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What is the key to growing small leaf Hoya plants? What's wrong?

Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)
15 days ago
last modified: 15 days ago

I have the black leaf ones in which the leaves like to turn yellow, wilt and then die off. Happens to just about every small leaf hoya I have, espescially the Lacunosa ones. Especially my Hoya krohniana 'Black Leaves'. Happens to all of them all of the time. Yellow leaves, falling off and the leaves soften snd get wrinkly then die off. I am down to stem now on my favorite one. Very depressing.

I did look at the roots and they were not healthy at all. What am I doing wrong. They don't seem to flourish or grow unless they are outside in the middle of summer in part sunshine.

Are they prone to rot more than others? Do they need constant moisture? A dry out period between waterings?

I just can't get it anymore.

I feel like I am using an open mix and they get lots of warmth in a very bright room even under lights. I just don't understand where I am going wrong and I am tired of mines declining after I spend good money on them.

Please help.

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