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It has been many years since I had an aquarium, but I really liked keeping fish and plants. So I am now setting up a 30 gallon. I've had much larger aquaria, but I needed to get the apt. management to give me permission this time, and I think also that keeping it to one small aquarium will make management easier.

Have any of you revisited past hobbies?

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    No, not me. My wife teases me that when I'm done with something, I'm really done. I've had a succession of hobbies over the years, some stick and I've continued with them for that reason and others don't stick and I drop them. Revisiting a past hobby I haven't continued with would mean picking up something I've moved on from and I'd prefer not to do that.

  • Rusty

    Yes, I have been crocheting lately. Back in the 70's & early 80's, anytime I sat to watch TV in the evenings, I also had a crochet project in my hands. A couple of years ago, I took it up again to make a blanket for my latest Great Grandchild, and found myself with quite a bit of leftover yarn. I also found that crocheting seemed to help the shaking of my hands. After looking at all that leftover yarn for a year or more, I've started crocheting hats for preemie babies to donate to the local hospital. I will take a few out there to show them, in the next week or so, to make sure my work is acceptable, and to see if there are any certain guidelines to what they accept. ( I recently read in a crochet forum that some hospitals have 'rules' about colors, adornments, etc.)

    I have also wanted to try oil painting again, and paper mache (paper clay) sculpting, both hobbies I enjoyed a lot. But because of my hands shaking so, I haven't gotten brave enough to try either of those hobbies.


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  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    I do revisit things. I figure my tastes change over the years and I may have gotten better at ___________, so only by trying again, it may bring me even more joy than my first efforts. I think, having a son who seems to gravitate towards trying everything brings that on. It's not unusual for him to find out about something outside of our home. He'll bring it home, and I'll say, I did that was I younger, let me show you some tips! And then I pick it back up again, sometimes taking it farther.

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  • Uptown Gal

    Use to do ceramics...then just kind of drifted away. Still crochet a little. Still

    sew when necessary, but that wasn't really a hobby. Rode horses as a kid,

    but haven't done that in years. Moved around too much, I guess.

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  • amylou321

    I can't say I have had a lot of hobbies beyond childhood. The only thing I can think of is I garden, but i have all my life. I never stopped so that doesn't count. I crochet,but not as a hobby. If we need a blanket or something, I make it. I dont do it for fun or anything. I like to cook, but that's not really a hobby either. I make cubes and candles for money, not a hobby. So, I guess the answer is no. The only hobby that has held my interest is gardening, and I never stopped so I haven't revisited it. Beyond the gardening, I really prefer to spend any free time relaxing and not being occupied with anything.

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  • Lucille

    I may have gotten better at ___________, so only by trying again, it may bring me even more joy than my first efforts.

    I agree. For me, I understand more about 'cycling' an aquarium, and my years of gardening have given me a more informed perspective on plants, so I think I will enjoy the 'studied' aquarium (and so will the fish and live aquarium plants).

  • Kathsgrdn

    The problem with my old hobbies, crocheting and ceramics, is all the stuff you end up with after you make them. No one wanted my crocheted blankets when I made them in the past and they probably don't want them now.

    I am going back to seed starting for my garden, which I haven't done in years. I was too exhausted from my job for many years and just bought plants. The problem is they have the same boring hybrid plants in the stores. Wal-mart finally did start having Brandywines and some other tomatoes but not much variety. I get bored easily so I recently bought a grow light set up. A really nice one.

    I also think I might start growing sprouts to eat again. I still have a sprouting kit, just need to buy some seeds. I used to eat them in my salads and sandwiches all the time. So much better than the wilted/slimy overpriced lettuce you find around here in stores.

    I bought quite a few seeds to start, probably too many for the amount of beds I have for the plants. I'll probably share some of them and make a couple more beds in the Spring.

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  • natesg

    I also used to crochet in the 70’s and made a granny square afghan. I started up again 4 years ago and now make blankets for preemie babies in the NICU.

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  • functionthenlook

    I took painting back up since I retired. Badly I may add , but I do enjoy it when I am in the mood. I quit when the kid came along. No time. This past year I stocked up on brushes and paint. I found slate at a garage sale and have currently been painting seasonal pictures to hang outside my front door.

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  • marilyn_c

    I never really give up on my past hobbies. For example, I raised koi for many years. In Santa Fe, I had 6 farm ponds. Every year, late February or early March, I would spawn the koi and transfer the eggs to a smaller pond that I had pumped out, refilled and planted with waterlilies. It was the most enjoyable hobby I ever had. The only downfall were the people who constantly were after me to sell koi. It was a hobby. There are plenty of places to buy koi, and you have to raise hundreds, if not thousands, to pick out the best ones. I was not interested in buying I increased my good koi by carefully culling and raising the babies. I had a big pond with 2 gars in it and I put the culls in there. If the gars didn't eat them, they lived on in there.

    Most of my friends were from the waterlily society and had commercial gardens. One of them kept after me, and finally I agreed...although it was late summer and the wrong time to spawn koi. I was not as strong as I am now...I would never do it again. I would tell her in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't do it. There wasn't that much money in it for me...very little...and I did it as a favor. I did not want to sell koi but they all thought I should do it. I wasn't set up to do it either.

    It is painful to think about it now. My pump went out, and in trying to save her baby koi, I didn't check my breeders. Their pond turned over...which means bad water conditions in the heat of summer and I lost them all.

    About that time, we sold that place and I took 27 baby koi and we had a pond dug for them. There were 2 big ponds on that was 2 acres...but they needed to be reworked....dug out. Mud ponds silt in over time. I met a man who had a big sand pit pond of several acres and had some koi in it, so I gave them all to him.

    I missed my koi so a couple of years ago, I started collecting them again. Buying one here. One there.

    I keep them in various waterlily tanks....largest is 1400 gallons.

    We moved here and have a good location for a farm pond. Plan to dig it next month, and my koi will go in there. I can't have as many ponds as I used to and too old to get in and out of them, but I will enjoy planting it with bog plants and waterlilies, and the koi will get huge in there.

    I also used to raise and show fancy goldfish, taking them as far away as Ohio. I had 22 aquariums and 16 varieties of goldfish, although the ones I showed were orandas. I spawned them in aquariums. I really would like to have some fancy goldfish again but can't have an aquarium in here, but when we build, I will have one.

    And then there are the waterlilies that I have raised more than 50 years...but that is another long story.

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  • ritaweeda

    My main pastime now is quiltmaking. Back in the late 70's I got into stained glass, copper-lead style. I loved it and was pretty good at it. Then I started feeling really bad and actually thought that I was losing my mind. I finally realized that using all that lead solder and breathing flux fumes was killing me and I stopped. Back then no-one warned or talked about the hazards of lead. No-one ever talked about anything concerning health and environmental dangers of products. So I won't ever go back to that because I would have to do too much to mitigate the danger and I don't want it in my house. I also used to paint pastel landscapes. When I had so much trouble with the onset of cataracts I stopped because of the frustration of going blind and never picked it back up. I still have the supplies but it's been so long I'm almost afraid that I've lost the talent for it. Maybe I'll pull that stuff out and try again - but pastels are very messy and I really don't want that dust invading my sewing room with all my fabrics, etc. Plus the fact that pastel dust can be bad for your health and environment, too. Maybe I'd better stick with quilting - the only hazard with that is maybe running a needle through my finger. Of course there's always been gardening but that's become greatly curtailed with my back that goes out with the least amount of wrong movement. So frustrating because I've always loved it.

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  • nicole___

    I roller skated when I was a kid and took it back up when my mother was alive. We roller skated together. No other hobbies have been revisited.

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  • marilyn_c

    I forgot to mention antique roses. I got into them and growing them from cuttings when I lived in Santa Fe, back when I raised koi. Our place had been a dairy...great soil and water piped everywhere. I had 75+ varieties. Moved to Liverpool. Horrible clay. One outside faucet and taking care of Ken, left no time and I lost most of them.

    Moved here, sandy loam soil and we dug a well and water is piped all over the place. Even the back pasture. I started up again. Bought some at Antique Rose Emporium and have many cuttings rooted now. So definitely revisited that.

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  • abbisgram

    I used to cross-stitch quite a bit but had stopped about 7-8 years ago. Just got tired of it, I guess. Recently my niece asked me to embellish a head scarf she'd made. She's losing her hair due to chemo so how could I say no?? She wanted "vintage looking flowers" so I found a pattern in one of my books and got started. Just finished and delivered today.

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  • Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)

    I had an aquarium when I got my first apartment. Gave it up. Met my husband and he came with both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Since he is traveling a lot, I have to take care of them. So I guess it’s a hobby picked back up. Even though it’s more of a chore.

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  • OutsidePlaying

    I don’t know if playing the piano is really a hobby, but I periodically pick back up and play again sometimes. I don’t seem to find the time to play as much as I did at one time so my skills aren’t as good as when I was playing piano and organ in high school and later obviously.

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  • terilyn

    I would love to play the piano again. I played from age 6, minored in music in college. I’m not sure why, but, about 15 years ago we donated my piano to the church. I gave really been missing it lately. I have downloaded apps and have a roll up keyboard, they just aren’t the same.

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  • arcy_gw

    When in high school I was bombarded with the concept that to develop hobbies would serve me well as I got older. Well I am hear to tell you I WISH I could continue with those hobbies I honed when young! My eyes and arthritic thumbs prevent me from enjoying sewing/cross stitch/crocheting/crafting! Gardening is about all I have left and that is not a 12 mos thing in my neck of the woods. It's what brought me to Gardenweb YEARS ago--hosta form.

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  • Michael

    No. My hobbies were model railroads and RC airplanes. Now that I live down the street from my grandchildren, their hobbies are my hobbies. Those are enough to keep me going.

    Wood carving, hiking, kayaking, arts & crafts, gaming, etc.

    Saturday morning and evening is video game contests between them and their uncle (my son). They're trying to teach me to play. I'll need a lot of practice to keep up! Currently shopping for a gaming headset. Looks like there's a Cooler Master in my future. :)

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  • nickel_kg

    When I retired, I meant to take up embroidery again. Five years on, I have the pretty floss colors, the needles, some material ... but haven't taken the first stitch. Haste makes waste!

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  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    Gardening is about all I have left and that is not a 12 mos thing in my neck of the woods.

    I had to giggle. We had an unseasonably warm day recently and I was sitting outside, facing the now really short (dormant!) garden, when someone stopped in the street to say, I don't know what you're looking at! jokingly. I guess I can still see it in my mind when it's not there ;) At least, that's what I do the other three months I can't actually garden. Imagine what it might be, or enjoy what it was. It sure as heck aint the same as gardening though. I'll go downstairs into my makeshift greenhouse in the basement tonight and decide what to harden off to plant in two weeks. Stocks, violas and schizanthus likely. And I'll find the sweet pea seeds to put out then too. Getting close, but it's not time yet.

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  • sheilajoyce_gw

    My mother taught all us siblings to knit when I was about 9, It was a cold winter's day, and she must have been determined to keep us occupied doing something positive. I did knit for a few months, but then dropped it. In college, knitting sweaters on large needles was the rage, so I bought supplies and knit a sweater, and then put everything away till I was expecting our first baby. I knit her sweaters, booties and blankets, and put it away for over 20 years except for a few baby gifts. Then a friend gave me her mother's yarn stash 15 years ago, and I returned to crocheting and knitting baby things. Nowadays, I knit or crochet almost every day, and my kids will ask me to make things for their friends' babies, especially a baby afghan that they all love.

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  • patriciae_gw

    I have treasured hobbies I have not been able to do for some time. Gardening is one of those and my Gallica roses are lost in the weeds. I haven't had the stamina or energy to weave which I love so as I gain strength I will surely take that up. I can spin now and do but am having trouble taking up knitting like I used to. My arms get tired but I am sure if I keep nibbling at it I will get there. I have all the equipment for pottery but I don't see that happening and I don't sew anymore nor paint. My hands aren't skilled enough to do those things as well as I used to and I would have to devote a lot of time to regaining the skills. I would rather weave.

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