Handling of plant packages during the corona virus?

17 days ago

I'm sure we are all in the same situation. The corona virus is here and all those bareroot plants are going to start arriving. I have 2 orders of live roses that are supposed to ship next Monday, followed by bareroot roses from one place, bareroot hostas and raspberries from another and perennials later. I'm thinking wearing gloves and using Lysol spray on the outside of the packages should be enough? I also didn't overbuy online because I wanted to allow myself the fun of shopping in the stores for some potential surprises which will probably be totally curtailed. I also buy flats of annuals and their 3 for $21 hanging baskets at our annual Mothers Day plant sale and who knows if they are even going to have it. Probably, but no guarantee. What will I do without all my petunias? So should I order more online seeds and plants or just let it go? I am changing my direction and buying most of my mulch and dirts from Walmart rather than running all over for the best buy. I try to go early before the crowds, but then I risk the chance they won't have anyone to help me load and I need help! The last trip I had to wait 45 minutes and then the guy wanted to try and tell me they didn't have it because it was behind another pallet and he didn't want to hand carry it. Please share how you are handling this?

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