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Replace treads/risers on a prefabricated y

Arpit Gandhi
11 days ago
last modified: 11 days ago

I am getting a new construction house. Unfortunately, I decided to get carpeted stairs and it was too late for me to get it changed to hardwood.I did a lot of research and I thought of removing the carpet, treads, and risers and install new ones from scratch.
Now, earlier today, I paid a visit to the new construction house being built and I saw the stair case. I was a bit surprised. It was one of those prefabricated staircase. This took me by a surprise because it's like it doesn't have the stringers. How would I go on to install hardwood on this?
I guess my options are:
1. Install retrotreads and risers. But then what about the stair nosing at the top of the stairs?
2. Remove the entire pre fabricated stairs and then install new ones. (I feel like this would be a bit more complicated)I believe this is where the builder got the prefabricated staircase

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