too short for my brand new Hunter-Douglas wood blinds

13 days ago

Y'all! My wood blinds were installed yesterday. When I went to raise them them this morning, I discovered that I am too short to raise them all the way. There is a button on the bottom which you push and hold down while raising them. The dealer said the button was safer for children than cords, and we do have children in this house! The top of the window is 8 feet from the floor. I am 5"3". My arm is attached at my shoulder, not the top of my head.

I'm looking at using a step stool to raise and lower three blinds every day. I have a torn gluteus medius; climbing can be painful. Is there some sort of grabber device that works on these blinds for people with mobility issues? The button must be depressed during the whole lift or lower operation, which makes it more challenging than using a grocery store grabber. (I realize this is a sort of first world/American problem; on the other hand, I paid good money for something that doesn't work for me...)

I called Hunter Douglas and they are "going to investigate", but they gave me very little hope of a resolution. The salesperson said just to slant the slats open and closed, but there is little light here, particularly in the winter, and I want the shades completely out of the window. Our discussion when he came out covered that.

Hoping someone has a genius device which will work for this. Or has anyone had success convincing HD to switch to corded blinds, in a similar situation?

Thank you!

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