Albuca frizzle sizzle, dormancy possible?

last month

Unlike the species, frizzle sizzle is known to be free flowering and in less need of dormancy.

I’ve had mine now for 6-7 months and it’s blooming again for the 5th time, impressive!

But I bought it for the curly foliage which has long since gone straight.

I read that foliage goes straight if it gets too much water and I am hoping if I can get it to go dormant, once it wakes back up it will be curly again?

However every time I let it dry out completely instead of dormancy it sends up another flower stalk.

Any tips? Thanks

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  • Alain (San Jose, CA;9b)

    What is the sun exposure? Seems it likes sun for curls and yet temps should not be too high as well. So it will depend on your climate.

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    As Alain said they like it cool. When warm the leaves loose the curly look. They should be kept on the dry side, cool, and lots of winter sun. They can handle the weak winter sun, but the leaves will melt with summer sun and heat. Depending on where you live of course.

    I‘ve noticed these guys can have a mind of their own. At least the ones I own. Some don’t go dormant when they’re “supposed” to and I’ve got one that stayed dormant for almost two yrs.

    These two were awake last summer. They both bloomed once in the spring, then again summer, and again late Nov. They’re kinda half asleep right now.

    This is the guy that was asleep for almost two yrs. He finally woke up this fall.

    I almost gave up on him, but during its long dormancy I unpotted twice and the roots were beautiful. So back he went.

    I have two little ones that are asleep right now.

    I’m making a long winded comment, when I could have made it short and sweet. I think it’s important to keep these guys cool and dry if you want that curly foliage. The leaves are hardy to -7C/19F. Which is amazing:)!

  • fireweed22

    Thank you!

    Very much full direct sun. Grown as a houseplant. There is AC on in the summer.

    2 years and lived, desert plants are amazing! Will try to attach a pic of my sad but incredibly prolific bloomer.

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