White leaves on jade plant, ID?

last month

Hi, I was given some cuttings of a jade plant with white young leaves. Does anyone know what type of jade plant is it? It doesn't look like a variegated jade or the lemon and lime jade plant. I really like the young leaves being white. Will it continue to give me white tips? I don't mind if the mature leaves turn green.

BTW, cuttings are sitting in dry succulent mix (50% perlite.) When can I water it? Thanks

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  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a

    That may be variety called Maruba Nishiki. They are not very common plants. It should retain white on leaves with proper light, with other leaves being green.

    I assume cutting doesn't have roots. How long since you potted it, and what temps is it in?

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  • Mai_4a

    Hi Rina, they were cut this morning and have dried off. I just potted them. I assume that they can be potted as long as the mixture is dry and hold off on watering for 2 weeks. I'm in AB and I'm planning on placing it by the east facing window. Should I add a grow light for it retain the color? I plan on putting it outside in the summer.

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  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a


    I would not water cuttings for a while, 2 wks sound ok. I usually do not water for longer, some ppl recommend to water lightly if plant starts shriveling or wrinkling. It also depends on temps plant is in. If succulents are kept in cooler spot, they should be kept drier. But I imagine it is in typical room temps. It may take bit longer to root since it is still cold/winter. I have Maruba from cuttings that took some time to root - probably about a month, maybe bit longer. 'Regular' C. ovata - commonly available green jade, usually roots much faster (and I have rooted them at any time of year). I would add some lights if in east window, there may not be enough sunlight especially during winter. Since it is just potted and rootless, maybe wait couple more days and then start with lights further away, moving them closer gradually. My Maruba has been in west, unobstructed window, and lost almost all white color. I may move it under lights. Keeping succulents outside is good, just make sure they are well acclimatized to sunlight.

    I hope you'll post follow-up photos. It is always good to see how plants recover and thrive, especially not so common ones.

    Do you have any other jades? Crosby's Compact; Hummel's Sunset; Tricolor; Rubra; undulata; Hobbit-Gollum-Finger jade; Green Horn Tree and/or any others?

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  • Mai_4a

    Thanks Rina. I'll keep it away from the window for now. Hopefully they will root and thrive. I have these two: lemon and lime and hummel's sunset - at least I hope it's hummel's sunset. I will have to see once they can go outside in the sun. They were cuttings and have rooted quite well.

    I have one other jade plant that have root rotted and I'm trying to rescue it. It's gone from 3 inch diameter trunk to a stick now. A friend was house sitting for us and I think he watered it every week. It was 10 yrs old. : (

    BTW, I've been reading through the old threads and everyone's jade plants look amazing! Especially with all the stressed one.

  • nanzjade z5 MA

    Mai, do you know where/what conditions these cuttings were grown?

    Is there any chance these cuttings were kept in darkness for quite a while? I've seen similar with the stark white coloring at big box stores where jades were shoved under shelves for extended period of time. Also a chance it was lacking nutrients to produce chlorophyll.

    These don't look like Maruba Nishiki to me, which has a more pointed leaf shape and little dot pattern near the edge of the leaf. The other thing I don't see on your cuttings, is that if these were actually sun bleached, then there should be some pink/red edges, even some brown burn marks.

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  • Mai_4a

    Nanzjade, I didn't know jade will turn white if placed in complete darkness. I don't think these were placed in darkness to make turn white. I got these from a local grower. She said to treat it like any jade. I just want to make sure I know how to take care of it because it is so unique.

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    I was thinking the same thing as Nanzjade. I know very little about Jades so I kept quite, especially the variegated ones. But it does look like all of a sudden it was put in the dark. But then you‘d think the new white growth would be lanky from the lack of light. Very strange;).

    I‘m curious how this turns out.

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    I just looked into light manipulation for variegation purposes. I guess the thought is to cover parts of the plant so those areas are hidden from light, but other parts are exposed. The parts that are covered lack chlorophyll. There’s enough of the plant being exposed to sunlight for the plant to provide food for the new growth. Keeping the plant compact.

    Then there’s a way to do this by feeding a plant some chemical so the new growth lacks chlorophyll.

    pic from Reddit.

    Time will tell. Keep us updated:)!

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  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a

    Nancy could be right - that's why I said "it may be".

    I never seen jade kept in darkness myself, so do not know what color it would be. I also have many jades that I do not fertilize and are growing in a mix of grit and perlite for few years - so some would say they are lacking nutrients. None has white leaves because of it. Manipulation with chemicals is possibility as Kara suggested.

    I have plant that came from Mike as Maruba, so I believe it is correct name. It didn't, and still doesn't have dots - but I have seen photos of such. I have it for about 2yrs.

    Nancy is correct that leaves are slightly pointy, and there is some red color on some leaf margins. But I also read that there is Maruba Nishiki with red margins and another one without - I have no idea what is the truth. Maybe another var?

    Here is photo of most colorful part of my plant - very little white now since it has been in west-facing window - there was more white while outside in summer:


    I believe you have Maruba? Could you post photo of it?


    I hope I didn't mislead you and if I am wrong about ID (that is always possible! :), I apologize. Regardless correct ID, care should be the same. In my experience, Maruba grows slower - but again, only my experience.

    I also have Hummel's Sunset - 2 plants; one under lights and one not. There is color on both, but much less on one without lights:

    I also have Lemon and Lime (aka Akai), it has been changing color depending on light - photos are same plant, top when purchased middle without light and bottom under lights now:

    It also bloomed, but not this year.

    It is amazing how much different plants could look if in lots or little light. Here is another example: I believe it is Crosby's Compact. I started with 1 plant, and has taken quite a few cuttings. So all came from same plant. There is quite a difference in color. They are all under lights now, but some close and some further away. These are very close - just 1". CFL bulbs, 23W, on for 12hrs. They are in same spot since late Sept:

    Other plants are further away, between 3-4". Also CFL bulbs as above. Here are coupe of those:

    And I have another plant that is very red/maroon all the time, lights or no lights. I posted it before and was suggested it is var. called Rubra. It has small leaves, just little bigger and more oval than above; it gets very dark in sun:


    here is link to OLDER THREAD ABOUT JADES with many different varieties. Good photos, and names too - but I am still confused :)

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  • Mai_4a

    This is so interesting! The amount of light can drastically affect the colouring of succulents. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I may have a marubi but it sounds like this may not be the case. I guess I have to be extra careful when buying these "rare" plants.

    Thank you all for your knowledge.

  • Cullen

    I have never seen a jade do this, but I have seen breeder create other plants that the new leaves come out white then turn green with age, like Euonymus 'Paloma Blanca'. Some variegated plants new leaves start off solid white.

    @Mai_4a are there three cutting all in one pot or is that one cutting. If I had a plant, especially a rare plant, I would not put all my eggs in one basket. If something goes wrong with one, it will probably go wrong for all of them in one pot. I do think it looks nice with three cuttings, but there is a real risk keeping them that way.

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  • nanzjade z5 MA

    That’s correct Rina, I have Marubas, they are not colorful now though. Close up of the dots...

    Pic from September.

    This is one of Mike’s, that he grows up on a very sunny hot roof! It's just AMAZING!

  • Mai_4a

    Cullen, there are 3 cuttings in the 3 inch clay pot. Good to know about separating them. It was the smallest clay pot I had on hand. I have separated them into 2" pots. I'll wait a few more weeks before I water them. Right now they are sitting near my window but in the shade of a larger plant.

    Thank you for helping ID this jade.

  • marguerite_gw Zone 9a

    Yes, it's Maruba - there are different clones of this plant as with other jades.

  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a


    Are you sure? I though that it may be, but few ppl disagree.

  • marguerite_gw Zone 9a

    I have two different types. I'm quite sure. Maruba has a certain something you can't miss. Once you've had it, you always know it. Would it be possible to see a clearer photo of the one Mike sent to you as Maruba? He sent me my first one too, after the Jade Competition which he won.

  • Megan Sergi-Sosa

    I also have a jade with some white. Thoughts on this one?

  • marguerite_gw Zone 9a

    Do you have a photo?

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

    Doesn't look like Maruba, which is quite a different plant. The leaf-shape is wrong.

    Sometimes this type of coloration is induced by chemical. We've been seeing it lately in facebook Jade groups.

    Mai, the white-striped Jade you posted is called 'Tricolor.'

    Here is a pic of Maruba, which I just brought out to water and sun today. The Winter growth tends to be more green, and it will color up vividly during the Summer.

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  • Megan Sergi-Sosa

    This is the white on my plant - completely perplexed by it.

  • Mai_4a

    Well, my jade is definitely not Maruba. The white leaves have slowly turned back to green. That's too bad, I was hoping that it is a Maruba. Now that I know Maruba jades exists, I will have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks everyone for your help in identifying it.

  • Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)

    Megan. I will trade you a piece of Maruba for a piece of that. I like the how it perplexes me too) Ha I assume the leaves turn green as they mature which is strange, but I have many which stay colorful through the season.

  • Catherine

    Megan, did you just recently purchased your jade plant with white leaves coming out? I got a ‘variegated’ jade few days ago with white leaves on top like you and now I’m worried it’s chemically induces!!

  • Megan Sergi-Sosa

    I purchased mine back in February. I am skeptical about chemical inducement.

  • Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)

    Megan, did you see my post ?

    Mai, you ?

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