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Hi All,

Looking for feedback on my plans. Home is in the Bay Area on a 63’x120’ lot. Backyard faces North East and has an amazing view of the Bay - we bought the lot because of this view. The lot slopes front to back and a little left to right, with it getting steep in the back right corner (I’m hoping to feather this out during construction).

For now it’s just my wife and I, but we plan to have two kids in the next 1-4 years. We are not very formal and love to entertain. We have friends and family from out of town sleep over pretty frequently.

We also love to “hide” our clutter, so storage is a priority. We want to throw our shoes off right when we walk into the door, but not have it make the entire house feel like a mess.

Our constraints on the square footage are a bit unique. I’m utilizing the new 2020 ADU rules to build larger house than we would have been allowed. The largest house I can build is a total of 2,800 square feet plus garage. It breaks down to a 2,000 sqft main house, 400 sqft garage and an 800 sqft attached ADU. It’s a bit smaller than we would have liked, so I want to be as efficient as possible with the square footage.

I have yet to decide if I will rent the ADU out for the first few years, or leave it for our parents so they can help with the babies when we do have them. But privacy is something I’m concerned about in the current design, if we do wind up renting it out.

We tried to “borrow” as much square footage from the ADU as possible and make it practical space for the main house (gym and large pantry). We would like to put in a pool one day and figure the living room of the ADU could serve as a “pool room”/cabana area.


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