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Safe to prune Stems Back to the Bud Union

8 days ago

I know I've asked this as I've had some uncertainty on how one does - rejuvenation- pruning, aka, cutting out the old wood to promote new wood from ground up.

Did some spring pruning on the new last year planted BR and had a decision to make on 2 crossing canes. So in the multiple stem rose I was moving to see what was -attached- to what, as I was -moving- each stem to decide which one to cut, I noticed that out of all the stems cumulative, there was 3 main ones - aka, move one stem, a few other stems moved with it.

Not being too familiar with a -grafted- shrub, is it safe to to say those are 3 bud points, and what moved per each -stem- was growth off each bud point. And that it's okay to hard prune -any- stem back to the union , which will still promoto/produce a new stem from coming from ground up.

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