Baby amaryllis bulbs: getting them to adulthood

I've never actually failed with growing offsets/baby amaryllis bulbs - they all "make it" eventually, to a stage where I'm not embarrassed to give them away. But I would like to do better and to do it more efficiently, and I'd like to bring them all the way up to 3-5" across. (Dream on.)

It seems to me that most of these bulbs send up flower scapes before they're really ready. They try to bloom and do, but with only maybe two buds to a scape. Right now I have several small bulbs that in spite of being in what I consider an immature state, are shooting two scapes apiece.

Would it be best to remove those scapes? Would that direct energy to the bulbs/future leaves? Or would it piss the plant off?

And finally, what are your general practices when growing on the youngsters? Add bone meal to the soil as well as a balanced (say, 10-15-10) slow-release fertilizer? Go all-organic? Use fertilizers with generally low numbers, but maybe more of it by volume? Regular feeding with a weak "blossom booster" water soluble formula? There are so many possible options. It would be good to know what many of you have done that works, and come up with a possible ensemble solution for my conditions.

Many thanks!

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