Caronavirus - travel plans?

12 days ago

Anyone thinking about changing planned travels for this spring and summer? A good friend is a travel agent, she is getting many, many calls cancelling planned trips.

We had a trip planned (on paper) but don’t need to book for a few weeks.

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  • whatsayyou18

    Oh, heck no! Leaving on a trip to Europe next week, another one to Switzerland and a Norwegian cruise in May, and a 30 day cruise in November which leaves out of Hong Kong.

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  • IdaClaire

    Nope. Still going to the UK as planned.

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  • hcbm

    Nope going to S.America in early summer, Atlanta in spring, Maryland next week and Europe sometime in summer. Along with several other local weekend trips.

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  • sushipup1

    Just don't go to China.

  • gsciencechick

    Just traveled to a conference by air and going again soon. I do hope it's a short-lived virus and can maybe be contained.

    ETA: And my large conference is in San Francisco in May. Yes, I do get the flu shot every year, early! Too many students get sick.

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  • Lucille

    3,700 people in a cruise ship the Diamond Princess outside of Japan now cannot leave the ship, it is being quarantined.

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  • hcbm

    I wonder if everyone who fears the Corona Virus has received the flu shot this year. You are many more times likely to get the flu. I have serious respiratory issues, live in NYC with a large Chinese population and am much more concerned with getting the flu. Remember to wash your hands a lot. I often spray down the buttons in my buildings' elevators as well as the common door knobs. It may be crazy but those items are know harborers of germs.

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    My brother lives in Thailand but spending the long weekend in Singapore. No worries. My DSIL and her daughter are visiting from Canada next week, by air. No worries.

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  • Bluebell66

    I have two international trips coming up in April and July. I think I would only cancel if a pandemic is declared.

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  • robo (z6a)

    Diamond Princess is the ship I cruised around E/SE Asia on! Scary.

  • dedtired

    I’m headed to the Canadian Rockies in June and have no qualms about traveling unless this thing takes off like wildfire. I had my flu shot and worry more about picking up a cold on the plane.

  • hhireno

    3,700 people in a cruise ship the Diamond Princess outside of Japan now cannot leave the ship, it is being quarantined.

    I feel trapped on a cruise ship under the best of conditions, I can’t imagine being quarantined with 3,699 other people. Shudder.

    On Wednesday I was in 3 US airports, all considered International, and only saw 2 people wearing face masks.

    German friends flew into Atlanta on Friday. Between weariness from the long flight, some age related hearing loss, and the southern accents of Immigration staff , the male friend had trouble understanding questions like have you traveled to China recently? His wife had to interpret. 😆

  • augment

    hcbm said " I wonder if everyone who fears the Corona Virus has received the flu shot this year. You are many more times likely to get the flu."

    No! This is a mythspread by anti-vaxxers. Check the facts on google. Here is one e.g.

    Scroll down to Myth no. 4.

  • terezosa / terriks

    How is that a myth spread by anti vaxxers??

    Hcbm was saying that you are much more likely to get the flu than Corona Virus, so you should get a flu vaccine to keep from getting the flu. And pointing out the fact that many people who are freaking out about Corona Virus haven't had a flu shot.

  • Bonnie

    i think you misunderstood hcbm’s post re: those who fear corona virus should be much more concerned with the flu, and should receive the flu shot. I agree with her.

    My travel plans for Europe in May won’t change unless there is a change in status of the corona virus outbreak.

  • augment

    Oh my! I am sorry. In my defence, there are anti-vaxxer stories around that say the flu vaccine leaves you more vulnerable to getting the Wuhan coronavirus.

    It makes me so angry when myths are spread about as though they are fact.

    I obviously rushed in after misreading her post. If you read it again, I am sure you can see that it is slightly ambiguous.

    My sincere apologies to hcbm for my mistake and if she wishes I will remove my post.

  • chispa

    I don't get flu shots for many reasons, but none of them have anything to do with myths or what anti-vaxxers might publish. My kids had the flu when we lived in Tokyo, confirmed by a test (it quickly spread around the elementary school), but neither DH or I got it.

    I try to stay healthy, practice common sense hygiene and avoid adding chemicals/drugs to my body, unless absolutely necessary. We don't use any antimicrobial products or hand sanitizers in our house and my kids ate dirt when they were little! Strong immune systems are the best preventative.

  • hcbm

    augment- No worries. I am sorry if my post was not clear. I had not heard the newest anti-vaxxer story about the Corona Virus. I am a believer in vaccines and herd immunity. I believe anti-vaxxers have a limited understanding of vaccines and science in general. I am at high risk for serious complications from the flu. However, I live my life, ride the subway, eat out and enjoy social events. I wash my hands and if someone is coughing near me I move as far away as possible. Others probably think I am the one who is contagious, I often cough but that is not from a virus, but a respiratory condition.

  • augment

    Thanks hcbm. I appreciate it.

    I'm glad to hear your health issues don't stop you from enjoying life.

  • Lars

    We were going to go to Europe this year but had decided to postpone it for a year even before the Coronavirus outbreak. A friend wants me to go with him to Brazil again this summer, but I will probably not do that either. I kind of want to take a break from long distance travel for a while and plan to stay pretty much in California this year. There's still a lot I haven't seen here. I might go to Mexico City, however.

  • sas95

    I am with you, Chispa. I do get the flu shot, but don't use antimicrobial products (even though I work for a company that makes them and could get a lifetime supply free!).

    I have an extensive travel schedule this year, but domestically for work and internationally for pleasure. I don't plan on cancelling any of it.

  • sheesh

    I get the flu shot too and never wipe down anything, certainly not plane seats or even grocery carts. Seems silly to wipe down a grocery cart unless you also wipe down everything you put in the cart and wipe again after the clerk scans it and the bagger bags it. I do sort of wish I'd bought stock in the wipes and sanitizer business 😂 !

    We currently have no plans to travel anywhere, but I wish we did.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Too soon to say.

  • jb1586

    We are going to the west coast of Florida in less than two weeks. Not really nervous about the corona virus, but I will wipe off the seats with disinfectant cloths as suggested above, and we might bring masks (as dentists, we have an ample supply, but masks and gloves are now being rationed by the dental supply companies, because they are made in China and can't be shipped here right now). We get flu shots every year, but for the first time ever, my husband got a full blown case of the flu last week, and was knocked on his keister. Took Tamiflu. I have never seen him so sick. He now has a secondary sinus infection, which our MD says is quite common this year.

  • OutsidePlaying

    We are planning a couple of week or so long trips within the US and a trip to Europe, tbd in the fall. No desire to travel to China so unless the corona virus spreads far and wide, it’s not an issue for us.

    My friend who is a PT said a patient came in the other day and announced, ’I have the flu!’ She said she jumped back about 100 ft and said, how about we cancel your session today. Why are people such idiots? Signs all over the place about canceling your appointmeant if you are sick, and people still go about their business, send their sick kids to school, etc and the flu and other viruses just keep getting passed around.

  • texanjana

    I’m not changing any of my travel plans. We always get the flu shot. Despite that, DH had a terrible case of the flu at Christmas. Luckily I didn’t get it.

  • l pinkmountain

    Heck I get sick every time I fly on a plane for more than 2 hours. Every single dang time. Thinking about going to FL. Got sick the last time I flew down there. Flight is 2 hrs. just about my borderline. Not sure why I get sick, but I always do, some germ manages to find me through the plane. Does not happen on shorter flights. Every time I fly to Europe to visit friends I get the flu with that cough that lasts for weeks and weeks. I got it the one time I went on a cruise with the family, but it was the plane ride to FL from the Northeast beforehand that did it because I was starting to get sick when we boarded. No one else in my family got sick but I spent the entire cruise wrapped up in a navy blanket on a lounger on deck. Staying in my cabin made me too seasick, I think it was the congestion.

    I could risk the plane trip to FL, but thinking about going with my Dad who has COPD and is 88. Don't know what is best. He's gotten all his shots. I don't worry really about him getting corona virus at least at this point. But any old virus around could get him. On the flip side, he's not getting any younger and neither are the relatives we want to see down in FL.

  • rich69b

    We're planning to go to Europe in April for my birthday, have not booked anything yet. Maybe we'll just stay within the US.

  • lobby68

    I tend to not be a worrier about this kind of thing. We are going to Belize this weekend with friends who have expressed concerns but I feel good about heading south.

  • Gooster

    I have a trip to Europe planned in May and we're not concerned at this time. My company has banned all international travel, however. Being in California, we've already had plenty of international travelers however so that most of the US cases are already here.

    I have some cousins that are on a trip to Japan and Asia right now. They wore masks on the plane.

  • nosoccermom

    Well, it's probably quite likely that the virus will spread here, too. It may be less potent further from the center of original outbreak, though.

  • bbstx

    I just booked a cruise for May. My thinking is either the Coronavirus will be so widespread that all public transportation will be halted (highly unlikely) or the Coronavirus will be under control. I also bought insurance that allows me to cancel my trip for any reason or no reason.

    Speaking of wiping down grocery carts, I had a friend whose mother washed everything that went into her refrigerator. I suppose that is admirable attention to detail, but I would never get anything done if I had to come home and wash all the bottles and jars going into the fridge.

  • nosoccermom

    Travel insurance that allows cancellation for any reason is a great idea. However, make sure that your "any reason" cancellation does not exclude epidemics.

    "As of February 3, 2020, both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have recognized 2019 Novel Coronavirus as an Epidemic. Many travel protection plans exclude losses caused directly or indirectly by an Epidemic. Please refer to your plan to learn whether this exclusion applies to you. Customers whose plan includes the Epidemic exclusion may still have coverage for a covered loss occurring on or prior to February 3, 2020."

  • sas95

    In some states you can't buy cancel for any reason insurance. New York is one of them.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    I can't imagine the cost of it would make sense. Plus, they have to make a profit.

  • bbstx

    Thanks, nsm, for the heads up. I called my travel insurance carrier. My “no reason” cancellation coverage will cover us if we cancel for any reason or no reason. We don’t have to give a reason, that is why it is called “any reason or no reason.”

    An epidemic is not a covered event for cancellation under the standard portion of the insurance contract, unless we are victims of the disease, or are quarantined because of the disease, or have family that are victims of the disease, just like the coverage for any other illness. There is also some coverage if a business partner is ill but I did not look at the particulars for that because DH and I are retired.

    The agent I talked to said in the last 2 days they have been getting lots of inquiries along these same lines.

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