Amophilia breviligulata

Common name is marram grass. This shot is not far from Marquette Park in Indiana. This was a late summer shot and shows not only the grass in its native setting on the fore-dune but how breathtaking views are all around us. I'm not sure but I think the flower is introduced Heliopsis spp. as opposed to native Helenium.

Although I did not participate on this project I was fortunate enough to do 22,000 plugs of marram grass supplemented with little blue stem as part of a restoration at a home in Porter Beach, Indiana. Alas, those photos were lost in a blue screen meltdown and not in the cloud.

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  • mjkjrobinson
    9 months ago

    That would suck having a meltdown and loosing everything! The picture is breath taking !Love the grass and the tree!

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