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last month

Am I remembering right - you got this for Xmas and but you needed to choose which house photo you wanted? I saved the link at that time but didn't find the thread on a quick search. Wondering where you are in the process. I ordered one as a birthday gift for a friend, a great pic of her kids. The website states turnaround time is approx 10 business days, longer at holidays but my order is well past that now. I emailed a few days ago (there's no phone number on the website which I neglected to note when ordering) but no response yet. Hoping this works out - it will be a fun gift.

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  • Sueb20

    Well this is a timely question! I received MY easy123 set two days ago! When did I order it? Dec. 28! So I think turnaround time is more like 2 months.

  • DLM2000-GW

    Ugh. Not what I was hoping for, that's for sure. It will be a late present for sure. How do you like yours Sueb? Can you tell from the pattern or do you have to paint it in to know?

  • Sueb20

    It’s hard to tell — I will say it‘s very small print and lots of very tiny sections to paint. It‘s a pic of our beach cottage that I had hoped to paint for DH for Valentine’s Day... now hoping I can get it done for our May anniversary!

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Hi, I have still not decided and so not yet ordered. I imagine they were deluged w holiday orders after word spread.

    DH is now envisioning a virtual one woman show as he thinks it'd be nice to have our primary house, beach house, first house and our old lakehouse. He must be assuming I will be good at it. Based on what Sue says, Im thinking bigger may be better.

    I'm trying to decide which photo would be the easiest to paint and look the best, so i can start w the easy one. My fave pic of our primary house is almost all green (below); are the kits sophisticated enough to show nuanced variations in color I wonder? And will i have the skill to depict the details that are so small given that the picture is take across our pond? I can see it coming out almost black!

  • DLM2000-GW

    Mtn - There are options to choose varying levels of detail and color. I tried studying everything in their gallery to help make those decisions. Problem is, they don't tell you which choices were made for the examples so I was trying to guess. Finally decided it's best for the photo I chose to NOT try for photo realism to the degree that PBN can offer that. It's better to go for a more painterly quality in my case - you'll have to think it through for all your house choices. I will see if I can tell much when/if I ever get the one I ordered but it's people not houses. I have a number (get it? number? ha!) of photos I'd consider doing for myself but my friend will be the guinea pig I guess!

    Sueb - it's a just a different celebration! Valentine's Day, anniversary..... keep us informed with in progress pics!

  • maddielee

    Beautiful photo, my bet is that there will be thousands of tiny bits to paint.

    Of course there’s also an app for that! You can get an idea of what the PBN canvas will look like by seeing one on your screen.

    Here’s one site, there are others.


  • Kswl 2

    Remember those apps like Waterlogue? There are a gazillion more now featuring pen and pencil drawing, lol painting, etc. Some let you choose the style as well as medium. if I needed a quick housewarming gift and had a good photo I would surely have it printed out on special paper and have it framed. PBNs look like a lot of work for an outcome that can’t be determined beforehand. As a DIY gift it makes a lot of assumptions about the receiver‘s time and inclination. If I was going to order a kit like that it would probably not be from Easy123; they have a lot of complaints filed with the BBB.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    Maddie, thank you!

    I specified like 24 colors and I still got this! Even if i liked this result (not), I think it might drive me batty trying to even tell the colors apart to use them!

  • Kswl 2

    I got this one on Waterlogue in a couple of seconds. Clearly I am the lazy one but it def fits my artistic abilities 😎

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    I don't mind showing my house since its not visible from the street and not a listing shot; i understand others might feel differently. If people are ok with it, I am curious if PBN is really viable for housing shots or if its better depicting more forgiving shapes like landscape. Anyone else tried PBN for a house photo

    KSWL - do you like that?

  • Kswl 2

    i wouldn’t hang it in my house, if that’s what you are asking :) I am not sure that any kind of DIY or paint by numbers would be an aesthetic improvement. The waterlogue thing looks like the kind of gift you get from your realtor after buying or selling a house. It satisfies curiosity but doesn’t scratch the itch if you’re looking for Art. Or even art. adding: however, it looks as good to me as the PBN.

    If I wanted a painting of our house I would hire an artist or engage one via the internet who Could actually paint from a photo. No idea why these random capitalizations have started popping up, btw.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    In my case, I don't particularly want a painting of my house. No offense to anyone who chooses that, but it's not my thing. However, I would enjoy doing a PBN and I think faces would be a bad idea! So I did like the idea of doing a home photo, failing that a vaca photo. But it seems to me that if I don't pick the right photo, I will not enjoy the process or end result.

    PS I was asking if you like that because, so far, I have not seen a PBN or Waterlogue of a house that I particularly liked or more to the point really reflected the home. Some subjects may be better than others.

  • DLM2000-GW

    maddielee I think - I hope - what comes from easy123 has much more nuanced color variation than even mtn's 24 colors, but perhaps not. We'll see.

    Kswl I can't speak for anyone else but I'm confident the person I am getting this for loves PBN in general and will love having one to do herself. I'm certain it won't hang in their living room and may never even see the light of day outside of her craft room. But I know she'll enjoy the process. My hope is the picture and options I chose play well together.

    Even though we designed and built our house, I don't want to hang a picture of it (be it PBN or professional) on the wall. I do love having note cards with our house on the front, a picture I monkeyed around with on fotosketcher and print out as needed. I should probably have it done at a print shop but haven't bothered yet.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    I'm certain it won't hang in their living room and may never even see the light of day outside of her craft room. But I know she'll enjoy the process.

    Tongue in cheek comments aside, that's how I view it too.

  • Bunny

    I did a Waterlogue of a closeup of my cat that hangs over the toilet in my hall bath. It's perfect.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    LOL --- show us!

  • Funkyart

    I once "participated" in a fundraiser where each person (mostly artists) were given a PBN of the Mona Lisa and sent off to produce "art" to then submit and sell in an auction. The artists had great fun with it-- some loosely following the PBN and giving it their own spin-- some veering wildly from the template. I never submitted my painting (which is why I used quotes on "participated").. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I did my own painting on top of the PBN template of a much younger Mona .. in a velvet robe with her left breast revealed. The best/worst part about it was that I lifted my own breast to view/paint it.. namenot only was it MINE in the finished image but it was a bit tilted as I didn't compensate for "lifting" it. Everyone who has seen it loved it but I was appalled... mortified even.

    My mother BEGGED me to give it to her --- which I eventually did but I forbade her from hanging it anywhere. Ever.

    Just my own little aside.. peek into the insane world of funkyart. This may actually be the source of my GW name (it was about the same time I signed up!)

    Just my own little aside.. peek into the insane world of funkyart. This may actually be the source of my GW name (it was about the same time I signed up!) '

    ETA I did actually purchase another artist's submission.. to make up for the fact that I hadn't submitted my own! It hangs at the end of my main hallway.

  • Bunny

    It's framed in black with a wide white mat (she's a tuxedo!). Placement over the toilet is not significant of anything other than it was a space that needed something.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    funky that is hilarious!

  • DLM2000-GW

    funky you win the prize for best name story!

  • Kswl 2

    Bunny, that picture is lovely and interesting!

    Funky...oh my!

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