More seedling pictures

Here are some more seedling pictures I thought I'd share... Guess what? More watermarks and purples! :)



2019-064 - one of my favorites, was about 9"



I'll add some more in the comments shortly...

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  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    2019-078 - Soli Deo Gloria x Mister Mayor


    2019-087 - planted in 2017, so don't know parentage - this one had tons of blooms and instant rebloom, but flowers were yuck. We'll see if it improves this summer

    2019-088 - two pictures

    2019-093 - Soli Deo Gloria x Jellyroll Morton - I really liked this one, bloom was about 7"

    2019-100 - I really liked this one too. Wish I had notes about it (and all of them!)

    Seedling 2019-101 - and I think I really liked this one too

    That's enough for today. Thanks for looking and have a nice weekend!

  • lilykate7a

    Love them! And laughing at “think I really liked this one too”!! What’s not to like about that one?!! Who knows-maybe even the “yuck” blooms will improve this year. But you are getting some huge beautiful flowers!

    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked lilykate7a
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  • Nancy 6b

    Wow, they all look like keepers. I hope Yuck improves though, mine seem to improve a lot the 2nd year.

    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked Nancy 6b
  • organic_kitten

    Those are really beautiful, Laura. I am not surprised that 2019-064 was a favorite. That one would be a favorite of anyone.


    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked organic_kitten
  • celeste

    I'm enjoying these pictures so much. As I've told you, I have only seen 2 blooms from seedlings in my garden, with much anticipation for the coming season. Yours give me that seedling 'fix' while I wait. And they are very impressive, once again. I love them all, even Yuck (because he's trying so hard with all those blooms). It's a shame that you don't recall the crosses because I'm dying of curiosity! I wonder if that beauty #064 has High Water Mark in it's lineage. #067 appeals to me, as does #093 but really, they are all lovely. So many pretty ones and you should be proud.

    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked celeste
  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Thanks, Kate, Nancy, Kay and Celeste! Will be interesting to see all of the second year blooms, hopeful for improvements and good plant habit. And I am hopeful that I will write down notes about all of them, but especially the ones I like the best.

    Celeste, in the spring and when the ground dries out some, I will try to find out what crosses I can (where critters haven't removed the tags). Not that I do a ton of hybridizing, but I personally have not had much luck with HWM as a pod parent or a pollen parent. I just looked at the crosses I planted in 2018 and there were only 3 seedlings with HWM as a parent that I planted in the bed (High Water Mark x Soli Deo Gloria).

    My seedling area, like one of my other beds, is a jungle, everything is planted way too close together because of lack of space.

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    I just some information on some of the cross-es in one of my spreadsheets - I had written down a little more than I thought, still don't have most written down though. I will edit above and add the parents where I can.

    Since I can't edit the main post, the first one (2019-58) is Thistles and Thorns x Regina Sitko. I was pretty sure RS was one of the parents :)

  • celeste

    Laura, thanks for the edits to both posts! On some, I was right about what my suspicions were:) I didn't use Jellyroll last summer because it didn't bloom for some reason but you can bet it will be put to work this year!

    Out of curiosity, did you use Make it Snappy or Royal Girls? With both having High Water Mark as a parent, either of those could bring out that watermark. I enjoyed seeing the Mister Mayor kid. I can't wait to get that makes pretty kids.

  • Brad KY 6b

    This sure fills the bill in a mostly flowerless season. That reminds me that I need to check my hellebores.

    I love them all--you've got the right combo of style and color and etc. I think my favorites are 78 and 93.


    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked Brad KY 6b
  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Thanks for posting your beautiful seedlings. My favorites are the last three and 2019-074. The rose one at the beginning also catches my eye. I love the watermarks.


    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Thank you Brad and Nancy! Brad, thanks also for the reminder that I need to look at my hellebores too, not that they will be blooming here yet. It's supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get outside and start a little spring clean up, where I can stand on the driveway or sidewalk to cut some perennials back. Nancy, I believe the last two were planted in 2017, so tags are gone - but if I recall from last summer, I remember thinking that they were likely Kingdom Without End kids - and I think they were both EMO, which is an attribute I love.

    Celeste, FYI, I can't remember if I told you or not (I think I mentioned it to Debra before), but I have not had a lot of luck setting pods on Jellyroll Morton. I've gotten a few pods, but that's with trying a lot. Maybe it's just me, my garden, climate or whatever. I have okay luck with the pollen. I used Make It Snappy pollen a little and I tried to set a few pods on it, but didn't have much luck. Will use it again this year and try more and hopefully get more pods. With Royal Girls, I had sold some of it and divided the rest in the spring, so I didn't set any pods on it. Because of dividing it, there were not a lot of blooms. Also, I try to limit the cultivars that I use in hybridizing (mainly because of my limited time), so didn't use the pollen either. I am going to try to use it some this year - as one thing I'm realizing with my babies is that the purples are what I love the best by far (no surprise), so even with my seedlings that rebloom or have a nice scape, if they are not purple or at least cranberry colored, they are probably not going to be a favorite. And with garden space being at a premium here now (as in there is no available space currently), if a seedling is not purple, that is one strike against it :)

    I'll try to post some more seedlings tomorrow or sometime in the next week.

    Thanks again, everyone!

  • Julia NY

    Congrats on this lovely group of babies. Your purples are very vibrant.


    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked Julia NY
  • shive

    Lots of eye candy here. They all look pretty good to me. My favorite is 2019-093 - Soli Deo Gloria x Jellyroll Morton.


    Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b thanked shive
  • Brad KY 6b

    My Hellebores are now blooming, Laura. They are so pretty. The sad thing about the ones I have is they are the type than hang, so you don't get to see their face.

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Well shoot, on this post I can't edit the main post *or* the comment. I'm guessing because this post is older? Anyway, I'll include the list of the crosses here, sorry it won't be easy to look at if anyone wants to.

    In main post:

    2019-058 - Thistles and Thorns x Regina Sitko

    2019-061 - Kingdom Without End x Regina Sitko

    2019-064 - Soli Deo Gloria x Regina Sitko

    2019-067 -unknown (seedling planted in 2017)

    2019-074 - unknown (probably seedling planted in 2017)

    In comment:

    2019-078 - Soli Deo Gloria x Mister Mayor (already knew)

    2019-082 - Kingdom Without End x The Dream Society

    2019-087 (Yuck) - unknown (seedling planted in 2017)

    2019-088 - unknown (seedling planted in 2017)

    2019-093 - Soli Deo Gloria x Jellyroll Morton (already knew)

    2019-100 - unknown (seedling planted in 2017)

    2019-101 - unknown (seedling planted in 2017)

  • celeste

    Thanks for the extra effort to give these ID's, Laura. It seems like Soli Deo Gloria, Kingdom without End, Regina Sitko and Thistle and Thorns can't make anything but beauties! But darn, I wish I knew who made #67. That one really appeals to me. It reminds me a little of Up and At 'Em. What are the stats, if you recall? I just like that it's a little different from all the others. But all are beauties.

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Hi Celeste, I went out and found where #67 is and based on a cross tag I found lying nearby, I believe it is probably a White Eyes Pink Dragon kid (the tag says WEPD x Thistles and Thorns). I don't keep track of stats really... not on 1st year bloomers and not on much of anything ever :) I have not used WEPD as a pollen parent and have not had much luck using it as a pod parent. I did find a non-bloom picture I'd taken of #67 that I think I took to show the bud placement was not good - hopefully that spacing improves. Here's the pic:

    And here are a few more pics of blooms of #67 (I have a ton):

    And these are the seedlings that are next to it, so they could be siblings (but not for sure).




  • celeste

    Thank you for posting more pictures! I think anything out of WEPD would be beautiful and #67 really is. I see that it has slight differences in 'looks' in the photos, but all are pretty. I hope you keep records on it because I will be interested:)

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