A tall planter to grow edibles in dog-proof fashion

3 months ago


I'm in the market looking for a planter that is preferably standing on tall-ish legs, so that the actual level where the plants grow is high for my medium sized labradoodle. I used to have a standard raised bed and I grew food back then, and once he came along, he thought that it was good fun to rummage through my lettuces and tomatoes and destroy them. This was followed by the long California drought, during which I took a gardening break. I am now starting to grow my veggies back again, and would like to grow them in a raised, tall container.

I am looking for recommendations for such containers.

There are several on Amazon, and on various online sites. The issue is that reviews are all over the place. Specifically, some complain that they have been built poorly so additional reinforcing was needed to hold all that soil in them. This makes me hesitant to order without due diligence.

Do you have the experience with such a container where a dog cannot stick his mouth or cannot walk through, that will last a few years or longer?

My desired surface where this planter will stand is paved and level.

Photos highly appreciated. I am a sucker for pictures showing healthy green plants!!


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