Decorating a home office with beige carpet, bamboo desk and red chair

Daniel Olivares
2 months ago


I've been perusing the web, pin, this boards for ideas of where to start in decorating my new home office. It's not clear to me as it's not my strength but I've read enough to know where to go with it.

I have white walls, beige carpet and a big 72" bamboo desk, a cham cage which is wire mesh and black. I have various action figures and statues I want to display, but not sure how to set-up a color scheme. I've thought about doing contrasting black and white on the walls for stands and I really like the idea of having bronze or gold for a floor lamp and some other accents. The problem that I have is that I feel that my bamboo desk is too light. The carpet is a beige color. The walls. It just feels like it doesn't stand out enough.

I also have a herman miller chair that is red and a standing pad that is also red that I could play off with some accent red wall shelves or something. I'm honestly not sure how to approach matching stuff with the bamboo desk.

The dimensions for the room are 11'1" x 11'8" but as you can see from the pictures, there is a section that the wall sinks in to where the door is at.

I'm even at a point where I'm considering getting a different type wood desk top for my standing desk. I don't want to paint the walls at this point. The carpet will probably be replaced in some years. So I'm trying to maximize what I can do right now. I want a functional space with some vibrancy. At this point anything goes except for obviously the main red chair and black standing desk legs. And the cham cage is also going to stay in here but as far as the rest, it isn't permanent.

I attached some pictures of some of the gold accents I think would go with everything. I just think it might be too light.

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