Any advice for removing mower deck from John Deere X590?

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I bought a new '18 model but have not yet had the deck off. Would like to do this to both access the transmission drain plugs and also to remove, sharpen blades as well as clean the underside of the deck. I've read some indications that these J-hooks can be an issue. Also have to wonder why the newer versions of this tractor no longer have the long belt tension rod. Instead, there is a mechanism underneath that needs to be accessed with a ratchet. I'm debating between having my dealer simply pick up the tractor and take care of most of the maintenance items versus tackling this myself. I'm used to working on my old Cub Cadet 129 - where the deck is MUCH lighter in weight and relatively easy to take on and off. I do like the idea of the 590 deck being on wheels so, once they are realigned, it should roll out from underneath fairly easily, but then there is the 143 lbs. to deal with. I'd like to get it flipped over to access the blades.

I only have 23.1 hours on it but see that the break-in service interval calls for changing the transaxle fluid at 50 - so I suppose I could wait - but if I'm removing the deck anyway to do the blades, figuring I may well do the trans fluid also. Have not changed the oil and filter yet either, so time to do that at the least.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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