How long are the washing/ drying times for Miele washer and dryers

last month

We are planning a complete remodel of our laundry/mud room. We have an issue with venting the dryer , and thinking about the compact Miele washer and dryer stacked . Haven't been able to get a straight answer from dealers on how long washing and drying times are. Miele‘s website touts the new “heat pump” dryer which supposedly is much faster than the condenser dryers. Does anyone have these machines -would appreciate any opinions! Love the look of the cabinet depth machines , and the fact that the counter over them would be a much better height than the large Whirlpools /LG’s etc.

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  • wdccruise

    In Consumer Reports testing, the washer took 105 minutes. No time was provided for the dryer; it probably depends tremendously on the type and size of load.

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  • scottie mom

    Oh for heavens sakes! Consumer Reports??

    ask your question in the thread about these specific machines to avoid spam like this. I do own these machines and have no idea where the “105 minute” figure comes from. It varies. Good luck and hopefully you’ll get more honest help in the future.

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  • chispa

    My older style Miele washer has wash times ranging from 30 minutes (quick wash) to 54 mins (normal) to 2h:30m (sanitize). Don't most machines have various cycles with different wash times?

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  • wdccruise

    @scottie mom: "Oh for heavens sakes! Consumer Reports?? "

    Of course she has "no idea where the 105 minute figure comes from". She doesn't read CR and knows nothing about its tests. But that doesn't keep her from commenting and providing nothing useful herself.

    Anyway, CR runs test loads in multiple washers and records the cycle time for each machine. Readers can then compare the cycle times and other test results among the tested washers on the CR website ($10/month digital).

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  • Cal

    Check out this thread where some of us have listed the times we are experiencing. Times can vary due to many factors such as cycle, soil level, added options such as extra rinse, how hot your water supply is coming into the washer, if the washer has to heat the water it will take longer.

    I find the cycle times between the washer/dryer are close in times or similar, so if it takes 1hr to wash clothes, it might take 1hr to dry them. This is convenient since you aren't waiting long for one machine to finish before you move the clothes.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO there are better W & D than Miele I love my Bosch where you choose the spin and has great options for wash I use quick wash a lot 20 MIns for wash with high speed spin and approx 20 mins for dry. IMO Meile DW and washers take way too long compared to Bosch.

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  • wdccruise

    @SEA SEA: "I was wondering if anyone knew how I could become a paid plant poster"

    Check out Conspiracy Central for offers.

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  • jmm1837

    I have a Miele washer and drier. I have no idea how or where Consumer Reports gets its figures, but they seem to be kind of a Readers Digest version of the most basic factors for those who don't want detail. My washer has cycles that run from 20 minutes to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Some of the cycles have long and short versions: cotton can be 1:44 or the shorter 51 min. Minimum iron is 1:08 or 48". I generally use the shorter times. The heat pump drier takes 1:08 for Minimum iron, 1:36 for cottons. Hope this helps.

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  • jwvideo

    While I agree that CR mostly gives us "a Reader's Digest version . . . for those who don't want detail" --- nice turn of phrase, btw --- those wondering "how or where Consumer Reports gets it figures" might want to know the following. CR buys the machines at retail and takes them to its test facility. Then, like most other product testing sites, they test the washers' "normal" cycle using standardized test methods prescribed by the Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers (AHAM) .

    For their reported cycle times, CR says: "Cycle time: Our measurements of the time, rounded to the nearest five minutes, to complete the most aggresive [sic] normal cycle with our 8 lb. load. (We do not use special cycle or option option [sic]] buttons.)" Well, what if you do laundry differently? Not much help there, eh?

    I don't think we need to accuse wdccruise of being a paid shill or "true believer" in order to point out that the references to CR were less informative than the OP (and others) want.

  • jmm1837

    jwvideo - I figured CR did something like that. Selected load, selected cycle. It's a fair way enough way of comparing like to like, but easy to misinterpret or oversimplify, as wdcruise did, to the point the information is useless. The 105 minutes taken to do a wash is simply one of the available options, not the bottom line.

  • Doreen

    Thank you all for your comments! It’s a big investment, as these aren’t cheap. Just wanted to make sure I could handle the longer washer /dryer times . Thank you Cal for the thread with the cycle times -

    I haven’t been able to see an actual Miele washer / ay dryer at the dealers near me unfortunately. I know they‘re comparable to the Bosch , but have been told by various dealers that carry the compacts that Miele machines are better .

  • scottie mom

    Good luck Doreen! I felt it was a bit of a gamble when I bought mine almost 1.5 years ago. There was so little information about them. But I’ve been pleased times 10 by the performance. Hope you find the right ones for you :-)

  • Doreen

    Thank you for that comment! I’m ready to place my order :)

  • scottie mom

    Oh I hope you’ll be as pleased as I’ve been. While you’re waiting, catch up on that super long thread that Cal mentioned. There’s a bit of a learning curve if you’re new to this kind of machine. That said, I found it fun to study ;-)

    ETA: I meant to add that I do think this is such a good solution to the venting problem. And when you think about the expense of creating and maintaining the vent, the price becomes less shocking. Heat pump is completely different from the old condenser dryers. Good luck!

  • Doreen

    I did hear the new heat pump is much better technology compared to the old condenser dryers. I’ve been sold on the ventless idea for our laundry room , just hope I can get use to the smaller wash loads.! Really like the counter depth size , as our laundry room not that big - we plan to stack them and use the stacking kit which has the drawer.

  • Cal

    Doreen: New heat pump not only saves energy, but drying and treating the clothes with care has been wonderful. Also wonderful for reducing static.

    In the US, Bosch is not offering a heat pump model (only condenser).

    For Miele, ensure to check out the manuals of the different Washer/Dryer models they offer before making your model decision to ensure you are getting the cycles/options you expect.

    The stacking kit with drawer is also good, the TwinDos bottles don't fit in it. I use it to store the dryer's scent cartridges and the other detergent pods they sell. Drawer is also wonderful for catching laundry that you pull out of the dryer.

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  • scottie mom

    Yes I also love the drawer! Useful for storing the instructions ;-)

    And lingerie bags or clothespins or whatever. It feels nice and sturdy. I just thought about it and I’m nowhere near using up the “6 months” worth of Twindos that came with mine. Are they still doing that? It’s been about 15 months and I have soft water, so I use a small dose. I did not realize how much I would love that feature! You’ll probably have to fiddle with it at first to get the right amount. Then you’ll never have to think about it again.

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  • lapsangtea

    Have older Miele washer/dryer love love love. But YMMV, some people cant stand this type of machine. I love all the different functionalities and build quality, onboard heater. My dryer is pushing 20 yo and going strong.

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  • Doreen

    still figuring out our small laundry room-😬 now we think we’ll place Miele washer/dryer side by side to maximize our working counter space . Anyone have issues bending down to put clothes in and out of these compact machines? Raising them off floor not an option because I’m 5’1 and like the ability to have a counter placed over machines and still have them at a standard counter height.

  • Barbara

    I find my Miele washer takes more than an hour to wash a typical load but the dryer is speedy quick. My next purchase will definitely not be a Miele. My local dealer lied and told me my washer had a very specific function that I wanted but it actually does not have it. If you want/need a spin only cycle, it may not exist. Yes, bending down is a problem for my knees but that’s not a problem specific to Miele. I’m a bit confused by the reaction to the CR testing information as it is just one source of information. Ridiculing someone for providing information is not appropriate on this forum.

  • Cal

    Doreen: No issues with the lower height of getting the laundry out, only thing is sometimes a piece of clothing might be stuck to the drum from the high speed spin cycle and you'll need to rotate the drum to check. The LED lighting is very bright and helpful though.

    Barbara: Agreed both the Spin only, and rinse only cycles are very helpful to have. I have used spin only cycle before when I want to respin something bulky like a comforter/pillows. Just wondering which model washer you purchased since it looks like all current models have the 'Spin Only' cycle?



    Just to clarify, yes, ridicule is not appropriate in this, or any forum. No ridicule has happened here. The poster above in question is a paid poster to name drop for CR and does not offer otherwise useful information. Some people in this and other forums are new to the forum and do not recognize what the poster in question does, long time members of this forum do recognize the actions. That is all.

  • wdccruise

    @SEA SEA: "The poster above in question is a paid poster to name drop for CR and does not offer otherwise useful information."

    For some reason, SEA SEA thinks that I am a "paid poster". Of course, I am not but SEA SEA is obsessed with this idea even repeating it within this thread. If you notice, she actually didn't answer the OP's question, just used this thread to bash me.

    @kevinande: "It's a useless endeavor. He offers no practical advice..."

    I have provided plenty of advice on a number of subjects some of which people (well, not you) appreciate, clicking the 'Like' button or responding with a thank you. People often come to Houzz clueless and I recommend CR -- of which readers may be unaware -- as a source of unbiased, testing information on consumer products. I also recommend that people read installation instructions and user guides; and read anecdotal reviews on sites such as Home Depot and Best Buy. Frankly, most Houzz writers' comments on appliances are useless; they refer only to a brand (rather a specific model) or their 20-year-old appliances and how wonderful they are (or were). And of course, consumers have no way to test and compare appliances in their homes, the very service CR offers.


    Contraire wd. No obsession here. Just noticed that you often post a link that leads to CR, along with the price to a subscription to their magazine listed. Paid posters do things like that.

  • Barbara

    Sea Sea

    Just to clarify, my first thought when I read this dilemma was "gee, I bet the timing info is provided by CR" (I have a subscription), so I believe wdccruise's comment that CR timed the washer at 105 minutes WAS useful information. I notice 2 inappropriate comments have since been removed, but scottie mom's post " Oh for heavens sakes! Consumer Reports?? " remains. In this comment, wdccruise's information is referred to as spam and it infers that Consumer Reports is dishonest. Other comments refer to the person ('paid poster offering no practical advice") rather than the information that was provided (105 minutes). I consider this ridicule and it's inappropriate. Please challenge the ideas presented without attacking the person!

    Cal - my model is old, but the rep lied to me so that is enough for me to look for anything but Miele next time around.

  • Doreen

    Thank you all for your comments. I really just posted to get Miele owners opinions on their Miele washer / dryers . Had no intention to get into a conversation about Consumer Reports!

    I‘ve never posted a question on Houzz before, and it‘s great to get feedback from owners on these appliances . They are expensive machines compared to the “American sized “ washers and dryers I’m use to. Just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision before ordering. My laundry room is quite small and I’m trying to get as much usable space I can - plus I like the height and depth of this appliance line. Thank you for your opinions!

  • luna123456


    we own both the W1 and T1 top models on both. Have 4000+ hours on the washer and upper 2000 hours on the dryer. Not real Problems with either. Cycle length is sort of based on what cycle you choose. There are 30 min express to almost three hour sanitize.

    If you use the “normal” cycle it will be a little over an hour to hour and a half depending how hot you want the wash water, any extra rinses, extended wash time (heavy soil), etc.

    Dryer is 45 min to hour and a half depending what you put in, how fast it was spin out in the washer and what material it is. Heavy bath towels take a little longer even when spun on max speed.

    Your electric bill will most likely go down from anything you had in the past. Heat pump dryers are much more energy efficient, just take a little longer.

    If you buy them you wont be disappointed. Buy quality and hopefully cry once when you pay. Buy crap and pay all the time getting them repaired or just feeling like you missed out. That motto has worked out many times in my life.

  • Doreen


    Thank you for all that info! Just placed our order for the same models you have. Like your motto of buy quality and hopefully cry once. I cried once when putting them on credit card - probably will cry again when we pay bill and will look forward to many years of a quality product 😎

  • Jerrod

    I just read an article about Consumers Reports testing. In it, Consumers Reports said that they test an 8-pound load using the Normal Cycle(the Energy Saving Cycle) with it's with its most aggressive setting. and without options. For Miele that would be the Normal Cycle using heavy soil. They further stated that you can get a shorter cycle if you are using the Normal soil setting on washers. For Miele, using the heavy soil and for an 8-pound load you might well expect an hour and 5-minute cycle, it will be a lot less on the Normal cycle with normal soil. In real life, if you have heavy soil, there are other cycles that will be better suited for this.

    When you set up the machine, the first run you make is the calibration cycle in which the machine asses your incoming water temperature and electrical input and from that it will set up the times for cycles, so your cycle times will depend on your own home environment. The other thing to know is that the times displayed at the start will be for the maximum amount of clothes, and for Normal that will be 18 pounds. After a few minutes, the machine will have an idea of the number of clothes in it and will adjust the time down for smaller amounts of clothes.

    If you are considering a Miele machine I would advise that you log on to the Miele web site and download the operation manuals for each machine before you purchase. This way you can tell the differences between them and what they offer.

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