2020 letter.....M’s

19 days ago

Sorry a little late on posting ‘M’......Been feeling a little under the weather. I hope to find something to share after I get caught up a bit.

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  • north53 Z2b MB

    I have one. Mukdenia. Here it is showing its fall colour.

  • Jenn

    Sorry you aren't feeling well! Hope it passes quickly.

    Here's a few M's...

    Matteuccia struthiopteris - my only second year ones...

    But I have a bunch of little first years trying to establish a colony.

    Miscanthus sinensis

    Miscanthus 'Gold Bar'


    Monarda 'Marshall's Delight'


    GardenHo_MI_Z5 thanked Jenn
  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    I’ve got two...

    Mexican Orange

    Mock Orange

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    I hope you feel better soon GardenHo!

    Macleaya cordata


    Miscanthus 'Purpurascens' not as colourful as normal in fall.

    Miscanthus 'Strictus'

    Miscanthus 'Morning Light'

    Miscanthus 'Super Stripe'

    Miscanthus 'Sarabande'

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    A few more.

    Molinia 'Karl Foerster' in summer then just starting to get fall colour. It is about 9' tall.
    Molinia 'Variegata'

    Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet'

    Monarda 'Beauty of Cobham'

    Myosotis, Forget-Me-Not

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    north53 I ordered Mukdenia and was beyond ticked when it turned out to be Phlox p. Yours is terrific.

    Jenn I adore Gold Bar, it is fabulous!

    oursteelers those are sooo pretty.

  • oursteelers 8B PNW

    Peren ...and they smell even better than they look! I just love fragrance in the garden!!!!!

  • sunnyborders

    Hope you're feeling better, GardenHo.

    Mertensia virginica (Virginia bluebells); showy spring ephemeral.

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    sunnyborders I planted Mertensia v. last fall and was very happy to have finally got it in. It is such a wonderful plant.

  • north53 Z2b MB

    Peren.all, how maddening to receive the wrong plant entirely.

    I grew my mukdenia from seed purchased from the now no longer in existence Gardens North. I enjoyed that nursery as it offered unusual seed choices which were an economical way for me to try new perennials for my zone.

    i have now purchased a mukgenia plant which is supposed to be a cross with bergenia. So far it has survived, but still very small.

    I am loving all the miscanthus picture

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Yes indeed north53 and I was so excited at the prospect of having it. It may have been your pic of it that inspired me, I had not been familiar with it.

    I look forward to seeing how your cross does. I like both plants so a cross should be very nice. I looked it up and suppose it must (might) be 'Flame'

  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    GardenHo, good to see you back! I hope you're feeling better every day. At least you got it over with before gardening season. Last year I got knocked down for two weeks with a bad cold.... in MAY! I was so mad at the timing.

    So many pretty grasses. I can't bring myself to plant any because I battle so many grassy weeds, but I like seeing how pretty those big clumps can look, especially when they flower.

    peren.all, I'm so taken with that photo of your Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet'. The lighting with the boulder, the trees, and all the pretty flowering plants. Beautiful!

    Myosotis sylvatica (Forget-me-Not)

    Muscari latifolia

    Muscari 'Valerie Finnis' - really is powder blue

    Monarda 'Jacob Cline' Hummers love these!

    Monarda 'Grape Gumball'

    Monarda 'Pink Lace'

    ....with a hummingbird moth

    Monarda 'Raspberry Ice'

  • sunnyborders

    Another Monarda: 'Gardenview Scarlet'

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Thanks sandyslopes! You have a lovely assortment of Monarda. I especially like Raspberry Ice with the pink tinge to the foliage.

    Great pics of the hummingbird & hummingbird moth. Any plant that can support these wonderful creatures is beyond a bonus, a feast for the eyes and nature!

  • GardenHo_MI_Z5

    Thank you for the well wishes and all the beautiful pics!

    I’m so tempted to try Monarda it! Mine mildewed terribly.

    I believe my only M is Muscari...

    Sandy it’s so nice to see more of your gardens....they are lovely!!

  • icekream

    Mums - cheerleader

    Mums - rose

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