What floor tile won't automatically date itself as a certain era?

last month

You all know what I'm talking about. The friend's house with the hunter green and white 1980s floor tile. Or the the 12" square white or beige tile that screams 1970s builder grade tile. Or the tumbled travertine that was so ubiquitous a while ago. IMO both size and design/look can date a tile. I want to escape this, but perhaps nearly all tiles will establish themselves as coming from a certain era.

We plan to tile two interior, lanai-type areas in our 40-year-old Fla. place. I'm looking for lighter colors in a low maintenance and affordable floor. Something that reads more contemporary is what I want. What I don't want is something that in 5 or 10 or 20 years will scream, "this was installed in 2020."

Wood look planks are out. Having done a lot of traveling in Europe, I'm attracted by the simpler marbles. But, I don't want to spend the money for real marble and don't know if it's appropriate for me anyway. Marble look porcelain (and I know porcelain is stronger than regular ceramic) is an option for me, but I'm concerned that this is going to date itself soon since marble is such a hot trend right now.

While we have no immediate plans to sell, I also need to keep resale in mind. I don't want blah and bland but also don't want a strong design with lots of movement.

Have any thoughts for me about what type or style won't immediately date itself? It doesn't help that so many stores only stock what is hot and trendy right now. Thanks.

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