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West Michigan Hosta Society Feb 20th 2020 presents to members ......

14 days ago

February 20 (Thursday) WMHS Spring Membership Meeting

.............................Buying Collector Hosta & Hosta on the Web Frederik Meijer Gardens - 6 pm


---------->> Hosta Tailgate 2019 - The Movie

My husband (90%) and I (10%) put together a great (editorializing) 40 minute presentation of what a Tailgate is: from planning to the final gardens. You will get to meet some of the people behind the scenes. Then the movie showcases 17 gob-smacking gardens of hostas, perennials, shrubs, trees, garden art, water features and more. The movie has photos (some with video magic), movie clips and credits at the end. Upbeat music keeps it all moving. Enjoy !!!

Note: We started out with over 900 photos and selected down to about 400.

If you are a member of WMHS, you won't want to miss it.

A few of the same photos are on my websites that I've shamelessly plugged before.

Comments (6)

  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    how about a link or two ...

    would you really bar a non member from coming???

    if so.. how do you join ....

    so many questions... so little time ...


    pandora thanked ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
  • pandora

    Great questions, Ken. Thank you.

    I am not a member of West Michigan Hosta Society, so I am not sure if they would bar you. (Well, maybe You,,,, :) j/k)

    Here is their contact information, for any questions about the event. WMHS

    The back story is, that my husband and I volunteered to take pictures of the North Coast Tailgate 2019 and put this video/movie together for our club (NCHS) to memorialize for our members. Some that show their gardens never get the time to see the other gardens. The webmaster of Hosta College always puts notices/pictures of Great Lakes Region Tailgates on their website. She asked me for permission to copy photos from the NCHS website, that I voluntarily maintain and I said sure. I also sent her a copy of the movie and she asked if she could show it at this club meeting and I said sure. We'd be honored. As Paul Harvey used to say "That's the rest of the story"

    Here are the links to the hosta club websites I created& maintain. No movie, but a nice selection of Hosta Tailgate pictures.

    North Coast Hosta Society

    Midland Hosta Society

  • steve duggins(Z6a) - Central Ohio

    Great movie and soundtrack!

    Alas, I don't think anyone is hosting the tailg8 this year.

    pandora thanked steve duggins(Z6a) - Central Ohio
  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    (Well, maybe You,,,, :) j/k)

    ===>>>> rotflmbo ... lol

    pandora thanked ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
  • steve duggins(Z6a) - Central Ohio

    Nice to see you are so easily amused, Ken. Makes for a happy life.

    I love to show off my garden, but it's probably a year or two away from contention.

  • pandora

    Steve, I'm glad you like the hosta tailgate movie. It is really nice to watch when snow is flying and a fire in the fireplace. Remembering all our sleeping hostas.

    Last I heard, no club stepped up for 2020. Too bad. They are the highlight of my hosta summers.

    Hopefully your club will have one again & I'll get to browse you garden. (I'll paint the shovel green so you won't notice)

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