Help! I'm killing a family heirloom!

Dana Bosch
last month
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My grandmother was known for her love of African violets. There were always dozens throughout her house. When she passed away at 97 she had one African violet left. I inherited it and am starting to find out I have been taking horrible care of it. For about two years all I did was leave it in a spot with an East and South facing window, watered about every week, avoiding getting the leaves wet. It bloomed on and off and seemed happy and healthy. After about a solid year of no new blooms I started doing some research and realized how neglected it was. I made a decision to repot it hoping it would rejuvenate it and now the leaves are getting yellow and droopy! The pot was originally about half filled with densly packed soil. I repotted it with coconut lining on the very bottom. Mostly so soil didn't spill out the drainage holes and some African violet specific soil. I watered it thoroughly and left it alone for about a week. Soil seems damp to the touch still.

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