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(OT) The realizable pleasures of gardening

For me one of pleasures of gardening is that quite minor garden events can make me happy. This afternoon I went down in the woods to have a look around, among other things check out the snowdrops. I read somewhere recently that many snowdrops are sterile, and it made sense to me, as the snowdrops, both species, have been in place for some years, have clumped nicely, but haven't spread further. But there was one clump that had some babies around it, so I knew it could happen. Today with closer looking I discovered other clumps with seedlings around them, and it was enough to put me in a good mood.

There's so much grief in the world at any time, and these days I feel we're heading straight into a new Dark Ages, but our gardens are a place where we do have a degree of control, and can exercise it to create beauty and fragrance and a healthier environment. Individual humans have never had that much control over their lives: since humans have existed there have also existed war, famine, accident, disease. Paradise was a walled garden, I believe--also the word "garden" itself and its cognates imply an outdoor, enclosed space--and in those words lie the meaning of gardening: we're in Nature, and are Adam and Eve.

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