Garden Design: Conifers and Front Garden

2 months ago

We bought our dream home (below) on a partially wooded acre facing North in SW suburban Chicago (Zone 5). I've re-landscaped the front walkway (left side) with Hydrangea Bobo. Under the magnolia on the right side of the walkway (in front of porch) are double knockouts looking mediocre due to lack or pruning and sun. I want to move them and replace with a partial shade-tolerant conifer or evergreen (for Christmas lights!!!).

Option #1: I have a dozen, quart-sized C. obtusa "Nana Lutea" - my only reservation is I've read they can be more upright with age and might overtake the area with time. I don't know... I can use them elsewhere (they are immune/tolerant to black walnut toxicity - which is another post)

Option #2: dark green dwarf yews planted on 3 foot centers with Japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola') planted en masse between them and cascading over the walkway.

Option #3: Tsuga dwarf cultivars?

Option #4 - any recommendations from you guys/gals?

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