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Jeffrey Allen
12 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

Freshly painted rooms have no window treatments installed and would like to hear your opinion on what style and color would look great.

I posted recently asking about the depth of my windows and whether I could do some modifications to create more depth for an inside mount. Well I have decided not to do any modifications and accept the fact that I don't have a lot of depth for an inside mount. However there's one inch and I've read that 3/4" is the minimum needed for an inside mount, it just won't be totally flush with the wall.

The three panes measure 55" x 70" for the middle and 25 1/2 " x 70" for each side pane. The smaller widow has 1 3/4" of inside depth and measures 35 x 35.

The only thing I wish I had done was have the inside part and quarter round molding painted white on all the smaller windows. I also have enough door/window casing left over to have the smaller windows trimmed out like the front window. But of course at an extra cost and not sure it's really needed.

So what kind of window treatments would you suggest? The front window being only 1" of inside depth may limit my choices but I would still like to hear from anyone willing to share their opinion.

Please see pics below and thank you for taking the time to read my post. Oh and btw, yes I know, I need to get some speaker stands :-)

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  • PRO

    What's with the mauve colored walls?

    Just install drapery panels.

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    My camera may not have taken pictures that fully represent the color of the walls which is: Dressy Rose (SW6024) from Sherwin Williams

    It did take a while to get use to the color but we like it now. It's different for sure. Can always change the color in a couple years if we want.

    The issue I mentioned above regarding depth of only an inch has been resolved. The windows are by Wallside and I called them and explained the problem with the front window. They had someone come out and he suggested different (smaller) molding and installed it oriented sideways which now has 1 5/8 inches of depth. So now we can go with just about any type of inside mount blinds.

    We really don't want drapes but we do need privacy. As you can see by the last photo, we live right at the end of a road. Nice view in the daytime but the problem is at night cars coming down the street illuminate the interior of my house. Add to that neighbors across the street start their cars in the winter and let them warm up for about 10 - 15 minutes and headlights shine right on my house.

    Due to this issue of where my house is located I wish I could find something that reflects the light off my house at night and gives us privacy. Would be nice to be able to see out but not see in like one-way glass but that would be too costly to have installed.

    So I need some other ideas or suggestions on what kind of window treatments would be best in my situation?

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  • Jinx

    I think inside-mount solar shades would be the perfect solution. I can’t say about cost with your windows, but they’d reflect light and give privacy when needed. Roll up for day time.

    O/T — I really like your wall color. It’s a nice subtle and relaxing tone. My husband plays guitar, too ... he was just hanging one up last night. Others are on stands. :)

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    Thanks for the compliment on my wall color. Was just recently painted and I'm liking the color more and more every day.

    I was just reading about solar shades and I think they'd look great except unfortunately they do not provide privacy at night. And as I mentioned, living at the end of the street car headlights are a problem.

    On the other hand, I really don't like the idea of closing up my house with blinds for privacy because I know it will give the feeling of being boxed in. But it seems there's no other choice.

    It's a shame there's nothing similar to solar shades; some type of shade that reflects light and yet provides nigh time privacy.

  • Jinx

    Do you think something like these might work? The solid roller shades?

    (I’m not familiar with that website, just posting as an example.)

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    Those would work, absolutely. Can't see out though when they're down.

    There just seems to be no solution to having privacy at night without totally blocking the window when the shade is pulled down.

  • Jeffrey Allen

    Maybe I should park one of these in front of my house?

  • Jinx

    That’ll work! 😂

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  • shadylady2u

    How about TDBU shades? That way, you can raise them up as much as necessary leaving some of the window at top open at night and lower them all the way during the day.

    While I agree that closing up the windows will make you feel boxed in during the day, I don't think it gives the same effect at night. All you see is black anyway, so seeing shades is actually more cheery at night, IMO.

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    TDBU might work well. But first, let me again remind y'all of the situation.

    With where my house sits, cars headlights shine directly on my house at night. Both from street traffic and from neighbors parked down the street. Take a good look at the last photos in my original post to see what I'm dealing with.

    I like my house a lot but this is frustrating because it's a major distraction.

    OK so here's what I've been thinking and I'd like to know what y'all think.

    There is no perfect solution and as with everything there's trade-offs but I now think adding daytime privacy is a wise decision because some of my guitars are expensive and I don't feel its a good idea to be showing them off to a passerby.

    So what about having :

    1. privacy window film installed
    2. TDBU window shades installed

    That way, I can do as shadylady2u mentioned, raise them up as much as necessary leaving some of the window at top open at night and lower them all the way during the day and still have privacy while being able to see outside. Or I could just leave them about half way or perhaps 2/3's of the way up all the time.

    And as an added bonus, with privacy window film, if I wanted I could place the TV stand in front of the window, or anything else, like a stereo or whatever and it won't look gaudy from the outside since you won't see it in the daylight and the TDBU shade would block it at night.

    Double bonus would be if the mirror-like film would reflect cars headlights back at the inconsiderate neighbors down the street who don't thin twice about letting their cars run for 10 - 15 minutes while their headlights shine on my house.

  • Design Girl

    I'm with Beverly above. The room needs to be softened and that will only be accomplished with drapery panels. I would never put any type of shades on those windows.

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    Thanks for the suggestion on drape panels however, I don't recall mentioning we're going for a softer look. And besides drapes are a dust magnet and my wife has allergy issues, so drapes are out.

    I think another bonus to privacy window film is it would help to filter UV rays

  • shadylady2u

    I don't know why someone wouldn't put shades in your windows?? To each their own I guess. : ) You could go Roller or Roman, both available in TDBU and both available in the fabric of your choice.

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  • Molly D.

    I love my Horizon Roller shades-power and I have a similar triple window to yours. I also have HD duettes with power. Nice to have no cords. If you don’t want drapes, I would just have some people come out and get quotes on TDBU shades and get black out ones. Lots of great fabrics to choose from like suggested above. Then they are up out of the way during the day if you want.

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    I'm with shadylady2u above. I don't get why some are saying they'd never go with shades on these windows. Like shades are some type of purist crime or offensive.

    I'm going for a clean look which is why I've opted for an inside mount with whatever shade or blind I go with. I don't want some big bold looking curtain rod above the windows which would require holes drilled in the freshly painted walls. Drapes are out.

    Thanks for the suggestions Molly. I like your idea of no cords.

    Just wanted to say that coming here discussing it with you folks makes me think clearer and getting suggestions opens up possibilities I may not have thought of. While I realize there's no perfect answer and everything has trade-offs, the most important thing I have realized is I need privacy because of where my house sits.

    So I think the best solution for me is TDBU shades and some type of reflective, one-way window tint. That way I can do as Molly D stated, have the shades up and out of the way during the day, while still maintaining privacy from the window tint, and then just pull the shades at night since one-way reflective window tint doesn't work well at night.

    With my house being at the end of the street, privacy is of the utmost importance and thanks to you folks this is the best answer I have so far. If anyone else has alternative ideas I'd love to hear form you.

  • Molly D.

    An additional thought- I believe you will need 3 separate blinds as your center window is quite wide. That was my reason for the cord comment so you won’t end up with 3 sets of cords to attach to your trim. I know there are a number of new cordless systems out there- power with a remote like I said, and then some with assists right on the blinds. A recent thread on here though, the OP had wood blinds installed with a system that required her to push a button at the bottom of the blind while raising the blind. Problem was, she is short and can’t reach 8ft. to the top of the window so she couldn’t raise them all the way. An expensive mistake. Be sure whatever system you choose, that everyone can operate them. White wood blinds could maybe work too... but I doubt give you the light blocking you need.

    This is for a great room/ family room, yes? Not where you sleep? Then in the evening watching TV you could lower the TDBU and at night I’d just close the blinds.

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  • PRO
    Kimber Feece, A Smith & Noble In-Home Designer

    Inside mount will be tough on that front window. You will likely need 3 shades. Be careful on solar shade, you can see through many of them at night. Wood blinds generally have larger headrail that would look bulky and def stick out. You could def do a day/night cellular shade or a top down/bottom up cellular shade, both would give you privacy and work. The headrail is generally a little over an inch. Pics below. You could consider drapery but that may be more than want to do. You could do single layer or double layer in a clean simple style. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

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  • suedonim75

    I had a window configuration like yours and I did 3 shades. One shade was really, really expensive and it limited what I could get.

    (we’ve since redone the window and put in 3 equal size double hung windows. Our preference because I wanted to be able to open the windows in sting/summer)

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    So I've received a lot of helpful tips and advice and I want to thank everyone for their contribution. I was originally leaning towards faux wood blinds but because of being made aware of how they generally have a larger headrail and would look bulky and def stick out, as Kimber Feece mentions, I've changed my mind.

    BTW, as mentioned earlier, I had the quarter-round trim removed and replaced with thinner trim. So I now have 1 - 1/2 inches of inside depth on my front window.

    One thing I'm still on the fence about is installing Mirrored Window Film for daytime privacy. I've mentioned it several times but nobody has commented on whether it's a viable idea for being able to open the blinds completely during the day while maintaining privacy (so no one can look in and see the expensive items I may have in my living room).

    So since nobody has posted an opinion on window film, I was wondering is there such a thing as cellular shade that is BOTH day/night and ALSO top down/bottom up?

  • suedonim75

    The problem with window film is that it can void your window warranty. You need to check that out before you go forward with that.

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    I didn't know that. I know there's also a type that doesn't use any adhesive and thus a lot easier to remove. Maybe that type would be better for warranty purposes.

    I wouldn't want window film if I could find a type of day/night cellular shade that ALSO features top down/bottom up functionality.

  • Jeffrey Allen

    Thanks Suedonim75, but the shades linked above allow the top down but only in light filtering. I would like to find cellular shades that do BOTH day/night AND work exactly like TDBU. In other words I want to be able to pull the top down without the sheer part being pulled down.

    There are day/night TDBU roller and roman shades

    Thanks shadylady2U. Do you Have a link?

  • Jeffrey Allen

    Looks like what I'm seeking (cellular shades that do BOTH day/night AND work exactly like TDBU) is not available.

    Day & night cell shades are not available wither either the top down bottom up or cordless upgrades. However, in a sense, day night shades are top down bottom up. Day & night shades are made from two fabrics. To expose the light filtering or sheer shade, the day night shades are lowered similar to a top down shade.

    Because day night shades are made with two fabrics are require multiple lift cords for each fabric, there is no room for cordless or top down bottom up mechanisms. For this reason these upgrades are not available.

    Day night shades are available in different styles such as cellular shades or roman shades. The purpose of day and night shades is to provide privacy and light control when needed but also filter light with a second fabric.

    Source for text above

  • Molly D.

    Jeff- I’m concerned about cost and double treating the windows. I’m kinda confused about the daytime privacy issue. Are people walking that close to your window that they can see in? i understand the car lights, but that would be evening/ night I assume. I would call for some quotes and have them give u ideas.

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  • Jeffrey Allen

    I'm only considering double treatment for the front living room window. Here's why:

    Despite living in a nice neighborhood we do get foot traffic going by. People walking their dogs, joggers, the occasional sales canvassers and even had some guy selling meat out of a truck come to our door.

    If you look at the last pic in my first post you can see how close the sidewalk is and with the living room having such a large front window, it's just too revealing to have anything of value in the room because it's on display. And another thing is I can't place anything like furniture right in front of the window because it looks terrible from the outside as you can see the back of it in the window.

    And here's another thing. We have a TV in practically every room of the house; all the bedrooms, the kitchen, and a big screen in the basement. Do I really need a TV in the living room too? Not really. To me the TV actually detracts from the room and want to take the TV out of the living room and make it more of a room for relaxing and listening to music.

    I have a very nice stereo tube amp, some nice speakers and a few really nice guitars I'd like to put in this room. Maybe orient the room so the speakers and stereo are in front of the window and have my chairs on the adjacent wall facing the street. I can't do that now because I don't want it on display for a passerby to see.

    So that's why I'm concerned about daytime privacy and the double window treatment is the only solution I can come up with other than having shades drawn 24/7.

    Some of my neighbors keep all their windows and blinds closed year round. Not me. I want to be able to raise my shades/blinds in the daytime and be able to see out while maintaining privacy. Then when the sun goes down just lower the blinds since the mirror privacy window film isn't effective at night.

    Mirror privacy window film is not expensive and the following reviews from Home Depot seem to suggest it's exactly what I need for daytime privacy.

    Nosy neighbor problems are no more; this product solved that issue in a matter of minutes. Now, the blinds do not have to be closed 24/7, and the light and "scenery" can be enjoyed sans looky-loos.

    The film filters a little light; however, it was not as dark as I had anticipated. The plus of being able to let any light and scenery in at all versus closed shades around the clock eliminated any concerns regarding brightness. The shades will still be drawn at night when indoor lights are on, since this film is only for daytime privacy. Guessing that if one wanted to covertly peer out the window into the darkness, one could turn off the lights and be almost undetected. Hmm. I digress. . . No sooner had the installation been completed when "The Inspector" strolled by for her hourly peek-a-boo. She was met with a reflection of her scowling face. This product is truly wonderful and has given me privacy, peace, daylight, and unexpectedly . . . amusement! They didn't advertise that on the box. As I write this, "The Inspector" is standing there in surprised confusion, most likely wondering why the insides of my abode are no longer on display.

    Great stuff, it is so nice to wakeup and open my blinds and curtains and safely let the Sun in my drab apartment. You can actually stand inside looking directly outside at people that pass by and nobody can see in your home. It's a comfort!

  • Molly D.

    Ah, got it! Good luck!

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