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1. Concrete render cracking and 2. Popping noises above ceiling

Daniel Venn
12 days ago

1. So the interior walls of my kids bedroom is cracking. We live in a humid climate and the house is made entirely of brick with a metal roof structure/supports and clay roof tiles. My point being, no wood.
Before my kids room was indoors, it was a balcony without the north and east walls. Later, we raised walls with windows and turned it into a bedroom. Now cracks are showing up horizontally and vertically along the walls and down the sides of the pillar where the new walls meet the original pillar, and above where they meet the concrete beam. They are concrete rendered, plaster coated and painted. Do I need to be worried, or is it purely cosmetic?
2. My house is 5 years old and I've never heard sounds in the ceilings before. Recently, I am hearing a clicking or popping sound in the corner of my bedroom. It is not always happening. I once timed the pause between the clicks and it was exactly 17 seconds each time (for at least 8 times until I stopped timing it and went into the attic to check) making me think it was water, but alas, we have no pipes there nor water damage of any kind. The ceilings are plasterboard hanging from a metal grid which is hanging from the metal roof frame. Now I've started hearing this sound in other rooms too. Has anyone any ideas at all?
Thank you for any and all of your help!

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