johnny Cake.

    I made a Chinese-style dinner tonite. Sauteed veggies, a sauce made, then capellini pasta added to cook. It called for rice noodles or vermicelli but I like cappelini. Meatballs with my soy/garlic sauce to go alongside.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Nice veggie bowl!. (plate) same dealio. Noodle inventory in the pantry has a is capellini. My last batch of mini meatballs I froze on a sheet pan then zip-locked. nice to hunt in the freezer like Annie's soup and find, add, this and that.

    Burger night is similar to taco night. Should be easy but ends up a dance of variety. I prepped ahead, a few hours, 'mies en place'. Quick pickled red onion, marinated blue cheese, potato/sweet potato soaking, change water a few times, dry, then into the fridge to dry further, burger fridge drying coated in mushroom/umami powder...make fry sauce, toss potatoes in rice flour/corn starch, into hot oven, veg tray lower rack, sear burgers, toast buns, (English muffins), such a dance to get all to the table hot. Worth it and so good but not a quickie like scavenger soup.

  • annie1992

    Neely, that grain salad looks good, I'd like that a lot. The date hearts sound really nice too, a sweet snack to go with coffee.

    Jasdip, I've made some dry and crumbly cornbread and some nice and moist sweet cornbread, more like a cupcake. If it's crumbly, I crumble it into a bowl of chili, or make cornbread salad. Your vegetables look nice and fresh even without a MisFits Box! (grin)

    sleevendog, that is some nice produce, and mushroom soup sounds good, even if it's not "pretty". Elery stopped at a local produce market today and picked up THREE heads of cauliflower for $5. A great buy, but what in the world am I going to do with three heads of cauliflower?

    Here I splurged for Valentine's Day and made lobster rolls. Of course there are no fresh lobsters available here, so I ended up with frozen lobster meat and a baguette from Aldi, LOL. Some vegetable slaw on the side and roasted butternut squash . Elery had never had a lobster roll and this one wasn't great, it wasn't even very good, the lobster meat was kind of salty, for some reason. Someday he'll get a "real" one...

    Today it was chicken rice soup, not pretty and no pictures.


  • ediej1209 AL Zn 7

    Tonight was a chuck roast done in the crockpot. It was a particularly great cut of chuck, well-marbled, and cooked up very juicy and tender. I have enough leftover for making piroshkies later this week when my Misfits box comes (supposed to have a head of cabbage in it) and also a lot of good beef & broth for a pot of soup. To go with the roast tonight, I cooked green beans and little blue potatoes. I've never had those potatoes before. Oh my goodness, just boiled with the green beans they were the creamiest potatoes I've ever had. I am in love!!

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    "Today it was chicken rice soup," Cauliflower rice ?. lol

    Usually 6 bucks each here. Not by weight. But as pic above enjoying it again. We have never 'riced' it but now enjoying chunks roasted or cast iron sear, then into the oven to finish. Mixed veg. I am tossing in a spice blend...trying different things like mustard powder, turmeric, paprika, zaa'tar, lemon peel powder, ginger, tamari....coconut palm sugar , similar to 'light brown'.

    Good recipe, HERE

    We wanted lobster but just could not make it to a market. Looks great though! Surprised it was salty. Frozen is usually flash-frozen and decent. Maybe had a not necessary 'brine' solution.

    Last night vas a Very-Veggie Frittata. Broccoli, cauliflower, leek, artichoke heart...

  • Jasdip

    Your lobster roll looks good, but I love your slaw, Annie. Yep, I'll bet it was cauliflower rice :-)

    Awesome frittata Sleeve.

    I made a new recipe today, not to be repeated. It looked and sounded good.....

    cafe delites---honey-mustard chicken

    But it was way too mustardy and I like honey/mustard. I wasn't whelmed enough (vs over or under-whelmed) to try tweaking the recipe for another stab at it.

  • Compumom11

    Annie How about Cauliflower soup? I have two recipes to try. One has cheddar cheese, the other has dry mustard and onion. Both have a base of chicken stock or broth. Want to give one of those a spin?

    or Easy slow Cooker Cauliflower soup with cheese on All Recipes.

  • bbstx

    Dorie Greenspan’s Portuguese-Style Cod and White Beans

    There was also a side of green beans, but it was not photo worthy.

  • annie1992

    edie, I've grown those blue potatoes and liked them a lot, although they do make a strange shade of mashed potatoes, LOL.

    sleevendog, it was real rice, believe it or not, because I was taking a portion to Mother and there is not a chance she'd be entertained by cauliflower rice, LOL. I wish I had looked at that lobster package to see if it had that "flavor enhancer" or some kind of brine. Ah well, I'll try again. I will eat cauliflower if it's roasted really crunchy, I'll bet cast iron would do that nicely.

    jasdip, that's always a let down when you expect something to be better than it is. and I also like honey mustard...

    Ellen, thanks for the recipes. I doubt Elery would agree to the cheese, but you never know!

    Tonight it was pork chops and sauerkraut, courtesy of Elery, while I spent the afternoon collecting all the documents for filing our taxes. Ugh, it's enough to make a person lose their appetite!


  • bragu_DSM 5


    that looks good to me. I'll give it a second opinion ... will use some of my sweet/hot mustard on it ...

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Honey mustard...lower heat? (maybe). Mustards have such different strengths and 1/4 cup honey may be excessive. Mustard can become bitter with med-high heat and the gloss of honey can char as well. Lower the heat way back before adding or add off the heat. Good recipe but adjust to your pan/heat.(?)

    I would not give it up. Maybe save a small bit of the honey mustard to glaze the chicken just before serving.

    bbstx. The cod dish, yum, and a favorite of ours. Gorgeous meal!

    Made our favorite 20 chic-thigh braised, 40 minutes, start-to-finish. 20 meals, 20 bucks. 4 pints in the freezer for soup base, 4 lunches, dinner tonight, Bo Saam tomorrow. Food saver freezer portions for tacos or...

    What to call it?

    Korean Miso/chili/sesame Glazed Chicken Adobo Shawarma Kimchi Pho

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Brown rice ramen/mixed veg Pho

  • Jasdip

    Today was an easy meal......browned pork chop with sauteed onions and green beans. Mashed yellow gold with 1 sweet potato.

  • annie1992

    bbstyx, that cod and beans looks better than my cod did, I did it in the air fryer and just cooked it a bit too long. We ate it anyway, with roasted butternut squash on the side. I don't know why my cobalt blue plate looks so scratched up in this picture either, because it's not.

    jasdip, we must be soul sisters, I made pork chops too. Mine were rubbed with a garlic honey rub that Elery bought somewhere, then pan fried and served with a side of mashed rutabaga. I ate half of the pork chop, it was huge! Yeah, that's salad on the side, baby greens with cucumbers and sweet peppers.

    Sleevendog, I made a batch of your pickled mustard seed too, I was hoping it would be done on time to go with the pork, but it wasn't. That's OK, we'll use it the next time! I simmered it until it was pretty thick, see how it stays on the spoon?

    I also cooked for Mother, she got chicken and dumplings, banana bread, split pea soup and corn muffins.


  • ediej1209 AL Zn 7

    Had an old-fashioned fried chicken dinner cooked in the electric skillet until crispy - minimal oil - then finished in the oven to be certain it was done through. Hadn't done that in a long time!

  • Jasdip

    Annie, I spice up my pork chops as well. I often like them breaded, but sometimes cooked plain is good. :-)

    There's a local FB food group, where people recommend restaurants etc. Shawarma is very popular. Me being too cheap to eat out, decided to see what I could find on the internet. It's cooked on a rotisserie like gyro.

    So not having that ability, I marinated tenders in the required spices (turmeric, cumin, red pepper flakes, cinnamon, smoked paprika, lemon juice, garlic and oil) Then sauteed them along with red onion. The recipe said to bake it, but the cast iron skillet does just a good a job, and is quicker than baking.

    Put on homemade tortillas with a romaine leaf underneath and a garlic sauce.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Never without some mustards Annie.

    Nice looking tortillas and nicely spiced chicken. Saw some thick pork chops in the freezer undecided what to do with them. (previously sous Vide so easy)

    Lots of salads/veg...steamed/raw/roasted.

    (Harvey Weinstein is going straight to focus recently.... predator jerk)

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    I made two thing last week success...never tried or interested in the past... Salmon croquettes and cauliflower rice. (not together in the same meal)

    I've made crab and cod cakes for years. Salmon never hit the desire plate. We were both smitten. Baked and crispy. (not canned salmon)...a small fillet from wild caught. Great recipe NYtimes.

    The rice...A few garlic cloves, a shallot, chopped inner celery heart with its leaves, good spice blend, stems of three...cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco...sliced in coins. Pulsed in the cuisinart. A heap tBsp of kimchi. I could have enjoyed all 4 cups raw. Gotta spiced it up!

    We loved it. Will make again if I have the stalks I'm getting in my misfit boxes. We are not at all low carb, keto, in the house, just good whole plant based veg.

    And always trying new noodles. Pic the ones we like.

  • neely

    Sleevendog your food looks so delicious and so decidedly ‘yours’. Those noodles look interesting and I will have to look out for something similar over here.

    Jasdip your chicken tortillas look fantastic.

    Shame Annie, that your mustard seeds weren’t ready for your yummy looking dinner but never mind, next time.

    There was another thread about pirozhki and pierogies were mentioned. This set me on a mission to have them. I have made them before but this time I bought some from a Polish shop... handmade better than I could make... these were filled with sauerkraut and mushroom, so I made a mushroom sauce to go with them. We liked this dish a lot, with red horseradish.

    Not a lot of mentions anywhere that I have seen that it is Pancake Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) Anyway I kept the tradition and made these pancakes with apple and blackberries for lunch. Poured maple syrup over and DH was happy.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    It is pancake day here as well. A savory dutch baby would be nice but no eggs in the home. We are both avoiding shopping. "I'll stop if we need anything"..."no we are good", "I'll stop"...then we do not since we just want to be home...

    "I'll make something out of what we have"....

    A good friend co-worker calls me 'chaos muppet'. (Never knew that was a thing.)

    Hot plates in the oven, zippy salad, multi-tasking last minute, chaos plating.

    Cod cakes, chaos salad. The week of avocado as 4 are ripening at the same time...

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Mardi Gras Slaw, Marcella wild mushroom risotto in process....spiced roasted chickpeas.

    fresh batch of pickled mustard seed...

    nice packed lunches...

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Last of the slaw with wild mushroom arancini. And two lunches from that. Stuffed the arancini with peas and mozzarella. Baked not fried.

  • neely

    Interesting way of doing the arancini Sleevendog, I see olive oil drizzled over to keep them moist.

    Following are more balls (cheeky)

    Seeing as DH and I are trying to eat less sugar, particularly DH who has a sweet tooth, I’ve been making several versions of these sweet treats. This one was dates, ground almond meal, splash of liquor (we had some Tia Maria) and Dutch cocoa powder, all whizzed up in the food processor. Small pieces of the dough were wrapped around a pecan, rolled into balls and then rolled in coconut.

  • neely

    I’ve got this thing about Mexican food at the moment due to a TV programme I’ve been watching.

    For dinner we had these pork loin slices with a chocolate mole. Also had Pico de Gallo for the first time... this was so fresh and delicious. I used fresh Jalapeño chilli, only half of one in the mix and we thought that was enough heat.

  • Jasdip

    Since we eat with our eyes, Sleeve your meals are spectacular.

    Neely your dessert balls look really good. I love that they're wrapped around a nut. I haven't tried Pico de Gallo, yours looks perfect.

    Last night was a simple sausage with a mess of onions and peppers. I bought a bag of baby spinach at Costco because it's so darned cheap. But man, that's a LOT of spinach, so in the skillet some went.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Hm, looks good. I see that in my future with sausage in the freezer and lots of veg/greens in the crisper.

    Neely, looks great. Always fun to explore different cultures and their kitchens. I made TortillaSoup last night inspired by the other thread. Shared side salad of add-ins...

    The arancini in the pic is not baked yet. They are always moist and creamy using the leftover (intentional big batch) wild mushroom risotto using arborio rice. Traditionally fried but we don't fry at home. Inspired by a Fall stop at the new Essex market downtown. The AranciniBros. (and the PickleGuys)

  • Jasdip

    More peppers and onions, as well as zucchini and mushrooms and baby spinach omelette and glass of wine for dinner

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Veggie frittata in the oven.

    Quick pickle slaw salad Grande. Mediterranean Shrimp.

  • Jasdip

    Wow your shrimp dish looks good, Sleeve!

  • Jasdip

    Jane's (brand name) frozen chicken strips, nuggets, patties come on sale fairly regularly so I bought some strips. Meh, but handy to have in a pinch. I wouldn't pay full price for them.

    Stir-fried veggies, brown rice and chicken strips with the Chinese sweet chili sauce in the sunshine :-)

  • Jasdip

    Just took some bran muffins out of the oven. They're flat at the top and spread, I obviously over-filled the cups. I might have to get an ice-cream scoop to get the right amount in the cup. I have no idea what size I should get, any ideas?

  • shambo

    I got a hankering for spanakopita but didn’t want to fuss with fillo. I had all the ingredients for the filling so decided to use an “emergency” frozen pie crust instead. I used the full filling recipe for a 10 x 15 pan pita. So, I managed to fill the pie crust and have enough leftover over for a crustless spinach casserole.

    I’ve tried a lot of spinach casserole/quiche recipes but they never seem to taste as good as my mom’s spanakopita filling. So, I really enjoyed myself. And, it’s a good thing too, since there’s so much.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Good salads as always. Peppered with political indigestion.

  • ediej1209 AL Zn 7

    We're having baked grouper tonight. But what to have with it??? Not feeling the world's greatest (I managed to pull some major muscles the other day, it even hurts to breathe) but the thought of serving it with a canned veg or M&C just feels like I would be disrespecting the fish's sacrifice!

  • neely

    Well I like the shape of those muffins Jasdip. Yummy meals as usual Sleevendog and Shambo I could take a giant bite of that spanakopita.

    This is Lomo Saltado.

    My Mexican food fixation is waning but before it goes we had Chicken in Achiote paste. New flavour for us and we liked it. Served with spinach and orzo.... probably not authentic but was all I could think of to have with it at the time.

  • Jasdip

    Oh wow, your chicken looks amazing, Neely! I found orzo on sale for .99 this week so I bought 4 pkgs. I thought of you as I was buying it! LOL

    I think I'll just leave the muffins the way they are, not over-think it and buying a scoop. I had a friend over yesterday, gave him one and he loved it.

  • Jasdip

    I still have to eat. Whether I'm in self-isolation, or not :-)

    I took a roast out of the freezer, cut it in quarters, and froze 2 pieces. The remaining 2 I made my version of Osso Buco. I use a roast instead of short ribs, so not authentic. But everything else in the recipe is. I cooked cauliflower with the potatoes and mashed them in as well.

    This was one of our favourites......fall-apart fork-tender after braising for 2 hours.

    Oh, you know how worried I was about my bran muffins, that they're flat on the top?

    It turns out that I was talking to my ex, and he wanted one. He loved them, loved the muffin tops and I sold him the dozen and he wants a dozen more. Make sure I make them with the crispy muffin top. So I'd better leave well enough alone! LOL. And yes, I'll sell them to him vs giving them away.

  • annie1992

    Oh my, I'm so far behind. My first election is over, though, and I spent over an hour on the phone with the Board of Canvassers trying to account for ONE ballot, and it turned out to be a math error on the part of the county clerk, thank goodness.

    Jasdip, I love bran muffins and I think yours looks perfect, I need to make some. I'd sell them to MY ex too, if he'd pay me enough, LOL. You are "self isolating"? Have you been exposed or are you just staying safe? I told Elery I'd be happy to spend a couple of weeks on the farm with no one around, I could prepare my strawberry beds, get the hoops built for the raised beds, spread some manure, get my tomatoes started. Heck, I wouldn't even notice a difference unless we ran out of gas and had to go find some!

    Sleevendog, your shrimp looks amazing, and your salad greens always look so fresh and good.

    Neely, your orzo looks really good too, and I found a bag in the pantry the last time I organized that. I was trying to think of something to do with that.

    Edie, for some reason one of the Friday meals here in local restaurants is fish and macaroni and cheese. I never thought it was the best combination, but my girls loved it. What did you have with yours?

    So, we've been eating, but mostly fast stuff or Elery's been cooking, and I haven't been taking pictures. We had a very nice roast chicken with roasted asparagus today and I forgot to even take a picture.

    We did make beef bacon a couple of weeks ago:

    I used a brisket, cured it and Elery smoked it. It tastes amazingly like bacon, I was surprised, although the texture is different, more chewy, like beef. Since I have beef and not a spare pork belly, this was a good use.

    Elery made a sirloin stuffed with spinach, we shared a baked potato (no, he didn't eat his, but I ate mine!) and asparagus:

    Another day we had AnnT's stacked enchiladas, I love those:

    Anyway, we've been eating things like frittatas and soup, but we've been eating.


  • Jasdip

    Oh Annie, no I'm not self-isolating! Although, my exercise classes are all cancelled, so there's not much for me to do anyway :-)

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    I'm way backed up posting...but we have been eating very well. Starting tomorrow, DH Wednesday, we will be hibernating. We will have lots of time to cook, bake, hike the forest....

    Beef bacon! Very cool!

    I like the 'muffin tops'. My family would cut off and eat the tops, then save the 'cups' for Sunday morning. Buttered and under the broiler.

    No need for scoops but I use my set all-the-time. Annie recommended and approved. : )

    ...Jenaluca scoop set

    Lots of good salads here. My pantry looks like a commercial nursery. Stuffed roasted spaghetti squash halves. Fennel, sun-dried toms, olives etc.

  • annie1992

    sleevendog, I LOVE my jenaluca scoops. I went through those cheap Wilton and others like crazy, used them a couple of times and they'd break, I'd buy another one. I've had my jenaluca set for 2 years now, scooped thousands of cookies, muffins, mashed potatoes, you name it, and they are still just fine.

    Ashley is here today with Madi and Maci, so we made cupcakes with green frosting for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and had corned beef and cabbage and mashed potatoes because tomorrow I'll be delivering food to Mother. We also set a "leprechaun trap" to try to capture the resident Irish sprite, and baited it with bait made of chocolate, multicolored chips and edible glitter. I wonder what we'll catch?


  • neely

    Nice to come here to WFD and everyone is talking normally about what they’ve had for dinner. So much doom and gloom around and I’m not really meaning Cooking but the News etc.

    So funny about your bran muffins Jasdip and your dinner looks delicious.

    Annie, such a lot going on as usual in a yummy way.

    Sleevendog spagetti squash halves look great.

    We are on short rations. We are self isolating (DH immunity challenged) and although we have a pretty well stocked pantry and freezer, plus sons will drop off food stuff when we need it.... still I feel the need to have small meals. Good for the waistline “maybe”.

    The stores have been being emptied in a crazy way here as well but they have introduced some rationing on staple food items now so things should ease a little... perhaps.

    Still have fresh ingredients for salad with one of those small tuna tins.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Convinced DH to stay home and not finish up working in the city. He can do what is needed from home. The few employees want to stay home as well.

    Love my scoops. Use them for mini meatballs, fish cakes....

    Salads are always good. Found a couple cans of tuna when organizing the pantry. Last batch of tiny avocados were excellent so I have more ordered. Salmon cakes I never liked the sound of, (don't know why). Made them twice the past couple weeks from frozen wild Alaskan. One small fillet makes 6 so dinner and next day lunch. One of the few seafood dishes we like cold.

    Same ol' salads.

    Pizza Friday. Made 4 so 3 folded, cut in half, for the freezer. Green from pesto and artichoke hearts.

  • WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

    This was dinner last night. It was so good. The pork chops were cooked in an air fryer, the macaroni cooked in an Instant Pot with cheeses added after macaroni was done, and broccoli was cooked in an Instant Pot. The pork chops were so tender and juicy; it is nearly unbelievable the difference an air fryer makes.

  • Jasdip

    Wow, WC that pork chop looks incredible!!!

    Neely your salad looks so fresh and tasty.

    Sleeve, you know you're the salad guru, so no need to comment :-)

  • WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

    It was incredible, Jasdip. As I said, I just cannot believe the difference an air fryer makes. For example, I will eat turkey, but only once a year. However, all these people on a variety forums kept talking about how great a turkey breast is cooked in the air fryer. I decided to get the smallest turkey breast I could find and try it. And, they were all right. The turkey breast was so darned good that I have been converted.

  • sleevendog (5a NY 6aNYC NL CA)

    Salads. A bit over-board.

    Home and gardening.

  • annie1992

    WalnutCreek, I'll have to try pork chops in the Air Fryer. I have one but the only thing I've liked so far that I made in it was "fried" chicken". Beet chips just fell into the bottom and charred, fish was dried out, potato chips were fiddly and half were crunchy but the rest were not. (sigh) After the beet chip fiasco I shoved it onto a pantry shelf and haven't touched it since, I'll have to drag it back out.

    Yesterday I took Mother some roasted chicken and twice baked potatoes, the chicken was brined 24 hours and high heat roasted ala AnnT. It was really good, extremely moist and even the breast meat wasn't dry. I also made a big batch of split pea soup, Mother loves it. I had to use yellow peas because I had those and the store didn't have any green split peas (or any other dried beans) in stock.

    sleevendog, your garden is growing well, and Elery would love an artichoke pizza.

    Neely, stay well, I'm glad your sons are delivering food, I stopped and did Mother's grocery shopping yesterday and dropped off groceries along with her prepared meals.

    Jasdip, I'm glad you're just "hunkering down" and there's no reason for quarantine!

    As for that leprechaun, we didn't catch him, but he dropped some of his treasure, a couple of strings of beans, a few of those "gold" colored dollar coins and some glittery hair clips. Maci insists that she heard "tiny little footsteps in the night" and nearly caught the leprechaun eating all the chocolate, LOL.


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