What's Cooking This Weekend?

2 days ago

Yesterday I fixed sloppy Joe, potato salad and green beans. I froze some of the sloppy Joe for another time. I think one meal will be some pork chops. I want to fix some roasted vegetables too.

How about you, anything your are fixing or baking?


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  • glenda_al

    Been craving it, so I did: fried spam sandwich on rye with mayo

    Had Mexican train yesterday and that was my treat for myself. Think I'll go out for Chinese today.

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  • amylou321

    Just took these out of the oven. I need heart shaped bread for dinner tonight. Next up, butterscotch blondies. I am waiting for my mixer bowl to get outta the dishwasher so I can make them.

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  • functionthenlook

    Tonight-reservations Longhorn. Tomorrow the grandgirls will be here so probably McDonald's or Burger King. Yuk We let them pick where to eat.

    Sunday I don't have the faintest idea what I am cooking.

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  • DawnInCal

    We just got back from vacation, and foodwise, it's like starting from scratch. After eating cruise ship food for two weeks, we both need to lose a few pounds and eat healthy. Tonight is going to be salad with grilled chicken. I'm thinking veggie/pork stir fry for tomorrow.

    Funny thing - the cruise ship had the most beautiful salad bar I've ever seen in my life. Did I take advantage of it? Noooooooo...(well, yes a few times), but I also spent a good amount of time over at the dessert counter, the bread display, the pasta bar, the ice cream stand, the pizza place and so on.

    Oh well. I enjoyed it and now that I'm home it's back to the daily routine!

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  • hallngarden

    Yesterday was BBQ chicken, shredded on bun. Roasted vegetables, chocolate cake. Today pizza, cooked by grands for our valentine party, they are making banana splits for dessert. Tomorrow will be chicken and dumplings.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    We are still not feeling well today our cold has not run it's course yet. I have a small stuffed pork Tenderloin I took out of the freezer. I will put it in the oven and add a pan of tiny purple potatoes in the oven too for oven roasted potatoes. That will give us leftovers for tomorrow.

    HAPPY Valentine's day!

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  • georgysmom2

    Right now I'm roasting some cauliflower for roasted cauliflower soup. going to make some peanut clusters after that and some Neiman-Marcus cookies......I'm having Mexican Train here on Thursday night so I'm trying to get some stuff done ahead of time.

    DH decided we should have our meatloaf tomorrow night. Tonight he's making scallops and pasta. I decided to give a helping hand and chopped up some parsley, chives and basil and squeezed some lemon for the pasta. I don't want him getting too creative and winding up with something uneatable......the scallops are too expensive.

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  • amylou321

    Heres the blondies. I decided to do half butterscotch and half chocolate chip. I have 2 of these particular heart pans but could only find one. :( I probably could have put it in one of my many other heart dishes to bake but I was annoyed and just made it square. Whatever. I will cut the square one into heart shaped pieces.

    Now all that's left is dinner.....

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  • nicole___

    Grilling salmon 2-nite, so easy! Maybe marinate them in a little brandy . Tomorrow, grilling chicken breasts.

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  • moosemac

    Everyone is finally recovering from the stomach bug. I have made two batches of chicken soup since Sunday as that was all anyone wanted to eat. Tonight I am going to make the Korean Beef recipe someone posted this week. I am going to add broccoli to it and serve it over white rice. Saturday is a toss up. I will probably POOF something or do take out.

    I usually prep meals for the week on Sunday. Shepherd's Pie is on the list for next week, not sure what else yet. I have some veal in the freezer so maybe Veal Piccata or Marsala for Sunday. Freezer is getting low so I may need to go shopping. I used to be so good at planning but now I tend to "wing it" a lot more.

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  • ediej1209 AL Zn 7

    Babysitting today and tomorrow so tonight will be an easy chicken/broccoli/bowtie pasta Alfredo with a tossed salad. Tomorrow night will be some burger joint or other since it will be late. Sunday, I have a beautiful chuck roast to do in the crockpot; there should be enough leftovers for at least 2 more meals.

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  • morz8

    I have no idea what we're eating this weekend. We'd thought out to dinner tonight but chances are every place will be so crowded and not in the mood for a crowd. I fixed a small batch of ribs yesterday and there isn't quite enough leftover for a real meal. I have steaks, chops in the freezer and can defrost in the microwave, will have food tonight even if I don't know quite what yet. If we could get away for a while mid day tomorrow, we may do Costco, eat someplace before coming home and I'm sure I can come up with something from Costco for Sunday....

    DH had a big bowl of Wednesday night leftovers a while ago so I doubt if he'll be starving tonight...a made-up skillet recipe of pasta, tomatoes, browned hamburger and olives that he likes.

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  • Kathsgrdn

    Nothing, picked up some paint samples and there was a Chinese restaurant next door so I got some almond chicken. Will make a couple meals for work this weekend. Long 3 day, 12 hour work weekend for me.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    I don't have a clue! I have various things on hand or in the freezer that I could use to come up with something creative. But whether I will or not remains to be seen :-) I seem to have become less and less interested in preparing a "dinner" type meal lately. Instead, I have alternately eaten just an apple and some crackers and cheese; a bowl of popcorn; another night, a chicken sandwich; on a couple of other occasions it has been breakfast. Tonight, it is take-and-bake pizza I picked up on my way home from a distant business appointment. It was probably a good week ago when I fixed beef broccoli stir fry and rice.

    After the holidays, I seem to have lost much inclination or ambition to do any serious cooking. Or to eat it. Just so much easier to toss something together from what's on hand in the frig than plan and cook a meal.

    Knowing myself, this too shall pass :-)

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  • Lars

    I'm making split pea soup tonight and will take leftovers with me to Palm Springs tomorrow. We will be in that area for 10 days, and so I need to have some food to heat up in our kitchen so that I don't have to do that much cooking while there. We are going to several events for the Palm Springs Modernism Week and will stay long enough to include my birthday.

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  • nancyjane_gardener

    We have never done much with V Day (sorry Hallmark!), but we do take advantage of the sales on lobster tails, so surf and turf tonight and something easy for tomorrow (since Friday is usually our no-cook day).

    Almost grilling weather here, but I'm still up for a few more soups!

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  • Ladydi Zone 7A NW BC Canada

    I refuse to spend $8.98 or more for a Hallmark Card (in Canada anyways) when you can buy a perfectly beautiful card for $1 or $2 at the Dollar Store. I wish it wasn't so as I've been a 'card' person myself up until a few years ago.

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  • di0spyr0s

    For Valentine’s Day we made roast duck, roast potatoes and steamed broccoli.

    Then we made cat food. Bad planning on our part. There’s not much less romantic than being elbow deep in raw rabbit right before bed.

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  • bob_cville

    For Valentine's Day I made Crab Cakes, Rice Pilaf, Steamed Asparagus with a Mixed Greens Salad.

    I think tonight I'm going to make my Moroccan Pork recipe, with Curried Couscous and a Salad.

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  • nhbaskets

    Just had shrimp with lemon whole wheat linguine. Tomorrow will be scallops with risotto and carrots.

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  • DawnInCal

    Getting back to a routine, tonight is grilled pork chops, asparagus and either sour dough baguette, rice pilaf or a potato dish.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to marinate pieces of lamb in preparation for making lamb kabobs. There will be lamb, mushrooms, onion, zucchini and bell pepper placed on the skewers and then they will be grilled over a hot fire. They will probably be served on a bed of rice so that eliminates rice from tonight's dinner. We will also have a salad on the side.

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  • sherri1058

    Prime rib with yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage last night for VDay. DH now owes me, lol! Chili tonight and tomorrow we will go out for dinner.

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  • Lucille

    Corn bread, beans with ham hocks. Sometimes simple fares make wonderful meals.

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  • nancyjane_gardener

    Our whimpy broccholi was looking like it was going to start flowering, so I'm making broc/cheese soup.

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  • Marilyn_Sue

    Today I fried up chicken, made a pan of roasted vegetables and baked a cherry cobbler, and invited my two daughters over, plus a son in law and a granddaughter. One daughter brought baked beans, rolls and vanilla ice cream. It was a spur of the moment invite. All was good.


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